Happy Chrimbus, fruits!

I know.

I know I haven't posted for a few weeks, and I apologise because that's very lazy, dull and adorable of me.

But! As far as excuses go, I reckon I might have the High Priestess of them: I snuck off and got married in a tiny, secret ceremony a couple of weeks back, and then immediately buzzed off on my megamoon (it's a l-o-n-g one).

I look very forward to doing a full post with a disgusting amount of photos on it when I'm back, and boring you with the details of my (fun/furtive) skin care prep and specific hair and makeup and manicure and dental floss choice, because if you can't be narcissistic about your own wedding, when can you be? (Always, if you have a blog like this one.)

For now, I'm busy being a dork on my funnymoon with my beautiful, brand new husband.

Photo copy

But! Mostly, mostly I wanted to write this post to wish you gorgeous rascals sparkling health and deep joy, and to thank you for being such delightful readers and valuable team members… I wish you each a truly glorious, peaceful, joyful and XXL fun festive season, and a wildly happy and successful and abundant 2014!! 

(Also I hope 2013 is nice.)

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