My fave picks from Clinique, Revlon, L’Oreal…

So many brand.

So many product.

Sometimes you just want to know which is The Golden One.


I am a BIG, LOUD, CAPS LOCKY champion of Clinique makeup. I think they do a fantastic job of colour, and are completely underrated because everyone focuses on their skin care, (yknow, chubbies aside). My pick of their current range is Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer, which I saw getting amazing press and had to try because I am a sucker for hype just like you. It’s full coverage, quite thick in fact, (you need only a wee bit; try mixing in some BB if you need more spread. I tend not to use the wand applicator, but apply onto fingers then face) but radiant (something you usually only get in sheer formulas.) And it lasts.

It covers pigmentation beautifully AND acts as a formidable undereye concealer, which is one of its selling points, yes, but generally speaking foundation-and-concealer in one is a terrible idea because the skin is so different (in texture and tone) on the eye area compared to the rest of the face. However, in this case, it’s an unterrible idea, because the eye area is beautifully concealed, and not at all crepey or dry. I care less about my smile lines these days (more comfortable in my skin as I age? Nah. Just less time to worry about shit like that.)

Please note: The shades are darker than you think. Test before buy.



Revlon make some outstanding foundations and lip/eye products (such as my favourite orange lip product: Colorstay Lip Balm Stain in Rendezvous) but it’s the Revlon Brow Fantasy I am back in love with at the moment: a simple, old school brow pencil and gel in one. Even though I have dark hair, I use the dark blonde as it lacks the red undertones you often get in brunette/brown shades. I also love the Revlon Colorstay Brow Liner, which is waxy and high pigment, but far from foolproof, unfortunately.

(Special nod to the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener, which is meant to be a kind of Touché Éclat eye illuminator, but my preferred application is all over the eyelids to conceal all the veins and redness, and make the eye seem super bright and awake. It’s a good primer for shadows, but worn alone you get this super fresh, youthful natural look.)



I’m a crazed fool for BB and CC creams, so was happy to discover Rimmel’s BB Cream Radiance while in a bit of a BB-CC rut lately. It is the perfect lo-fi daily coverage for those who need a bit more than BB cream or a tinted moisturiser, but still want to look fresh. (This is not a matte finish. Matte is not for me. I will never write up anything matte cos I have dry, not oily, skin, and also matte once said I couldn’t dance and I will never forgive him.)

Rimmel BB Cream radiance



Their BB cream is diamonds, but it’s their tinted brow gel I’m into right now, the Brow Artist Plumper. It’s far more natural/subtle a look than pencils/waxes/powder etc, and ideal for when your brows are already tinted, say, (or not too gappy) and you just want to groom them with a touch of tint. It’s way less pigmented and thick than Mac’s Brow Fix, (read: less room for error), and I use the xxx shade on its own for get-out-the-door face, or to finish expertly filled in brows when I have more time. I like how it allows me to have the brushed-up, Olsen-Twins bushy look, which is hard to get with pencils and spoolies. Oh and hey, wipe the brush off before you apply, mate, or risk globs and mess.

Loreal-Brow Artist plumper



A cheeky little brand that makes cracking products for about 1/400th of the price of So Many Others, I usually have at least one FOC product kicking around in my kit. (Did I just use the word ‘kit’? What, I think I’m a makeup artist now? What a dickhead.) I particularly like their powder blush in Primrose, which is ‘known’ in makeup and beauty blog circles. It looks a bit intense and shimmery in the compact, but is in fact wildly flattering (I have olive but relatively pale skin). It’s a rosy, ‘I’m blushing’ flush of pink, with a subtle sheen but very HIGHLY pigmented, so for the love of Liam Hemsworth, use a quality blush brush (I use the Bobbi Brown blush brush because of the dome top) and go easy.



In this photo I did a bit of a mixy mixy thingo with most of the above products, and wore a cosy wool sweater because winter. I am wearing Rimmel Radiance BB cream all over, Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer under the eyes and blended over pigment on cheeks and forehead, L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Dark Brunette over brow shadow, and the Face Of Australia Powder Blush in Primrose. (On my eyes it’s just mascara and Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener. No shadow. That ‘liner’ you see on the lashline is a smudge of mascara. So profesh.)




Responses to this drivel: 19 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 19 )
  • Simone

    What are chubbies?

    • Georgia

      Wonderful, beautiful, chubby, lip balmy colour deliciousness. To put it simply. 

    • HellB

      Chubby Sticks are the best thing ever – beautiful balmy lip crayons and the quickest, easiest way to apply eye and cheek colours and go! I have a bag full and could not recommend them more.

  • PoorAnimals

    Oh Zoe….but 4 out of 5 of these brands are tested on animals…..how do you feel about animal testing?

    • Meg

      Oh, I agree. I ran over (well clicked over) all excited to read the blog, only to be pretty bummed.  Would love to see a cruelty free list coming soon. As I’m trying to overhaul my make up bag and be more ‘green(?)’ some  suggestions helping our fury friends would rock.  

      • zoe foster blake

        Hi Meg, there are so many blogs out there doing that really well. Try the cruelty free website as a starter.

      • Charlotte

        Hi Meg,
        Some of the above brands are technically cruelty free however they do export to China which means their products are still tested on animals (as all imported cosmetic products to China must be tested on animals before being approved.) The PETA website has an entire listing of cruelty free & vegan cosmetic brands.

  • Hannah

    Love the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumpers but I do find if I use too much it can look like I have a case of brow dandruff. Do love that it doesn’t smell as alcohol fuelled as M.A.C or Bobbi, and that it’s more matte and less glossy. Plus it’s a great price point. Win!

  • Amy

    Not to be demanding…but ok, I will be a smidge…can you also please tell us what’s on your lips in that photo?

  • Lara

    LOVE having a beauty post from you! Just like the good ol’ Primped/Fruity Beauty days. Forever a guru! 

    Should mention I love your hair too..took of a photo of it to my salon and it turned out smashing.

  • Lizabeth

    I agree, so great to have a beauty post again. I’ve really missed them!

    • Lizabeth

      Thanks for the tip re using Clinique Beyond Perfecting concealer for undereyes concealing- I don’t know why I was silly sausage and did not to think use it there!

      I have been lost since Covergirl Olay stopped making their simply ageless eye concealer (another great recommendation from Zoe)- nothing else seems to match its coverage without too much oil.

  • Charlotte

    Thanks for the blush recommendation. Bit random
    But I haven’t liked a blush in ages and tried Primrose and it is love! Also spot on with the Revlon lipstick stains I have been devout to these for a while!

  • Megan

    For those that DO have oily skin I have found Clinique’s stay matte foundation and pressed powder amazing. No cakey finish and lasts all day.

  • May

    Yesss! Love a classic nosey beauty post with recs galore! Thank you!

  • Amber

    I just love you Zoe!

    (Now that my creepy girl crush stalker moment is over…) Jumped straight online and bought numerous of the abopve products, I love recommendations!

  • Jenny

    The best advise I have ever read was in your book that stated that over 50 women should only wear liquid foundation not powder.  With all the latest products are you still sticking with this?
    By the way – loved your book!

  • Nicky

    Hi Zoe, Hoping you can point me in the right direction. I’m 51 years old and noticed that my face has changed more so lately than in my 40s. Everything is heading south. Eyelids, a slackness around jawline, etc. I know you’re’ a Melbourne girl but can you recommend someone in Sydney (I live on the north side of the city but close to the CBD) that I can go and see to ‘re-train’ me in doing make-up on my older face. I need a little help here please! Thank you. Nicky

  • Elizabeth Jensen

    hi Zoe I’ve just stumbled on your blog and I’m obsessed. Everything you write is exactly what I’m looking for. You’re not only funny but you know just what we need to hear and how we need to hear it. I posted a comment on your Instagram page @charliejas is me. But my problems are too long to list here with my skin and the direction I’m currently on is really stressful. So I wondered if I could email my long winded story of pigmentation and treatments and get your advice. I’ve listed all the products on your pigment post but also have my own huge collection too. Think my skin is rebelling. 

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