I updated some stuff.

Like, I realised I had no children, for example, so I quickly had one and named him Sonny. That he is the Absolute Gold Standard in tiny human cuteness is irrelevant.

Also I updated my online life, which you probably guessed, because you are currently wading around in it. I realised I had too many digital mouths asking for dang burgers all the time, so I decided to consolidate. So there is no more Tumblr. There is no more Basic Information Website. And no more fruitybeauty. (Don’t panic, all eight years of my beauty posts live here now, under the beauty tab. Search for a product or keyword to find what you need/faves/that one about cold sores that continues to bring me terrific traffic years after posting it.)

But! Who cares about those stinky old sites.

Now I have this gorgeous bastard, where I can write about everything, anything, something or more likely, nothing.

Maybe I will write about beauty. Maybe I will write about some excellent Nutella pikelets I found over the weekend. (These do not exist to my knowledge. Get on to it, world.) Maybe I will write about book stuff. Maybe I will write about baby gear. Or clothes I quite fancy. Or a holiday I am on. Maybe I will just write a fake conversation between me and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Or maybe I will write about slugs. Who can say? (“Me.”)

Anyway. Here is where I live online now. Sorry about the ugly garden gnome out the front. It was a present from Zac Efron and he always asks where it is when he visits.


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