I love my kid’s bedroom.

He does too.

And he’d bloody want to, I put a lot of work into it!!

And by ‘I’ I mean, ‘Nicole Rosenberg from Little Liberty‘.

Nicole contacted me asking if I needed a hand setting up Sonny’s room in our new house, and I of course said yes. I’m no dumdum!  She is good at this stuff. A proper professional person. I would procrastinate over paint swatches for two years if left to my own devices.

We had some good bones to start with: lovely new carpet, a great size room, my beloved Ubabub pod cot and booksees and a few bits and pieces, but Nicole quickly took my very rudimentary vision (animals, blues and greys with pops of bright, modern, simple, something that can grow with him and that isn’t too baby-ish, no giant holes in the floor he can fall into) and started throwing ideas at me.

I contributed some references of stuff I liked and found on Tumblr/Pinterest, but it was very much Nicole who did the heavy lifting, sourcing my whims or bringing in her own ideas. I loved her references and suggestions, she has an incredible brain full of kids brands and products, and she set to work finding obscure paper mache animal heads from the UK, and hand knitted light pendants, and breathtaking wallpaper from France. Because really, if your one year-old doesn’t have wallpaper from France THEN WHO ARE YOU, YOU GODAMN SCUM BAG.

It’s very similar to my room as a young child, except for the two other siblings, bunk bed, bubble gum stuck on the bedheads, several headless Barbies, and a wall full of Bros and Bon Jovi posters care of my big sister.

Here, take a look for yourself, you big perve!


Pod cot from Ubabub, Hedgehog, Knitted yellow stool from Anthropologie, Crocodile and Squirrel wool soft toys by Sara Carr Digital Cow Hide rug from Amigos De Hoy.



Animal wallpaper mural by Bien Fait, wooden toy store from Oeuf, chest of drawers from Troll, Follow Me Lamp by Marset at Designstuff (I love these for outside at night – they are USB charged touch lamps with brass and wood).


ikpgVZouz9lxeXMnC4vs-Je_yUC1VyKm3PEoxUJuh2kHand knitted pendants (custom size and colours) from Stephanie Ng Design.



Australia shelf from One Two Tree, wooden animals from Leave It To Leslietree branch hooks from This Is Extraordinary, custom felt garland from Hello Henley.



Bambi stool (eeep! ready-made heirloom) by Takeshi Sawada for Elements Optimal Denmark at Top3 by Design, leopard cot quilt set from And The Rest, framed tomato and pear prints from Norsu Interiors,
Lucky Boy Sunday soft toy (in cot) from Talo Interiors.



Cute boy, by Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake.

3nPB7qgodpVKtuT_lTz2mC5x7FZ7K7rRr4NBM_fYU6Y,LeisjN9kA5NNtYTmfkvzS81Pb27BLJUz6GkFmBFqxZIObviously the room is always this perfect and tidy. Obviously.


Booksee shelves from Ubabub, paper mache heads (made to order) from Abigail Brown Art, books from everywhere. Fun fact: the clever sausage who designs all my books and also did Go-To, Allison Colpoys, illustrated that lovely book in there centre there, The Underwater Fancy-dress Parade, by Davina Bell, which I love, and which made my cry.


hclpMoJzx69BLjsOB9W755ntY4PAfb7kPCqDqJaSA2Q,bc_Y4cDBsVeFhMVEWo12UzAmk7jt7l3NV4oOk_C-M_QAs mothers and business owners, sometimes it’s just nice to sit down and play with your animals for a moment, you know?

All photos by Jeremy Blode, and with thanks to Little Liberty, and bye for now.

Responses to this drivel: 7 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 7 )
  • Tiff

    Beautiful room! What a lucky boy!

    PS. Zoe, I’ve just been told by a facialist that I should lay off the AHA’s and BHA’s as they are too strong for my skin. Now what?!! Do you have any recommendations as I have no idea where to start. What products are best? How do I exfoliate now? ARGH!

    • Polly

      Can I suggest you try Zoe’s brand ‘go-to’- I too was told to lay off all the strong treatments which were actually making my sensitive skin worse. I now use go to and it has changed my skin for the better. 
      I’m slowly reintroducing some serums and eye cream but for a while I just used her cleanser and moisturizer and it was AMAZING

  • Danielle

    Hey Zoe! Sonny’s room is absolutely adorable. You have given me inspiration for my little bub’s room, thank you. Just wondering if you would also recommend some great books for him too? I’m looking for quirky and interesting ones outside of the classics that we loved as kids.

  • Jen

    That is one excellent room!  That cot is amazing.  This isn’t really a furnishing or design tip (actually it isn’t at all) but as  an avid booklover I must, must recommend for bookshelves Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler.  Bloody brilliant.  But on topic, T.Cubed do the most excellent name cubes complete with internal bells.  Awesome for stacking, shaking, and tossing if your son is anything like mine. https://m.facebook.com/cubesT.Cubed/

  • Karen

    Absolutely love the room Zoe. Would love you to do a blog about your whole house!!! 

  • Emma

    Hi Zoe – belated post but love love love the blue and grey walls. Any chance you could please share the colours. 
    Thank you! 

  • Eve

    I’m trying to zoom in on what books u have.. we love your Fart book. Do you think you could do a blog post on books u guys like read for your little ones? thanks 

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