My New York City list.

In my role as Grand Priestess of Travel Writing for Expedia (they are still to formally agree to this title) I was asked to write my ‘must do’ list for New York City.

Of course, tell anyone you’re going to New York City and they’ll say, ‘Oh, I must give you my list.’ This is BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS A LIST and they are all supposedly “really good and different”.

So here’s my list. It’s really good and different!

I make no apology that 80% of the recommendations are food based. New York IS food.

Get joyful in Harlem

Red Rooster in Harlem is on a lot of people’s lists (their fried chicken is justly famous), but if you can, book Sunday brunch at Ginny’s Supper Club downstairs, and be treated to BRAINBENDINGLY uplifting live gospel music (I may have cried with joy, a hangover from my Sister Act 2 obsession) and a buffet that includes fried chicken on waffles with syrup. Add mimosas and there might not be a better Sunday.


Pig out at Shackshack.

The ‘shack is said to have the finest cheeseburger and fries on the planet, a claim strenuously backed by me. Ignore the calories. Have a peanut butter shake. Grab a red wine and make a meal of it. Regret nothing!


Buy tickets for something.

Go to a basketball game or concert at Madison Square Garden. See a Broadway show. See an off-Broadway show and wish you didn’t. Watch some stand up at The Comedy Store. (Get there EARLY.) See an exhibition uptown at the Met. Even if it’s just one thing and you shop the other five days, do it.


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Responses to this drivel: 13 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 13 )
  • Naomi

    You have sufficiently made me desperate to return to NYC and equally absolutely starving! Will definitely be checking out a few of these places on our next visit! Thanks!!

  • Chiara

    Which hotel does the peanut butter espresso martini… I leave in 3 weeks and that just went straight to the top of the “must do in NYC” list !

  • Liz

    Any tips about visiting New York with a baby? We’ll be there in 3 weeks with a 6.5 month old…..

  • Amy

    Please help! 

    We leave for New York in 3 weeks (end of Winter…welcoming Spring) 

    What on earth do I wear on my feet? 
    So far I have knee high Hunter boots and a pair of croc ballet flats (if thats what you can call them…)

    I don’t know if I should buy new sneakers here in Aus or wait til I get there?? I’m happy to croc about for a few days….

    Whats you suggestion? 

  • Megan

    Zoe your parka/puffer jacket looks amazingly warm and is a great colour. What is the brand? 

  • Liz

    Thank you Zoe!
    I’m off to NYC for my honeymoon in a month so this is PERFECT

  • Amanda

    Zoe please share how you found the experience with a baby. I have been to New York – and I have travelled with a baby previously, but not the both together. Did you guys bring relatives at all or utilise any babysitting services whilst there? Interested in knowing if you managed anything after 7pm!! We are off at the end of the year, please help!!

  • Steph

    OH MY GOD ZOË your post just made me book a trip to NYC this christmas/NYE.. YAY! 
    The Standard High Line vs. The Standard LES? ahh decisions!! 
    Such a great post, you have made some awesome recommendations that I cant wait to check out x

  • HellB

    Loved your list nearly as much as I love NY. My husband and I ditched the kids for a New York New Year and had a ball. Have to contest the “best pizza” title though…my vote is for “Joe’s Pizza” in Greenwich Village. Tiniest shop in the world but the pizza is amazing! BTW found a “Joe’s” in Santa Monica a couple of weeks ago too and was very excited – maybe remember it for next time you’re on the West Coast?

  • SBO

    Thank Joe 🙂
    Looks really funny Hahaa

  • Naomi

    Hi Zoe, we’re midway through a birthday trip to New York – we took your advice, shake shack x 2 trips (so far), Healing Birch massage – thank you!

  • Elizabeth Jensen

    I went with my cousin in April 2013. She went onto Washington and I stayed on my own. I just loved it. Was never worried about being alone. Took the subway although not at night. Went to,see Jersey Boys for the  th time. Was better in Sydney though.  Just wished I’d gone a bit more into,spring. So keen to go back. Hubby not interested. 

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