Hang a dang second! Where the heck is fruitybeauty?

She’s here! She’s all here. Every single post since 2006 is right here.

I just wanted to expand my blogging to write about things other than beauty. Like, ugly, for example. HAHAHAHAHA KIDDING WHAT A JOKER OHMYGOD I AM TOOOOO MUCH. 

No, more like Snickers-based treats and any travels I take and cool friendship bracelets I make and gosh, just anything really. Total bloggin’ freedom.

So while fruitybeauty the site will remain on the webs at her old address, it will now be dormant, and all of that wonderful beauty content now lives here under the beauty tab, which obviously is also where any new beauty content I write will be housed. Just use the search tab to find posts on topics you seek.

Speaking of turtles, I better go feed mine. Poor Roger will be famished!

fruitybeauty - fruity beauty has moved to zotheysay.com