We interrupt this program…

… to advise this program is being interrupted.

It’s because of this little fella, Sonny Donald Blake, a gloriously chubby-cheeked little soul I gave birth to three weeks ago, and who insists on consuming all of my time, sleep, heart, love, and breast milk. (To be fair, no one else really needs or wants that milk.)





I will blast some beauty gear onto my Instagram every now and again (@zotheysay) when my brain remembers how to do anything further than washing onesies and burping, so by all means take your maniacal little scrolling thumb over there until I’m back on deck. And by on deck I mean online. And by online I mean blogging. And by blogging I mean nonsense.

Sonny’s Mum X



Responses to this drivel: 20 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 20 )
  • josie

    CONGRATULATIONS! what a lil chub! ( sonny not you!) and now for my desperado section: feel free to follow me back on instagram! you know you want to…. my kids are adorable and I occasionally post funny yet slightly inappropriate pictures that in no way relate to them! josiehendo

  • Jasmine

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! What a beautiful little chubby bub……time flies, so enjoy every minute……and your hair still looks AMAZING! Mines all falling out due to breastfeeding my 4 month old so I’m looking forward to a post about this from you in around another 3 months time!

    • fruity

      It’s the bhave smoothing, I SWEAR by it.

      PS Yes, I’m “looking forward” to that post too.
      *thumbs down Emoji*

  • anastasia

    he’s gorgeous!!! enjoy your time with your beautiful boy…

  • Ellie Mego

    Congrats Zoe! Such a cutie! For once I actually enjoy the baby posts on Instagram haha!
    In other news, I used the contact page on Go To’s website with a query on the Lips! product and haven’t been contacted back? Should I try again??

  • Tess

    HE’S SO CUTE!!! Congratulations (x 1 million) and keep up with the bubs photos on Instagram 🙂 xx

  • Olga

    Congratulations Zoe, so good to see u healthy and happy with the gorgeous Sonny in you arms.xxx

  • rebeccaspeaking

    Congratulations Zoe and Hamish! What a cutie. Please feel free to smack the nincompoops who don’t seem to have quite processed that newborn = not quite enough time to attend to all our beauty inquiries. In fact, stop reading this and go have a nap. We love you! <3

  • Nat

    Congratulations Zoe, Sonny is just perfect and you’re looking gorgeous. I had my little girl a week before you and without a word of a lie, the Go To range has been an absolute saviour when I’m too tired to cleanse or treat- I’m almost able to maintain the pregnancy glow! Enjoy these early weeks, they go too fast Xox

  • Kellie

    Congratulations, he’s divine. Enjoy as they grow up in the blink of an eye.

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