You know how Perez always talks himself up and it’s really annoying?

I’m about to do the same!
Let’s smash some Annoyingometers!

So, I went on Mix 106.5 this morning, and Sonia Kruger has this incredible skin right,  and looks about 18 and she’s really actually very hot, in that guys-swivel-heads-in-the-street way. Todd was a cracker, and you know, it’s funny, I was nervous, right, cause you wonder if they’re gonna throw you a curve ball and you won’t be able to answer it, or you’ll answer it terribly, or you’ll swear (guilty, your honour) or you’ll just be extraordinarily dull. But they were so nice and enthusiastic, all my nerves went down to my toes, and out the ends of my French pedicure.

God! This isn’t about toenails! It’s meant to be me BRAGGING! Stay on task, man!

Here are some links to some sweet bloggy girls who have written nice bloggy things about Air Kisses for a small fee and a Vegemite sandwich. There’s Girl With A Satchel, who is one of my beauty editor cobbas and all-round unreal woman, and who published an enormously enormous interview with me about why umbrellas belong to s secret cult whose job it is to escape human beings (mostly at cafes and on public transport) and get back to The Umbrellatron, which is a large spaceship run by and full of umbrellas and due to leave earth within the next 100 years. Or the book, can’t recall which.

Just now the beautiful, clever, generous Mia Freedman has cooked up a lovely little slice of post pie on her blog, Mamamia, which, like GWAS, you’ve probably already got on your favourites and would’ve seen without me politely bullying you there. But! It is a lovely, blush-inspiring post nonetheless. She also made an incredible speech at my launch, which to a girl who sent her faxes (kind of like email, only less ‘e’ and more ‘pain in the ass’) as an optimistic 15 year old, trying to secure work experience because I adored her, is pretty cool for me. If by ‘pretty’ you mean ‘arctic’.

Here is one by a girl called Belinda who will probably intern with me at Primped sometime soon, because she’s eager (sends emails regularly) and has started a blog (shows initiative) and is said to be the daughter of a man who owns a chocolate factory (has lots of chocolate.)

Then there is UK based blog, beautypopstar, who found me via my amazingly, super massively talented sister  Antigone talking me up on her myspank page. Just on that, Antigone’s brand new, definitely excellent single, More Man Than Man, dropped YESTERDAY and if you liked that song "Ooh, The Bass Has Got Me Movin’" or "The Whirled You Live" then you’ll love this track because GUESS WHAT? Those other two songs are also by her. Zing!

What’s that? You want to know if I have any other siblings doing new and great musical things? Well isn’t that funny. Because would you believe that my brother, Levi, a DJ and producer and the guy who made nice music at my book launch last week (see visual aids 1.0, 2.0) has a new track out now also!


1.0 Signing books that lovely polite people bought so it wouldn’t look stupid: me sitting at a table, pen in hand, nothing to do.


2.0 Best Dress Ever and a man-sized book cover.

I think I’ve exhausted my Bragging Mechanism for today. Except to say  that I will be on the Today show tomorrow morning. Yes, you guessed it, discussing umbrellas.

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