Rose-dingin-hip oil

Once and for all.

You can buy rosehip oil at chemists or health food stores, or at DJs and Myer. Try brands like Kosmea, Trilogy, Akin, SHE and organic lines made by people who wear tie-dyed pants and live in the hills of Byron.

It will cost around 2o clams.

It is not intended for acne – there are far better things out there for you to put on your spots – but rather the treatment of the scarring that follows. It is excellent for scarring.

It is excellent for hydrating the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines – at first cosmetically, but long term as well. (Dabbing onto your laugh lines in the afternoon works a treat to freshen up the face. Glow on, try it. Boom tish.)

As it has vitamins, fatty acids and stuff, it’s excellent to use an
anti-aging serum before your day or night cream, or massaged in as a
mini facial.

It can be used on oily skin, but again, there are better things to use. See, while oily skin is often dehydrated (which is why the skin is oily – the skin overproduces oil in an effort to hydrate – which is why harsh scrubbing is bad; you only exacerbate things) using a light face oil like rosehip oil, with its combo of fatty acids, vitamins and a similar PH to our own sebum, means that rather than adding to the oiliness, the oil actually melts into the skin, absorbs quickly and even allows the skin to breathe. Same with cleansing oils – they attract oil and draw it out, making them ideal for oily skin, which people don’t expect to be the case. You’ll just have to suck it and see, fruits.

It contains vitamin C and lycopene (antioxidants) making it great for after sun or  even sun burn, not that you should ever have any.

It’s excellent for excema and psoriasis and nappy rash and scars and stretch marks and if you are you not sold yet, you never will be so you know what? I’m done.

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