My belly button is in, but my BOOK IS OUT!

I’ve waited a loooong time to be able to post this.
Like, 912 days.


My first book, Air Kisses, is now officially on sale.
Like, in book shops and available to buy! IN PROPER BOOK SHOPS! WITH PROPER BOOKS!

She wasn’t meant to be in the shops until Monday, but a friend alerted me today that she was in Borders, sitting pretty in their new releases section, with her fancy new friends James Patterson and  Geraldine Brooks and Lauren Weisberger.

So as soon as I finished work, I screamed into the nearest Borders to see for myself. Fruits, it was such a magical, strange, overwhelming moment. Kind of like seeing an old friend in a small cafe in deepest Turkmenistan.

I was all hans solo, I asked the nice girl packing books a few rows up if she could, uh, you know, takeaphotoofmewithmybookplease.

She gave me this funny look, and then she asked if that was my book, and I nodded and then she smiled and then she got it and she smiled some more and she took this photo.


Now, I’m not going to ask you to buy it (although you totally, absolutely should, and probably several copies too), I’m just being a good friend and letting you know the best book you’ve never read is now available to you.

And! I have a website now, too.
It features pirates and parrots.

All that’s really left to say now is… wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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