Skin care I’m packing for a summer holiday.

Next week I am off Greece and Italy but NOT Iceland, for those who keep asking.

It will be warm but not violently hot, we will be swimming a lot, and I will eat tonnes of feta. All of this thrills me.

I used to pack 74329 cosmetics and toiletries for these trips;  there would be a bag of face skin care, one for body, one for hair, and one just of makeup. I would take a tong and my ghd, as well as several brushes. And there would STILL be space for one bikini and my passport – amazing!

These days I have streamlined it considerably, in large part due to my own skin care line being so dang perfectly useful (which is why I made it), and having a baby whose accoutrements soak up most of my packing space.

So here’s the skin care I’m taking because it’s:

A) useful information for those wishing to protect and look after their skin while travelling to warm climes,

B) pervy knowing what other people use,

C) a wonderful way to extoll the virtues of a well-curated toiletries bag, and

D) less stressful than actually packing them.


So! We have…

1 x Go-To Properly Clean cleanser cos it takes off all my makeup and sunblock real good. One full bottle will get me around 30 days.

Go-Properly-Clean-2995.jpg1 x SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF antioxidant serum to wear under sunblock each day to help prevent UV damage and premmo ageing. This anti-oxidant step (onto clean skin, first after cleansing) is important. We should all be doing this every day, in my opinion, holidaying or not.


1 x Aspect Pigment Punch pigment prohibiting serum to stop hyperpigmentation before it even really begins, rather than getting smashed by it and working on it doubly hard when I get home. (I will book a lactic peel for the week I get back all the same. I will go to Brooke at Me Skin and Body in South Yarra cos she knows her shit.)

1 x Invisible Zinc SPF 50+ water resistant physical sunscreen to wear on top of serums to thoroughly, physically protect my face and neck, even while swimming. I will make husband wear this every day also. Here are my thoughts on physical vs chemical sun protection.

1 x Go-To Very Useful Face Cream to wear at night because it’s lovely and hydrating and full of antioxidants to heal any UV damage I collected somehow through the day, and halt the free radical damage that occurs for up to 72 hours after sun damage, NOT that I would ever get any of course, cos I am a wild control freak about that and wear big hats to prove it.

1 x Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys… except I am just taking a little stack of them in a re-usable makeup jar for space saving. Being a thorough, chemical exfoliant, this will give my sunscreened skin a deep clean every few days, and you really want that, trust me.

2 x SK-II Facial Treatment masks as well as sample sachets of Elemis Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask and Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Mask for a hydrating boost every five days or so. Full size tubes and jars of mask are way to big and space thievey for me.



I will buy my body sunscreen and body lotion and after sun (full of antioxidants like vitamin E at the least) stuff over there cos they’re way too heavy and space consuming to pack at this end.

Also, I bloody love an overseas pharmacy visit. Last time I was in Mykonos I found a bruise healing cream that, to be crude, defecated all over Hirudoid in terms of effectiveness.

No, I did not bruise myself dancing on tables, how dare you.

I was dancing on a podium obviously.


Responses to this drivel: 10 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 10 )
  • Jo

    Zoe, welcome back! Do you use the Aspect pigment punch in the morning WITH the Phloretin?

  • Coco

    Love your work Zoe! Congrats on everything! It’s all Quite Excellente 🙂 thanks for sharing (and caring?)

  • Keelie

    Hi Zoe!

    Just a general wondering… I know you’re not suppose to exfoliate your face everyday so what do you recommend to clean an oily face daily other than face wipes?

  • Claire

    Hi Zoe, Welcome back! Just wondering if you are taking your Clarsonic with you on holidays?
    Thanks so much!

  • Stacey

    Love it! I am excited for you to eat all the feta!

    On a side note, have a great trip! I’m happy to say that on my recent trip to Summer, my product list looked very similar!


  • Karen Lang

    Hi Zoe,
    Great website, and good products, thanks for this.
    Just off the topic completely ha, I have a Reiki Practice in Brisbane and have helped heaps of people with pain management and problems with recovery so if you ever want to try Reiki Therapy, I would love to hear from you.

  • Natalie

    Hey Zo,
    What a wonderful post this is and I am a rather large Go-To fan. Thanks for all your advice it’s changing my skin care routine (and the results I’m getting). One question- where on earth can I buy that Skinceuticals serum in Australia that is reputable?
    Thank you, Nat

  • Zoe

    Hi Zoe, it’s zoe. Sorry if you’ve answered this a million times, where can I safely buy skinceuticals in Melbourne (phloretin serum on my purchase list, thanks for the recommendation)- I don’t want to purchase online from a dodgy source. Cheers! 

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