Zoë Foster Blake created Australian made skin care line, Go-To, after years spent using and reviewing bazillions of products as beauty director at Harper’s BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan, blogging (at fruitybeauty, which she began in the dark ages of blogging in 2006), and writing a book on the basics of beauty called Amazinger Face. 

She thought skin care was far too confusing. And complicated. And earnest. And intimidating. She knew she wasn’t alone: years of feedback from the women of Australia confirmed that for many, skin care is about as easy to navigate as a garden maze after four whiskies while wearing a blindfold.

HANG ON’, she whispered to no one. ‘I have an extensive understanding of ingredients, products the industry and the consumer, I’ve tried and tested zillions of products, and I can see a huge gap for an uncomplicated, effective, simple and fun range for the modern woman… I should do something with this privilege and insight!’ she thought, ‘like make a delicious stew or a macaroni necklace!’ Fortunately she decided to create a skin care line instead, which she named Go-To, and which launched in 2014.

Go-To is a simple, effective range of skin care essentials based on proven ingredients and utilising Australia’s best-in-class botanicals. The products are foolproof and they are reliable. They products protect, nourish and strengthen even sensitive or compromised skin, ensuring it is healthy, happy and calm. They satisfy a deep human desire for simplicity and reliability in a time of intense competition, noise and growth in the beauty industry, when people are paralysed by choice. Go-To offers a shortcut to quality and effectiveness. These are products and this is a company people trust.

Go-To has been lucky enough to attract (and subsequently fall in love with) hundreds of thousands of wonderfully engaged and enthusiastic and glowy customers, and also nab some great press, which is a lovely testament to the quality of the products and the values of the company and its exceptional team. It is available at gotoskincare.com and in Mecca stores in Australia, and at Revolve and online in the US. (Hot tip: Start with their award-winning super face oil, Face Hero.)

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