About Zoë Foster Blake

Zoë Foster Blake is the kind of person who will look you dead in the eye as she steals fries off your plate.

She is the founder and CCO of Australian skin care line, Go-To, which launched in 2014. Go-To was informed by a decade working as a beauty editor, and a special brand of arrogance that made Zoë believe she could compete in a market that already featured three billion products. Go-To is much loved for being uncomplicated, simple to use, fun, genuinely effective and 100% free from bullshit.

In 2019 Go-To launched a botanical bath and body care line for babies and kids called Gro-To. It’s dermatologically tested to be non-irritating and hypoallergenic, won a Good Design Award in 2020, and above all, kids dig it. In 2020, Bro-To, brother brand to Go-To, relaunched in full glory, after its soft but wildly popular launch back in 2016.

Go-To is stocked exclusively in Mecca stores in Australia and NZ. Go-To and Gro-To are available from Revolve, Anthropologie, The Detox Market, Goop and other retailers (including gotoskincare.com) in the US and OMG you should totally try it.

Prior to being an obnoxious skin care tycoon, Zoë worked in journalism for titles like Harper’s BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan, and started a beauty blog about beauty called fruitybeauty back in 2006 when people thought a ‘blogger’ was something you used to unblock your bathroom drain.

Zoë has also written a LOT of books. Like, 17 or something.

She has published four fiction titles, AIR KISSES, PLAYING THE FIELD, THE YOUNGER MAN and THE WRONG GIRL. In 2016 The Wrong Girl was made into a TV series starring Jessica Marais on Channel 10 Australia, which ran for two seasons. Her first novel in a decadeTHINGS WILL CALM DOWN SOON, is out October 01, 2024.


Zoë has also written four non-fiction titles: a dating and relationship guide called TEXTBOOK ROMANCE, (written with Hamish Blake), the bestselling beauty book, AMAZINGER FACE, a compilation of her best beauty tips and tricks, BREAK-UP BOSS, which was published in 2018 as a book, but was initially released  in 2017 as an app, and LOVE!, which was published in 2019, and is a blend of columns from a decade spent writing relationship advice, and new essays. She published CLEAN SLATE, an Audible Original novella about infidelity in a seemingly perfect marriage in 2020. Scandalous!

Zoë published her first children’s picture book, NO ONE LIKES A FART in 2017. It won the (Australian Book Industry Awards) ABIA Children’s Picture Book of the Year in 2018 because farts are where it’s AT. It has been published in the US, Taiwan, China, Japan, Turkey and Italy. Zoë published  BACK TO SLEEP in 2020, and a follow-up to NO ONE LIKES A FART called FART AND BURP ARE SUPERSTINKERS (titled NO ONE LIKES A BURP in the US) mid-2021. In 2022 she published SCAREDY BATH, (also published in the US), and in 2023 BATTLE MUM.  In 2024 she is publishing HAPPY FARTER’S DAY, a high-brow literary masterpiece blending dad and fart jokes.

Zoë is a proud ambassador for Look Good… Feel Better. She lives in Sydney with her husband, two children, two cats, and a handful of circus fugitives, but do NOT tell anyone about them.

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