Don’t take four serums overseas.

As a beauty editor, frequent flyer and now mother, I wrote a piece for Expedia on the golden rule of travel beauty, which is: take heaps of bubble gum.

No, wait. It’s: keep it simple. Or, pay the price. (Literally. In luggage weight charges.)

Preparation is king.

Travel isn’t the time to be wasting precious minutes on boring stuff like applying mascara, blow-drying hair, fake tanning, manicures and so on. So, do all you can before you leave to make your holidays a, ‘I’m up, let’s go!’ experience, rather than, ‘Just give me half an hour.’ Get eyelash extensions. Have a keratin smoothing treatment put through your hair. Get a spray tan. Get gel polish on your toes and get a nude manicure (no polish or clear) on your fingers so you won’t have chipped, skanky nails a week in. (Natural is the new black anyway.) Waste time on your appearance before you leave, not once you arrive.

Pack everything a week out.

Then, the day before, when you’re adding your daily essentials, (sunscreen, cleanser, foundation etc.) remove 30% of what you packed. You do not need four serums. Nor do you need your hair curler and hair straightener, plus three brushes. Travel provides a wonderful opportunity to do a beauty detox. I’m not asking you to look like a banshee for two weeks, but I am asking you to reconsider how much of your suitcase you are dedicating to stuff you don’t need and won’t use during two weeks in Peru.



Responses to this drivel: 6 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 6 )
  • Phoebe

    Hi Zoe, I just had a questions on eye lash extensions as saw that you mentioned them here! I had recently had them applied and completely loved them until they have all now nearly dropped out (that process is quite boring, isn’t it!?) and my real eyelashes are paying the price i.e. there aren’t half as many as there were originally. Is one meant to now just wear extensions for the rest of your life or will the get healthier again and grow back bigger and better than before? Phoebe 

  • Brooke morris

    Hi Zoe, 
    Wasn’t sure how else to contact you but… Just wanted to let you know that I’m an Aussie nanny living in New York, if you need a babysitter while you are here 🙂 excellent references from Usa and back home in Melbs! 

  • Nicola McCarthy

    Hi Zoe,
    As we are now in summer in Oz – do you have any sun protection products you would recommend for protecting your scalp?  I have very fine hair and sometimes its just not practical to wear a hat and would love to be able to successfully protect my hair part especially without making my hair super oily/greasy! Thanks a million!

  • Deedee

    Zoe, I’d love a blog post on your guide to NYC/ how to stay warm there in the cold winter!! 

  • Harvey Lee

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  • Harvey Lee

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