How to have really great hair all weekend – straight or wavy.

Because there are better things to do than sass around with our mops on our days off, AM I RIGHT??

Now, you could just splerk off and get a blow dry, and this isn’t as big a splurge as we once thought it was because joints like the Blow Dry Bar (BDB) are littered right across the country now and do a $35 job that is actually quite good.

Or you could do it yourself. I like to do it myself. Sits better for some reason. Lasts longer too cause I control the product amounts.


Second day hair is the best hair to set and style. After washing (fine-hair girls? Skip the conditioner, or only use it on the mid-lengths to ends), run a thickening/styling mousse/spray (like Redken Rootful or O&M Rootalicious) right through the hair, which will give the hair lasting power and volume. Next, dry the hair on high heat using a styler brush all over, underside, side to side, everywhere – take it through the hair like it were ballroom dancing all over the scalp.

This is a styler (or wrap) brush. It’s a Denman. I use one everytime I dry my hair for volume and no tearing/ripping. I recommend higher than a satellite.



Put aside a good 25 minutes – OH COME ON! Remember, you’ll get a whole weekend of good hair, it’s worth this time – to style. This is nothing compared to what our grannies did, trust me. First mist a heat protector spray (like Dove’s Heat Defence Mist) all over then let it dry off. Never put hot tools on damp hair.

Want straight hair? It’s back, you know. Might not be a bad idea. Feels slick as.

Do this: Clip/tie the top half of you hair out of the way and taking a fine-tooth comb (yes, you should own own one of these, they cost $2 from the Chemist) comb through 5cm wide sections, then follow immediately with the styler/flat-iron. Do it in the ‘C’ shape I demonstrate in this video, this very blonde video, for a nice shape, as opposed to taking it straight down. Looks too … dead when it’s too straight.


Want curls or waves? Good for you. I think curls and waves lasts longer than straight hair, just quietly/aggressively.

Do this: Apply heat protector as above, and section off top half also. It depends on what kind of curl/wave you want, but I (medium-length, fine hair) use a mid-sized barrel tong because I want something between waves and curls.

The more loose and wavy you want, (or longer/thicker hair you have) the bigger barrel you need. Also, start the tong-wrapping at or below the ears so the top of hair is flat on the head. (Flat but with texture thanks to those products you used earlier.)

If you prefer more curl (or have very fine/shorter hair) go for a thinner barrel and start the curls right up on the scalp. Here’s a full how to on curls.

I find the Babyliss tongs incredible, but also am a fan of the (cheaper) Remington Keratin tong, which gets extremely hot, extremely fast. Just ask the burn scar on my arm.

I personally tong randomly all over, in both directions, because I am going to muss it up at the end anyway. DO however make sure the curls go back away from the face at the front sections. The key is, simply, to make sure the cord of the tong is always up in the air, no matter which side you’re on. Tong for 10 seconds then release.

Leave to set til they’re stone cold – at least 10 minutes. Perfect time to enjoy a bit of putting practice in the office, AM I RIGHT??

Then, flip hair upside down, spray all over with a light hold hairspray (like L’Oreal Elnett). Brush out with a paddle brush for soft, glamorous waves, OR mess up with your fingers and once you’ve flipped your head back up, tap some Magic Dust/Hair Powder (everyone does them now, choose your brand) onto the scalp all over for some grit and texture. Not too much though, as it makes your hair dirtier, faster.


This is one hair powder that is great: evo haze.



The hair, it will be perfect. It will! Trust me. Go with it. The day after the hair has been set it is always looking it’s best. You shouldn’t need to do much – maybe smooth over some parts with the blow dryer if sleep makes your hair go fruity, or brush out (ladylike softness) or re-texturise (coolgirl messy) your waves.


It’s not dirty! Let it be! And anyway, dirtier hair looks better. Spray, massage in and blow dry through some dry shampoo for a bit of lift and movement, (unless you’re rocking the cool girl messy texture in which case NO BLOW DRYING OR BRUSHES). If you’re getting all tense cause you’re a wash every day or two girl, fingerscrape it up into a high top knot, and be sure to leave some fuzzies around the face for a modern, cooler look.


Might be time to wash it (so styling is a breeze in the morning before work). Dirty hair don’t care? Enjoy an easy night watching/heckling The Voice and wash it in the morning you gorgeous bastard.

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