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About Zoë Foster Blake

Zoë Foster Blake (nee Zoë Foster) is widely known as the pie eating champion of Australia.

Also she is known to lie about things she is known for, so you should probably disregard that.

Some things that aren’t lies about Foster Blake include working in journalism for over 15 years, including Harper’s BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan magazines, both roles in which she was able to magically get words from inside her keyboard onto paper.

Foster Blake has also spent a large amount of her career online, founding and launching beauty site Primped, and starting a beauty blog called fruitybeauty back in 2006 when people thought a ‘blogger’ was something you used to unblock your bathroom drain.

She has published four commercial women’s fiction titles, Air Kisses, Playing The Field, The Younger Man and The Wrong Girl, as well as two non-fiction titles, a dating and relationship guide called Textbook Romance, (written with Hamish Blake), and the bestselling beauty book, Amazinger Face, which has a snazzy app of the same name. Despite reports to the contrary, Foster Blake did not write the Harry Potter series of books and will not be drawn into comment on the matter. 

In 2016, her novel, The Wrong Girl, was made into a TV series starring Jessica Marais on Channel 10 Australia. Season two kicks off in 2017.

In 2014 Foster Blake launched her own skin care line, Go-To, the result of 10 years working as a beauty editor, and a special brand of arrogance that makes her believe she can compete in a market that already features approximately three billion products.

She is the proud ambassador for Look Good… Feel Better and The Orangutan Project.

She lives in Springfield with her husband Homer, and three children, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

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Zoe Wrote Some Books

Go-To Skin Care

What do you get if you cross a longtime beauty editor with a biochemist?

An elephant!

No, wait.

Go-To skin care!

Zoe Foster Blake is said beauty editor, having worked in magazines such as Harpers BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan, and online as a beauty journalist since 2004, as well as creating cult* beauty blog fruitybeauty in 2006. She published the best selling beauty tome, Amazing Face, in 2011, and the follow up, Amazinger Face in 2016, and has become known as Australia’s ‘Zoe Foster Blake.’

In 2012 she decided that there was, like, no decent skin care on the market so she thought she would create her own line. Ha ha ha! That’s obviously not true. There’s that one great night cream starting with P you can only get in France.


But seriously, Foster Blake thought: HANG ON! I have a lot of expertise and education, I have tried and tested and reviewed frillions of products, and I have had so, so much feedback from the good women of Australia telling me they think skin care is about as easy to navigate as a garden maze after four whiskies while wearing a blindfold. I should do something with this magical trinity, she thought, like make a delicious stew or a macaroni necklace! Fortunately she decided to create a skin care line instead, which she named Go-To, and which she launched in 2014.

Go-To is certified cruelty-free, and a deliberately tight edit of essential products – a cleanser, moisturiser, face oilexfoliator, multi-purpose (body) oil and lip balm, designed to strip away all the confusion and jibber jabble that can so often sneak into skin care, to offer women a confidently simple and effective skin care option. Only the most useful and powerful and proven ingredients have been utilised, and there is absolutely none of these rascals: petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, silicones, GMOs, synthetic colours or fragrances, or, duh, animal testing of any kind. 

Go-To has been lucky enough to garner some exceptional press, which you can read here, and a lot of dames seem to really really like their products, and their resulting complexion. Which is awesome, and a good thing to end this introduction on so that’s what you remember when you leave this site and skim ASOS.com for the fifth time this week.


take me to Go-To Skin Care!


this is what the press says about Go-To


*Not true.