Event beauty preparation.

These are the people, the treatments and the shortcuts involved in my Logies preparation this year. You can easily use a similar approach for your wedding day, 40th, or cincoanera.

You will note the absence of Flaky Jim’s Skin Palace. This is for good reason. NO MORE, JIM. It’s over.


As I have mentioned more times than can possibly be interesting, my chief skin concern is hyperpigmentation. I am about to stop breastfeeding, and hoping that the final remnants of the hormonal pigmentation will fuck off when that happens, but that said, I get it regardless of cute babies I make. So, I used the Logies as an excuse to do something about it and improve my skin in general.

I will do longer post on the treatment I’ve been having, DermaFrac, for the last couple of months, because IT IS ACTUALLY WORKING, but the headlines are:

  • I have it every 2-3 weeks at Me Skin and Body in South Yarra
  • It takes 40 mins because I skip the dermabrasion bit, I just have a lactic peel, micro-needling and the LED
  • There is no downtime, and it has really broken up my pigmentation and brightened my skin tone. (This is my goal. Wrinkles are fine, it’s the uneven skin tone that annoys me.)
  • It’s not inflammatory like lasers or IPL, which can actually make my pigmentation flare up.

In the final two weeks I had my beloved Omnilux LED lamp (at Duquessa, in Carlton) for a criminal amount of plumpness and glow. I always recommend this to women getting married when they ask, “what should I do with my face?”, because your skin will look heavenly under makeup, IRL and forever and always in the photos. I had four sessions over two weeks, the last one on the day before the Logies.

I have been using Cosmedix Simply Brilliant followed by Go-To Face Hero for super nourishment and antioxidants, followed by  a physical sunscreen in the AM, and SkinMedica Lytera follwed by Face Hero and then Go-To Very Useful Face Cream at night.

Here is my skin with no makeup just before my skin with lots of makeup. All the pigmentation on my forehead and the top of my cheekbones is so light and scattered now. (Clear eyes care of Omnilux. No juice cleanses here.)

*Usually I would have a light AHA peel before two of these lamp sessions, but because there is a lactic peel as part of Dermafrac, I just have a cleanse, the 20 minute lamp then buzz off.




I’m currently the Hypoxi ambassador, which means I get to do AS MUCH HYPOXI AS I LIKE. I would be a total dickhead not to use this magical goldpass before an event where I am wearing a fitted dress, so I have been going as often as I can. I use the HDC machine for lymphatic drainage, then the s120 to help fluid retention and tone up. I also walk a lot and do a bit of half-arsed Kayla Itsines at home on the rug while Sonny heckles me about my wussy handweights. (I still have a hip injury, so can’t do the cardio maniac training I used to love.)

I had the delightful Karla from Brown Bodies come to my home to do a St Tropez spray tan two days before the event. This seemed a very convenient option, except that Sonny WAILED LIKE A GODAMN BANSHEE the entire time (scared of the noise? My underwear choice?) and I had to keep popping out of the tent, and running to him and leaping over the baby gate in nothing but my tarty spray tan g-string (I shudder to think of the view poor Karla had) to soothe him without actually touching him, because that would mess up the tan. Not one of my finest moments. The tan was gorgeous, though.


When I have events or MC duties or photoshoots I call on my cherished hair and makeup sausage, Laura Gilham. She knows what I like, she’s fast and I always book her months in advance so she can do me on Logies day. It calms me knowing she will do something great, and that we will have fun, and that when I say a browny-mauve smoky eye she gets it, and that she knows I NEED a dewy complexion, and matte is the devil and that my length hair is tricky to fingerwave.

I chose fingerwave-esque hair because the dress was so clean and modern in the end, that my slicked down tucked behind the ears look I was going to have was wrong. That look suited a more floaty, romantic dress, but as the dress became more simple, I needed to add some excitement. Hence, the waves.

(This is far too close up. I looked way better from across the room.)


There is no need to have your “own” hair and makeup artist, of course (but if you go to a lot of events, the convenience of them coming to you can be worth it and it becomes far less wanky than you might imagine) you can shimmy into a salon and get your hair done beautifully, (I recommend Edwards and Co because they excel at naturally glamorous hair) then go to a counter like Chanel, Napoleon, MAC or Bobbi Brown for your makeup. Take references for both hair and makeup so there’s no guess work and no tears. Also a photo of you in your dress so they can see the colour and neckline.


I got a $20 manicure using OPI’s So many clowns… so little time. Bubble Bath is too pink on my olive skin, and Samoan Sand can look a little almondy sometimes; this is the perfect sheer, milky-ivory-beige.


I mostly just made sure they didn’t get knocked out and were clean.


I was very lucky to have Mr Magic Gown Steven Khalil (he did my wedding dress, and also a previous Logies get up) make me a frock for the night, and even MORE lucky to have a gown that involved no Hollywood tape, no boning, no corsetry, nothing too clingy, and no cleavage spill. It was comfortable, easy to wear and I felt fucking tip top. This is not normal for such an event. Maybe I’m getting older but I can’t be arsed with severe discomfort in the name of fashion anymore.


I wore vintage Art Deco jewels from Keshett, which I loved. I went black as a nod to the belt. As usual no clutch because I am likely to get it wrong, so my husband just puts my lipstick and phone in his garter.

Keshett Jewellery

Here is said husband, and the reason I am even at the Logies, the handsome, funny, adorable, Logie-winning, Gap Yearing wildman himself, Mr Hamish ‘The Bachelor’ Blake.

He really is my dream date: fun, hilarious, cute and GREAT at finding me sliders and fries at the after party.


Responses to this drivel: 27 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 27 )
  • Leah

    You looked amazing Zoe! Stunning dress and very classy. Would love to know which lippy Laura used its perfect.

    • zoe foster blake

      Oooh, it was a mix I’m sorry – several shades from her palette all blended…

      • Jenny

        Just discovered your blog Zoe and love it! Have struggled with pigmentation for years on forehead and upper cheeks and just started on the Pigment Punch after seeing a decent therapist. I had a series of chemical peels followed by the Omnilux which helped to break it up but it’s still there and still stares back at me everyday… 

        I saw a different clinic and they suggested a new treatment, called Q switch laser rejuvenation. What I wanted to ask was, do you have an opinion on this treatment? Should I try or stick to another series of chemical peels? At approx $600 – $1000 it’s an investment and having already done 1 course I want to get it right! 

        Suggestions welcome ladies 🙂 

  • Hannah

    Lovely to have a beauty blog post from you again lady!! Lovely colour dress on you!

  • Cassie

    You look absolutely stunning! Plus I need to know makeup details! Foundation and highlighter especially because that dewy look is amazing! 

  • Meg

    Zo zo good looking!

    I appreciate how you go into all the detail of your logies prep unlike some others who we shall not name who pretend there isn’t an army & blood, sweat & tears behind every red carpet look.

    I would love to know your honest opinion on Lytera? It’s quite pricey but if it’s worth it I’m happy to part with my pineapples. Thanks Zoe

  • Sach Trikha

    Zoe, I need to know your go to’s in terms of facials etc in Sydney. I use natural and organic products mostly and wanted to ask what your incredible Natasha in Double Bay uses?

  • Becca

    You make me burst out laughing. So funny.

    I’ve just moved to Seoul, South Korea. You can’t imagine a more cosmetic laden society. You should get your products onto the market here. Stat. 

  • Sara

    You looked absolutely incredible Zoe! Will definitely be using these tips for my next big event! 

  • Louise

    Eyebrows! I want to know about eyebrows – who/where in Melbourne can be trusted?

  • Missy

    You looked bewdiful Zoe!

    Love the short hair, so modern and spunky.

    The dress/neckline looked lovely, one really doesn’t need two ‘accessories’  on show to look rocking. 

  • Rosa

    Hi Zoe, you look beautiful (as always) and I appreciate the ongoing advice on dealing with hyperpigmentation!

    Just to confirm, so are you now using Cosmedix Simply Brilliant as an alternative to Pigment Punch? I’m interested to see this as the Cosmedix is a lot more affordable!

  • Emma

    And just when I thought I could not love Zoe any more than I already do – “wrinkles are fine, it’s the uneven skin tone that annoys me” and “maybe I’m getting older but I can’t be arsed with severe discomfort in the name of fashion anymore” Totally keeping it real!

    You are just too cool for school Ms Foster Blake, save me a spot in your friendship group for when we live in the same city someday! 

  • deanne myszka

    Love your work♥♥

  • Duquessa

    Hi Zoe,
    I just wanted to send you a quick message, to say that we all watched you at the Logies.
    You looked like one HOT MUMMA, 
    and of course your skin glowed!! We LUV the OMNILUX too.
    See you soon 
    Regards Katherine Millar-Shannon
    Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner@ Duquessa 

  • Camilla

    Zoe, could you please tell me your foundation? It is always perf. 

  • Steph

    Hi Zoe, I don’t get pigmentation issues as such but some older freckles are starting to come through and I have red marks from old pimples. Would you still recommend these treatments for my type of issues? I’m 40 🙂 

  • Steph

    Hi Zoe, I don’t get pigmentation issues as such but some older freckles are starting to come through and I have red marks from old pimples. Would you still recommend these treatments for my type of issues? I’m 40 🙂 have to repost as I had the wrong email address sorry!

  • Nicole

    Hi Zoe,

    I’m breastfeeding and am currently desperate to get some skin treatments done, but when I google if it is safe they all seem to say not to do anything until you finish feeding! 
    What treatments are safe?
    Thanks so much in advance!

  • Mala

    Hey Zoe – Im curious to why you often refer to yourself as having ‘olive skin’; I’ve seen you in real life and you were pretty fair, just a shade or so from fairest. In most of your photos you seem very light also, even with spray tans. I’m croatian so I’d say we are olive, not as dark as Greeks though. Im only mentioning it because I read your work all the time and I trust your advice, but if you dont even know you’re own skin tone, seems weird

  • Emma

    Did you by chance mean quinceañera? 
    The latter is a party for a girl who’s turning fifteen; the former is not an actual thing, but references someone having five anuses. Might want to fix that. 

  • Sarah

    Hi~ What is a “cincoanera”? If it’s Spanish, it roughly means five anuses. Do you mean quinceañera, as in a girl who turns 15? You might want to fix that in the first paragraph.

  • Shannon

    Gorgeous jewelry, but out of curiosity, how exactly does one become a “hair and makeup sausage?” Also, “cincoanera?” Five whats?!!? Um, I think that word doesn’t mean what you think that it means. 

  • Tian

    Hi Zoe,

    I used dermafrac twice for the capillaries and redness around my nose. The first time, the healing was ok. But with the second time, I now have leftover scars/discolouration/melanin, whatever you call it, gggrrrr.

    I read your article on mamamia on hydroquinone, and will try to use the john plunkett cream on them to see if they will improve and fade.

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