The Biggest Thing In Anti-Ageing in Years?

It’s affordable. And it gives visible and
measurable results. And women all over the world (it sold out completely in Australia and NZ before launching here on Wednesday) are going completely batshit for it. So
I thought you’d probably like to know about it.

Having been through conversations about skincare with
women for many years, I have presented what I think is a fairly accurate
conversation you and I might have if, say, I were to bring this up while eating
Lavosh and hummus over the weekend at a party to celebrate Josh and Katie’s


You – Played by me

Me – Played by me


You: What
were you talking about just then to Katie?

Me: Oh, just this new wrinkle-fighting serum with a fancy new ingredient that has women going
nuts, and the scientific community frothing because of its rapid results.

Really! What’s it called then, this magic potion?

Me: Avon
ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector with A-F33

You: Jeez, what a mouthful. Sounds like
some kind of plane… What’s that A33 thingy?

Me: A-F33, or Amino-Fill 33. It’s an amino acid, essentially. Clever little thing. And while I don’t need wrinkle fighting stuff just yet this is still exciting to me as a beauty editor who only sees a new ingredient with this much hype once ever few years, and also because I have some proof it works for when I’m a bit more wrinkly*.

You: What’s the proof?

Me: Didn’t you see the asterisk? All that
is explained further down the page.

You: Oh, sorry. Go on.

Me: Whenever I’m asked which skin care
ingredients actually WORK on (fine lines and) wrinkles my answer is always
AHAs and retinol. And now, for the first time since AHAs (such as glycolic
acid) and retinol were discovered back in the 90s, people are saying this A-F33
is a genuine contender. And when I say contender, I mean, ‘clinical testing shows
it’s as effective than these other two, but in a different and new way.’

You: Gosh! I love my Retinol… That does sound promising. Would it work even
on these lines? (Points to eyes and
marionette lines and forehead.)

Me: Yes. Like most anti-ageing serums, it was specifically created to reduce the appearance of fine
lines and wrinkles. Even though I personally think evening out the skin tone/removing pigmentation is just as, if not MORE important than wrinkle reduction. Within 7 days you’ll notice results, they say. Which might be why when it launched in the UK late last year, things got
a bit intense.

You: Intense?

There was a waiting list 60,000
people deep before it even went on sale, and then it sold out in six hours. It
currently sells at the rate of one every five seconds. I’m surprised you
haven’t read about it. I know you love reading The Daily Mail even though like
me you pretend you’re too highbrow.

You: Oooh, bet it’s pricey.

Me: You’re right! If by ‘right’ you mean ‘wrong’: it’s $65. Which is excellent
given that good serums (high-potency,
high-concentrate, active ingredients) are not cheap. And just on serums,
they’re probably the one area – treatments aside – I recommend spending decent
cash on.

Despite me sounding a bit like a human advertorial, I
think we’d both be happy with that.




Now for my “proof.


As I said, I’m not quite the target market just yet for ol’ A-F33. I’m in my early 30s and still in the protect/hydrate arena, with some
brightening and a few peels thrown in for good measure. The lines are on their
way, but I’m not in a position where I need to diminish their appearance just
yet. That’s not to say women my age aren’t using this – it’s extremely
subjective and is always about your skin’s condition,
not its age.

However. I am a beauty writer, and I need to know if all the press stands up before I start regurgitating it.

So, I enlisted two ladies I love, my mother,
Gerda, and my mother-in-law-and-disorder, Kerry, to trial it. They have some lines and they
were more than willing to use the serum daily for a few months. (I occasionally
palm off products that aren’t fit for my skin to better-suited friends and
family because I want to know if they work. ESP this one, given the tremendous

I gave them each some press samples
Avon sent me back in November last year, and they are both still using and
loving it. Requesting more with a cheeky grin, even. Bless them.

I personally noticed their skin looked
fantastic at my wedding in December, but who cares what I think, here’s what they think.

Kerry ‘K-Bo’ Blake and Gerda ‘Giggling’ Foster




Me – Played by bold font

Gerda – Played by Gerda

Kerry – Played by Kerry

Skin – Played by skin


How do you use your serum?

Gerda: I use it morning and night after
cleanser. I use it on my face, neck and throat. My skin looks very good
especially for my chronological age. (65.)

Kerry: Morning and night. I use a
richer cream over it at night, and a BB cream during the day.


How long have you used it?

Gerda: About 5 or 6 months.

Kerry: About 5 months.


Have you noticed a visible difference to your skin?

Gerda: Yes my skin is
very soft and velvety to touch!

Kerry: Yes. It has reduced fine
lines and MAY be reducing darker pigment. As well, my skin (which is sensitive and
quite reactive) feels more comfortable.


Any compliments on said skin since using the product?

Gerda: Yes,
when preparing for your wedding, the make up artists commented on how good
my skin looked.

Kerry: Yes. Most satisfyingly from
the beautician with whom I have a facial from time to time.


How would you rate it in general?

Gerda: Wonderful. It is
comforting and softens, and plumps up the skin.

Kerry: It’s terrific stuff!


Should other birds buy it?

Gerda: Highly

Kerry: Yes.


Does it taste nice on toast?

Gerda: *Chuckles*

Kerry: Honey tastes better.


So there you have it.

Two real women I really love who really like it and
really recommend it.

(Buy it avon.com.au or avon.co.nz or from your local Avon
lady which sounds like a joke but in
fact is not.)


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