I’m not entirely stupid, you know.

Just cause I wasn’t washing my face in the morning doesn’t mean I’m not a Complete Genius in other areas of life. Like the serum part, for instance. Or the scientist wizz, part.

Here’s my latest trick, and it’s probably worth billions and at least three beach houses so please try not to tell too many people about it.

Because I love to use rosehip oil on my face as a serum so much, and in particular the feeling and look oil gives me, but I also want some "POWER", by way of a rush of serious anti-oxidants and anti-agingness and anti rah rah rah, I’ve started mixing a squirt of my "POWER" serum, Prevage, with a few drops of my texture preference and long-standing skincare favourite, rosehip oil, and massaging that in as my Super Excellent Best Ever Serum before my day or night cream.

Why do I like it so much? Cause it feels rad and it’s, you know, doing stuff. I also find it’s a good way to balance my love of ‘natural’ products, with my love of the ‘serious’ or ‘effective’ or ‘ridiculously expensive’ products.

Oh, sure, you laugh now, but I was mixing my body lotion with my self tanner to get a diluted version of self tanner WAY before Holiday Skin hit the shelves, sugar.

PS. Kelly? Beat it, fool.

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