I’m launching my own skin care line.

I am!

I really, really am. And HOLY SHIT IT’S EXCITING. I am so thrilled to even be writing this (admittedly cryptic and annoying) post about it, such has the level of secrecy been thus far.

I’ve been working on the range since 2012, and I can say with absolute certainty that it is the finest skin care in the entire world, which might sound like an arrogant, unqualified and completely outrageous claim, but that’s only because it is an arrogant, unqualified and completely outrageous claim.

Still, it’s very, very lovely, and I am almost certain you will like it, because, well I kind of created it with you in mind.

You being all of the gorgeous, enthusiastic, curious, feedbacky fruits I’ve had the pleasure of writing for and interacting with since I became a beauty editor a decade ago. You’ve been so beautifully honest about what you like, what you don’t like, what you use, what you think you should be using, what you know you should be using, and most vitally, just how confusing you find skin care to be.

And I agree. It IS confusing. There are so many dingin’ products out there, and so many different steps, and so many avenues and options to pursue, and so many big sciencey words and terrifying potential skin issues, it’s no wonder so many of us:

– just stick to whatever we’ve always used in the hope it’s doing something/anything

– buy whatever is new and shiny and popular because the ads make it sound so rad

– copy whatever our mum/sister/friends use

– resort to rubbing peanut butter on our faces before bed.

And look, I’m the first in line to try products with dazzling claims and fancy new ingredients. That’s my job. BUT, ultimately, and I say this as someone who can literally choose to use any skin care product she desires, and has given very many of them a good whack over the years, (and will continue to) simplicity is the backbone of my skin care routine. (Also, I travel a lot and have got my basics down to a fine art.)

All I really use is:

A great cleanser.

Something with AHAs to exfoliate.


Lip balm.

A physical sunscreen.

Targeted serums.

Stuff to keep the skin on my body nice.

And so I wondered…. would it be the craziest thing in the world to make a tight edit of really very useful, incredibly simple, extremely natural but very effective skin care products that combined my years of experience testing and using a wide range of them, with the ingredients I know work, with my desire for simplicity and my firsthand understanding of what women actually want (and need, whether they know it or not) from their skin care? And – gasp – make it all a bit fun, too?

No. It would not be the craziest thing in the world. (That would be smoking on a commercial airliner while announcing loudly that you are messenger from out of space here to expertly cull the population using planes as your weapon and caramel sauce as your sustenance.)

That said, it has been a BIG BIG undertaking. I now get why not many people start their own skin care lines. It’s hard. Stressful. Challenging. And even though I have an exceptional team around me, including overwhelmingly valuable guidance from my dear friend, Megan Larsen, founder of  superb organic skin care brand (and personal favourite) Sodashi, it’s been a huge, wild learning curve, one not helped by my insane levels of fussiness and perfectionism and endless demands of my brilliant biochemist for ‘less ingredient X’ and ‘half of a whisper more of ingredient Y,’ and questions regarding making something ‘less grabby but not too slippy, you know?’

Zoe Foster Blake Skin Care Samples
Some of my many many samples…

Here’s an example: This is VERSION 16 of my lip balm. And that’s not even the final one. No surprises there, though, you guys know how fucking pedantic I am about lip balm. Always have been. Never quite found the perfect one. So, if I am making my own, guess where all of that pedantic fury is going to be funnelled?

Zoe Foster Blake Skin Care Versions 2
Version 16. The almost final product. 

To say that I am impressed with this particular product is a violent and spectacular understatement. I don’t want to talk it up too much, but actually, wait a second, yes I do. It’s excellent. It is! Am I allowed to say that? Who cares. As you can imagine, it’s stupidly exciting finally getting the products to look, feel, smell and act just as I imagined them to, and use them and love them, and just be disgustingly proud of them like a gross stage mum. 

You cannot know how excited I am for you all to try them.

Speaking of which, this post is obviously just a frustrating teaser, but the range will officially launch April 1. (Yes, on April fools day. You know me).

Well before then, though, I will of course give you all the proper details about the range like, oh I don’t know, the name maybe? And the product breakdown, what they do, the long list of nasties we left out, the cool shit we definitely didn’t leave out, what they look like, smell like, where they like to eat lunch, where they were made, and where you can buy them.

AND! Hold on to your hand creams, because in February I am doing a special pre-order campaign just for my faithful fruits. Of course I am! You helped create the range, it’s only fair you get your silky paws on it first.

Yours in giddiness and perfectly nourished lips,



Responses to this drivel: 174 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 174 )
  • Hannah

    Wowee!! So excited for this and good on you! I’m sure so many people (without your knowledge or experience) have wanted to do this but thought it was probably impossible. Go Zoe! x

  • Brooke

    Well holy shitballs! Isn’t this exciting and unepected. I can’t wait to see what you have created Zoe. Congratulations on your hard work, im sure it has been a long process. I love that its being launched on April fools day! Pleae tell me it will be in Priceline or somewhere and not just Myer though. xx

  • Judes

    Way to go Zoe! I am soo excited and I can’t wait to try your new products!! I am certain they will be fantastic. x

  • Prudence

    Wow!! Congrats Zoe! PS. I spotted you on the weekend in Melbourne but I was very cool and didn’t run up to you to fangirl out or hug you senseless. But you looked abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the fruits of your skincare labour! x

  • Emma

    Keen as a bean. I expect your lip balm to be better than the Mecca Lip De-Luscious, no exceptions!

  • Jess

    that’s very exciting Zoe!! Can’t wait to see this new fancy pants line! =)

  • Annie

    SHRIEK!! I’m completely excited. But you should only have told us on, like, March 28 because now I am forced to do a “sleeps” calendar and very possibly ruin my social life due to the unbridled anticipation……….

  • Serena | Pretty Fluffy

    This is amazing news – no doubt it’s going to be a freakin’ awesome range! Pretty please tell all the rabbit loving hippies out there like myself that the products will be cruelty free? Congratulations Zoe 🙂

  • Chloe

    SO exciting Zoe! Can’t wait to try it all, particularly your magical balm – i think i’m going to do a lip blam cull and rid my house/car/bag/under the bed of all less-superior balms in anticipation!

  • Chelsea

    BEST news ever Zoe!! Congratulations! Hurry up February x

  • Daniella

    Holy fuck I am excited. Yes, I am that excited.

  • Clare

    Congratulations Zoe! This must be like being pregnant/giving birth to TWO babies (albeit one with a much longer gestation period…). I am super excited and cannot wait for the launch, as I have taken much of your advice on hand (I am known as some sort of Sunscreen freak at work. Quite content with that title though!), and will love to see what beauties you have created!

  • Hayley

    When I saw the headline of this I thought you were kidding. Or that you were maybe joining up with a skincare brand and would be doing a limited edition range of some products. But your whole gosh dang line? That’s huge! Exciting! You have been my go-to beauty guru for yonks now, I practically only buy products/brands you’ve recommended, so needless to say I shall be buying up large come April. And aren’t you also having a bambino around that time? Gosh you super woman you.
    Sorry, I have really gushed quite a lot here haven’t I? I just wanted to also thank you for being so considerate as to wait to release your line 6-ish months after I got my first Big Girl job that pays a salary that allows me to buy what one may consider “more” cosmetics than I actually need. Really nice of you.

  • Lisa

    Yay! I am so happy about this.. I have adored your outlook to beauty and health for a long time. Cannot wait to give it a whirl!

  • kelly taylor

    Very exciting, can’t wait!

  • Tess

    This is so exciting, I cannot wait for April!!! I hope it’s going to be available in Adelaide, yes? 😀 I will find it one way or another anyway… xx

  • redambition

    This is terribly exciting news! I’ve been a fan of your attitude to beauty and health for a long time now, and I can’t wait to try out your line! Congrats, and here’s to April 1st!

  • Mel

    Send ’em my way Zoe, I’ll do a review on them 🙂

  • Charlotte

    Yay! I’m already buying everything. Don’t need to know anything else. My purchase criteria for any beauty product since way back in 2009 has been based on one question only – “What has Zoe said about it?”
    Very very very much excited.

    • Carisma

      You sounds like me haha. The list of products I currently own because of Zoe are:
      Bioderma Sensibio H20
      Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique
      Clinique Quick Eyes Muffin (discontinued)
      Lanolips Mulberry (limited edition)
      A blender makeup brush
      Every book of hers ever
      Manicare microfibre towel
      Slip silk pillowcase
      Rosehip oil
      Electronic cleansing brush

      Very excited to try the new skincare and read the new book! They are on my late March birthday list already (I don’t mind waiting a few days for my skincare prezzie 😉 )

      • Charlotte

        Haha my list is pretty similar.. I think given that Zoe has told us all around Christmas (ish) you could probably also categorise it as a late Christmas present to yourself – so you can buy twice as much!

  • katie

    so FLIPPIN’ excited over here!!!!!
    i am more than prepared to cull everything in my overcrowded en-suite cupboards and put my skin / life in your hands!

  • Fruity

    Guys! I am so thrilled and excited to read all of your enthusiastic comments, I feel like such a lucky squid. Thank you.

    I also feel a TREMENDOUS responsibility to deliver, and sincerely hope that my prodz do it for you. ‘Do it’ being ‘make your skin happy’.

    • Kate

      Very excited for you and cannot wait for the skincare range! I also reference your hair cut/colour for inspo, so maybe you should also venture into hair prodz! x

  • Nat

    Holy Fuckballs, congratulations! I always visit Fruity before committing to any products so this is super exciting news! PS I saw you and Hamish on my walk last night and you looked absolutely glowing xo

  • Debra Shields

    Hi Zoe since the new year I have been going to your this site everyday waiting for you to post some more info on anything and everything. My daughter introduced me to you (not personally) when you were posting hints and tips on you tube and I have found your opinion refreshing, so in saying all that I am happy happy that you are bringing out a skin care range! Thanks

  • Em

    Wow that some pretty intense nesting. Good luck with your final incubation of both babies ;).

  • Lauren McCall

    OMG! Seriously! This is such an exciting thing not just for me but ladies everywhere I’m sure! As a few other ladies mentioned I have been visiting regularly waiting for the next fruity fix and this did not disappoint. Zoe, you are my style/beauty guru, an inspiration, online bestie and girl crush and now have gone out and done something very brave and fabulous and I for one am so glad can’t wait to try out all your new stuff! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Carley

    Zoe this is most excellent! Congratulations.
    BUT I now feel real pressure to finish the 132 lip balms in my bathroom cupboard to make way for yours.

    One Q, are your prods animal tested? (please say non)

  • Stephie


  • Susie

    Oh my!! I am sooo excited!! I Cannot wait to try out your products! Congrats on taking on such a huge task and succeeding in what you wanted to do!

  • Genevieve

    Hi Zoe,

    You amazing human being! What an inspiration. You go girl.


  • Claire

    Go Zoe, what a wonderful surprise! It makes perfect sense though, I have been immensely happy with so many of your recommendations, you know your stuff! I can’t wait.

  • Liz

    Congratulations! I’m so excited and can’t wait to try all your products. I’m hoping the cleanser will be good for this early thirties lady who still gets break outs!! I’m looking forward to more details once you can release them. Yay!

  • Sarah

    Zoe!! Big congrats and big wow! As a long time follower you can count on my purchase – to be honest the thought of the person whose beauty opinion I trust most, producing skin care personally designed by said guru, is wonderful! Can’t wait to try! Very excited!

  • Matilda

    So exciting! I try to follow your beauty tips in every other way so it will be awesome to be able to buy stuff straight from the horses mouth! xx

  • Danliz

    Sooooooooooo excited! I’m am one of those dames who have been using the same product since I was a teenager- that’s 20 years!!!!! I will most definitely try your products because Zoe. Foster. Blake. And you tell it like it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxxxxxxx

  • KP

    Holy fruit bowls – there you go adding another fruit to your bag of tricks. Bun in the oven. Gorgeous hair today by the way. Plus your very own sparkling beauty range. High five Fosters!

  • Erin

    OMG! So exciting!! I can’t wait to try it!

  • Claire

    Perfect timing! Released the day before my birthday. I know what I will be purchasing for myself. Yippee yippee

    • Justine

      Released the day after my birthday! Looks like I’ll be requesting cashola for the event to go and spend on Fruity’s fab products – can’t wait!

      Yay for the release of the best lip balm of all time…

  • Keesha Quinn

    This is great news. To have someone who shares similar complaints with me regarding skin care launching their own line is fabulous.

  • Gracie

    I wrote a list of your recommended products and bought them all in Hawaii just recently. Can finally say i’m blemish free (well at least until the funnest time of the month! Ha…ha….ha) – You’re my hero Zoe, go you! x

  • Jade

    Well isn’t this just a little bit fantastic and exciting! Congratulations Zoe…2014 is going to be a huge year for you! xx

  • Sasha

    This is without a doubt the best news I’ve heard this year!!! (Without sounding too stalkerish) I cannot wait to use your prods whilst reading your book and gushing over baby pics!

  • Sophie

    Very exciting. I made a resolution this year to be a bit kinder to myself this year. I think purchasing your new range definitely fits the bill! 2014 is going to be such an awesome year for you!

  • Nicola

    Well! This news has made my day. And, if you tell me you’re doing a physical sunscreen as well, I’ll think I’ve died and gone to heaven. How many sleeps til April 1?

  • Danika

    HECK FLIPPIN’ YES – I am so looking forward to having to think a whole lot less, and pick between a bunch of products weighing up your reviews vs prices etc. It sounds absolutely super, and between providing insta with upcoming adorable baby pics, the literary world with another fabulously funny book and my skin with stuff to make it bettererer, you should be knighted. Or given a crown or something. I heard Meowbert has one you could borrow. Hehe. Thanks Zoe! Goodluck wrapping it all up! x

  • Jess

    Congratulations Zo! I’m beyond excited by this! Can’t wait for April, just hurry up and take my money!!

  • Celia

    Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod I am so excited it’s ridiculous! (I am also doing a little excited dance which is rather embarrasing but still). Can’t wait! Especially for the lipbalm woot!

  • Elise

    I could not be any more excited!!! Such fabulous news – can’t wait to get my pre-orders in x

  • Lucy

    O.M.G! So excited! You are a legend! I’ll take one of everything! Can I suggest the logo should just be a picture of Meowbert!

  • Katie

    Reading this has made my day, I thought my upcoming trip to Thailand was something to look forward to, this is just as if not more exciting for a skin care nerd like me!

  • Tilly

    Go Zo – you bloody dynamo!

  • Michelle

    Woohoo! Congratulations!! This is extremely exciting … The countdown is now on….

  • Kate

    I just. Cant even. Yes. A thousand times yes!

  • Alex

    Good God, I’m excited, Zo! Oh, man. I’m so giddy for April.

  • Rosie.

    Congratulations! For you an for us. I’m so excited, yay for no animal testing, and how exciting! Oh I’m so glad I’m currently on a spending ban because when your range comes out I know where all the shiny gold coins are going. Hooray!

  • Casey

    Yes yes yes. I have been making lists of your recommendations and slowly purchasing/following them for years…Total respect for you on this + baby + book

  • Kass

    *Fangirl freakout*… Hells to the yeah! Rather awesome of you Fosters to take into account the umpteen weddings I have to attend this year and need ridiculously good looking skin. Here’s hoping its available for purchase online so those who live up here in FNQ can purchase!
    BTW – I may or may not be living religiously by your guide for skin care, and I must say, I do get random comments from kind strangers regarding the immaculate and glowing skin of my facial region 😉

  • kylie

    Holy wow! ! I’m so excited for this. I spent the weekend trying to find a good lip balm and moisturizer and now I’m so happy I can buy from your line because I know they’ll be amazing! ! I want ALL the products! Well done Zoe 🙂

  • Rosie

    This blog post has just been sent to all of my friends who I have demanded buy the amazing face book. Woohoo. This is such exciting news – you must be jumping out of your skin with joy (not just that lovely pregnancy glow). Congrats Zoe!

  • Bella

    Congrats Zoe, incredibly exciting and much anticipated!!xx

  • Shae

    So freakin exciting! Bring on the pre-orders, can’t wait to try. Zoe you clever thing! x

  • Mandy

    Zoe this is the best news! I’m actually beside myself with happiness! Please, please tell me your launching a rosehip (ish) oil for post baby dry skin? As a beauty consultant I can’t wait to find out where this is being sold so I can somehow get on counter!!!

  • Bad Girl Going Green

    Woahhhh!!! Will they be available in Europe as well??

  • Ms J

    FANTASTIC, I am nearly out of lip balm.

  • Carly Devine

    YAY! Congratulations ZO!!!! I am so excited to pre-order, find out the name, use the products and tell you how I found them! Eeeek!!! xxx

  • Shannon

    I could not be more excited! Next we need your makeup line!!!

  • Aoife

    Zoe this is so exciting! Congratulations! You are such a gem. p.s. Hope your baby is cooking nicely. p.p.s for cereal, well done.

  • Kate

    Wow – congrats Zoe – what a huge deal! You certainly are ticking the boxes off this year – bucket list shmucket list – you’ll have nothing left to conquer! I am definitely buying all your prods on release date – having had my first bub 12weeks ago and sort of fallen of the skin care and makeup bandwagon – I can now just re-read amazing face, read your new book, but your line and morph into my old self again (the old me that could remember how to apply eyeliner and bothered to cleanse and tone!) Thank you!!

  • Laura

    I’ve been hoping for so long that you’d do this!
    Will it be available in New Zealand or online with NZ shipping?

    • fruity

      Definitely available in NZ.
      … In fact, it’s being made there!

      • Laura

        Oh, well in that case I’ll take one of everything! (As if I wasn’t already working out how much food I can not buy in April and still survive)

      • Emma

        oh yah…was just scrolling down to see if anyone else had asked this question….because even tho us kiwis are pretty cool and all, everything and I mean everything takes for ever to become available here…congrats zoe…hope you tested everything on your man too! x

      • Danielle

        Yay!! I just scrolled to find this out too, so excited!

  • Kim

    SO EXCITED!! Is it too much to say I feel like this could change my life?
    I put so much faith in your recommendations, and this is the ultimate recommendation!
    PS – congratulations x

  • Ginnie

    This is exciting enough for me to leave a comment on! Extremely excited! You have even my go to girl for such a long long time! Please make sure it ships to the US so I can rep how awesome countries from down under are to all my friends and family and get you a cult following here!!

  • anette

    so excited, cannot wait, good for you!

  • Shan

    This has made my day! even maybe my year! I am so looking forward to trying and most probably loving your new skin care range. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • MeganBITW

    As LONG term fruity reader (I reckon I have read every post ever. yes ever) this is SUPER exciting. BIG UPS for the pre-order for old faithfuls – we need this and we would rather get it before everyone else gets in the know. ya know? xxx CONGRATS LADY!!

  • Kate

    GASP! What a development this is! I can’t wait to try some (all?) these out!

    P.S. Zoe, you may need to republish Amazing Face so you can shamelessly sneak in some new product plugs! 😉

  • Anna

    Umm, soo looking forward to this. Considering opening a wrestling establishment, exchanging jelly for your moisturiser line. All sexes win! Rate your work. Stay cool (literally and metaphorically) xx

  • Ally

    Congrats Zoe – definitely can’t wait to buy all the things!!!

  • Jen

    Congratulations! Are you calling your brand amazing face by zoe foster? Either that or [good] shit for your face. I’m calling it!


  • Beee

    BEST NEWS EVER!! Been following you for years in a revoltingly stalkish (yet not illegal) way and am pumped for your new line! Im sold already before I even see the products because I know how fabulously pedantic you are about sun care & serums etc. Congrats too! x

  • Claire

    Soooooo excited Zoe! As a long time sufferer of sensitive skin, breakouts and eczema I can’t wait!! Keep up the awesome work, definitely the best news on this hot hot melbourne day! X

  • Annette

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG etc… you get the picture.
    I am so flipping excited!!! You are one talented dame! Thanks to you I see the girls at Made Beauty Space once a month and my skin is oh so thankful. Can not wait to try your products!

  • Rebecca

    This is amazing! Congrats!!!! I cannot wait to try!

  • kirsty

    well you arlready have 100 comments …so all can say is ditto ditto ditto!!! YIPPEE…i can gather from your replies it will be avail to all of your follower’s…even us in Tassie!…an be extra extra Fruity Beauty Special…Carnt wait XXXX

  • Alex

    So excited!!! 😀

  • Amy H

    That is so fucken exciting! I’m sure everyone feels like I do.. you wouldn’t put it out if it wasn’t amazing so keen to try it all! Especially the eluded-me-my-entire-life-mystically-perfect lip balm.

  • Coz

    Hell to the yeah!!! I actually got butterflies when I read this post, so excited!!! I always thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if someone sold a pack of Zoe’s must have’s and you have taken it one awesome step further! You are going to be RICH I tell you RICH!!!

  • Andrea

    Squeeeeee!! As a faithful fruity I cannot WAIT to try every freakin’ item. This is a fine fine day Zoe! Not as fine as April 1! Huzzah!

  • Renae

    Seriously excited to try everything my uni student budget can afford although equally as thrilled to discover the product name & design. When I think Zoe I also think Meowbert and currently his face enjoying a facial is what comes to mind. Personally I think he would make for an excellent brand ambassador! Congratulations x

  • Rosie

    Alright then little miss, you’ve finally done it. Now I HAVE to forgive you for taking that gorgeous husband of yours off the market. Best news I’ve heard all day, can’t wait to try it – congrats!

  • Fiona

    I am not a regular fruity…blame 2 kids and career juggling ..but I have used your advise miss Zoe on another blog or page you used to write for….anyway …super bloody excited….I have risen from the fog of babydom years and finally getting some time to myself….god I don’t even know what a bb cream is….load me up with a simple routine on products I can trust..bring it!

  • Sloan


  • Whitney

    This is fantastic!!!!! I can barely wait Zoe 🙂 Good luck with it all!

  • Amee

    Eeeee! I am so excited for this to happen!!

  • Melissa

    YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! My face is super excited!!! Sign me up for one of everything.

  • ez

    Holy shitballs I’m excited! Xxxxx

  • Marianne

    Ever since I saw you on morning TV advertising your book, you have been my beauty jebus. You saved my skin, literally. Epic fan girl and cannot wait to be a crazy lining up at a store to buy one of each of your products! x.

  • Sinead

    I’m having palpitations of excitement, and I WILL hold you responsible for my hospital admission to the cardiac ward.

  • Sabrina

    Such great news, Zoey, congratulations. Will there be any chance to order it online if you’re not in Australia? Because you have fans in Germany, too, you know? At least one. 😉

  • Amelia

    OH. my. GOSH this is so exciting. Finally, an AHA exfoliator I will be able to understand and trust! Huzzah for Zo! Super excited about pre-order for the fruits too; now we don’t have to wait til April, but just next month! 2014 is looking good peeps 🙂

  • Kerry

    Congratulations Zoe! And you’re releasing it on my birthday – what a fabulous present for moi! Can’t wait to spend my birthday dollars on your (sure-to-be) amazing new range!

  • Chelsea

    Oh! Amazing! how do we sign up for the pre-release!!! xx

  • Bree

    So excited Zoe! Haven’t ever been this excited about a skincare line, knowing that you’ve tried and tested it all makes me confident enough in it that I’ll be ordering 10 of everything on launch day! Can’t wait!

  • Jaz

    This is amazing news! I cant wait to try it out. xx

  • Beverly

    Huge congratulations Zoe – now all you have to do is perfect the Michael Kors fragrance & all will be good in the world!? Look forward to seeing the final products.

  • Liz

    Yay! I’ve been waiting to try this fantastic body oil you mentioned in your pregnancy post!

  • Mandy

    Hey Zoe (and bub in belly)
    What would be the best way to apply for a job role promoting or selling said skin care? Would LOVE to get involved!

  • Jess

    SO EXCITING! I love that you are going for simple, but very good. Or ‘small but perfectly formed’, definitely one of the creepier expressions around. I hope it goes gangbusters!!

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  • Karina


  • Isobel

    This is so exciting! And I’m sure all the products will be awesome. Thank you, for being you!

  • Julia

    Yay! So excited about this! Glad to hear it will be sold in New Zealand. Fingers crossed for a chinkle product?

  • Kat

    So excited and can’t wait to try the products!!

  • Kylie

    OMG…OMG…That is such awesome news!!! Can’t wait. I hear you on the lip balm too. I have tried sooooo many and none as yet have won my lips complete and undying loyalty. So many exciting things to look forward to this year…yay!

  • Nikki @ Styling You

    Conquering the world via the perfect lip balm. Love it Zoe and can’t wait to try. I’m a huge fan of all the Megan gets involved in – she’s the biz – and was hoping you were doing this when I saw the Instagram photo together.

  • sekai

    Oh my giddy aunt!! I an soo excited for you and for ME! Whoooo hoooo! Well done zoe. Can’t wait. .. xx

  • sekai

    Omg did I also see something about a new book? Wow! Zoe you gave outdone yourself. This is going to be a fanatic year for you. Busy. Exhausting but dang it woman you are amaxing

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  • annalise

    Hi Zoe i hope your new line will be palm oil free, or at least use sustainable palm oil? I find it so hard to find good palm oil free products so really hope you keep them palm oil free!

  • Megsy

    Sooooooo excited about this !!

  • Kylie @ Shabby Sisters

    This is FANTASTIC NEWS! I love AMAZING FACE and absorb your posts! CAN NOT WAIT!

  • Laura

    Too excited about this! x

  • Eliza

    BEST.NEWS.EVER. woo!

  • Emily

    I will definitely be a customer! Also – 2 random questions.
    1 Can you please do a post (or just post a link perhaps?) with some advice about when you should throw out what sort of beauty prodz? and
    2 Perhaps when your lovely little one arrives, would you consider having guest posts (as I presuming you might be fairly busy and have less time for blogging)? And if so, would you consider having guest posts from people with different skin issues than you? I love your recommendations…but I am a pale, combinationy-oily skin type with redness issues and no pigmentation. So I’d really love some Zoe-endorsed advice from an experty person used to dealing with those issues. Like you…but someone else, if you know what I mean.

    Good luck with everything, I just love your advices. Little rays of sunshine in my inbox!

  • Lil

    Just a little bit excited about your skin care range. As a Forty something, I have followed your skin care a advice, devoured Amazing face and now Fruity beauty! always covet your recommendations… A new skin care range you say, orders are waiting in the wings…!

  • Jess

    I’ve been following you for years Zoe, and this is unbelievably exciting as I have always loved your advice. Can’t wait to get my mitts on your products!

  • Lou

    Can’t wait to try it out! Especially if it has sticks and pebbles from NZ … I’m a bit fussy like that…

  • Katie

    Oh wowee that is exciting!!! Thanks to you I’ve become a huge fan of Rosehip Oil, my Clarisonic Mia and so many other beauty related products and I can’t wait to get my little OPI manicured hands on this too. Congrats lovely lady on what seems to be turning out to be quite a big year in your household! Xx

  • Jo

    Oh man, this is exciting. Yours is already my favourite skin care. I cannot friggin wait!

  • Mama French

    Hip hip hooray this is better than any birthday! Congratulations Zoe you busy bee – so happy for you, well and for me – can’t wait to fill my bathroom handbag, glovebox and pockets with your fab beauty treats!

  • Sally

    This is such an exciting tidbit of news! I can’t wait to try all of these goodies Zoe. I’m a long-time reader and follower of all things recommended by you – but this is the first time I’ve ever commented. News like this warrants a comment! x

  • Somerset

    Well good golly miss molly, just take all my money already! Can’t wait to get my superbly moisturised mitt’s all over this. Bravo Zo.

  • Amber

    Yay, yay capital A!! I am unnaturally excited. Yay for you!!

  • Jess

    Zoe congrats! That’s great news!
    I know you’re probably working on a skin care range for us lovely ladies first, but any clues as to what products work for our gorgeous guys? My boyfriend of 4 excellent months, to my great surprise, does not use anything on his skin. At all. Lucky for him I pass him my Hydrating sunscreen when we’re heading to the beach…. Now I don’t want to go a-changing a man, but do you think Clinique for men would be a simple starting place?

  • Jaimee

    Hi Zoe,
    So excited for you and all of us!!! I’m trying to hold off from re-stocking till then.
    Just wondering, seeing as it is February, how do we go about placing a pre-order?

  • Emily

    Oh Zoe, how have I only caught wind of this exciting bit of news just now?! So incredibly excited for you, you are such an inspiration and I have no doubt that your new venture will be a roaring success! Can’t wait for you to keep us posted on everything very soon!

    P.S. Again, if you need anything when you’re in Sydney, I’m your girl!

    x Emily

  • Rich Amor

    Then I should congratz to you 🙂
    I always dream to have my own skincare too. Hope in the short of times.

  • Anita

    This is fantastic news! I’m so happy for you.

    Will the products be fragrance free? I have sensitive skin and can’t use synthetic sunscreens or frangrances (including essential oils like peppermint etc), or really silicones for that matter. *Really* looking forward to trying your sunscreen, it’s so hard to find a physical one with a nice texture. I end up just not using any most of the time and wearing a hat instead. And the lip balm! Can’t wait for the lip balm.

  • Alex

    Hey Zo. A belated question: will your skincare line cater for a variety of skin types?

  • sekai

    Zoe. Darling. It’s Mid Feb and I am dying here. With anticipation … Oh when Oh when will we be able to get our grubby mitts on your fab cosmetic line? Xxxx

  • fiona

    Albiet a bit late, nevertheless bloody brilliant that your creating skin care range!! Its funny – I’m a make up fiend but always reluctant to part with the big bucks on skincare….I feel like I could immediately buy yours whatever the cost because I really trust you and what you know. Love reading, learning and laughing with you Zoe…such good news!

  • fruitybeauty | Allow me to introduce you to my very own skin care line: Go-To.

    […] I explained in this initial blog last month, the products and range thereof have very much been formulated to act as your skin care basics. The […]

  • Annette

    Congratulations, what a awesome time for you.

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  • Savannah

    What a great post, I myself can relate to the struggles of starting a skincare line and although amazing and hard I am loving it all. I enjoyed your post. Thanks

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