Slightly more glamorous than the Scooby Doo van.

Picture a fat, pretty Mercedes van rolling up to your door, spewing with makeup and hair appliances and people who know how to use both with good effect on your face. It’s all very trailer-on-a-movie set, isn’t it? I’m sure that’s no accident.

Glam Van, it’s called. And it kind of takes away a lot of the stress (of going out into the Real World to hunt for a hair salon and the invisible parking space that accompanies it) and mess (of having makeup artists and hair stylists in your loungeroom, making burn marks on the carpet and spilling loose eye dust on the lounge, but possibly that’s just me) when you need to look Definitely Excellent, and you might like a friend, or a coffee or champs right there with you while you get that way, in your driveway.

Excellent for: Brides and their bridesmates.

Also good for: Balls or formals or some hardcore prep for your lawn bowls presentation night.

In all: A very clever idea.

Lookit: http://glamvan.com.au/

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