Your new favourite skin care line.

… Has officially launched!

GoTo_YellowEO copy

 It’s called Go-To, and I created it.
You buy it exclusively from gotoskincare.com, which is now live, and a lot of fun.
We send prods to you fast.
You use and love.
We (telepathically) high-five.
And nearby, a small family of wombats huddle together for a nap.

To celebrate the launch today, I thought I would run you briefly through each of the five products, since I’ve been a bit cagey about them up until now. Knowledge is power, after all! So is money and political status, but that’s less relevant in this situation.

As I have previously pointed out previously, Go-To was designed to be uncomplicated, simple, effective and easy (and fun) to use. Each of these products are useful for all of us, whether we wear a shittonne of skin care and makeup each day, or we just slap on some BB cream and race out the door. Because we all need a cleanser. We all need a moisturiser that will protect our skin from free-radical damage. We all need to exfoliate. We all need a lip balm that actually works. And we all “need” (enjoy?) a multi-purpose oil that can be used everywhere from the heels to the elbows to the nails to the hair to the face.



It’s called Properly Clean, $29.95, because I was sick of cleansers that didn’t do a good enough job. Lazy cleansers. Naughty cleansers. Cleansers that couldn’t keep up with women who used many layers of skin serums and brighteners and primers and so on. They were either too thick and left residue, or they were too foamy and drying, or too scrubby and harsh, and they didn’t nearly remove all the primer/sunscreen/makeup I’d loaded onto my face that day. So, I made one that was as soft and smoothing and lovely on the skin (in use and after being rinsed off) which I think the face demands, but which, because of the Willow Bark Extract (a non-irritating cousin to salicylic acid that ever so gently removes grime and build-up), also actually gets the job DONE and takes care of BIZNEZ.

Fun fact: This was the first product we got right, and my husband loves the shit out of it. And he’s a BOY.




Called Exfoliating Swipeys, $45.95, because, well, that’s what they are, these single-use, zingy-smelling little cotton pads take the confusion and error out of exfoliating. Because there’s a lot of that! We either use too many exfoliating products, too often (I have friends who are essentially performing a mini chemical peel each night with all their strong cleansers and  toners and creams), or we don’t do enough, which makes our skin dull and congested and unhappy. The ideal way to exfoliate, in my mind, is softly, thoroughly and regularly. So, I made a solution of gentle AHAs (lactic acid) and hydrating essential oils, and dunked 50 textured pads in it, and now all YOU have to do is swipe one all over your face after cleansing 2-3 times a week, and you’re set.

Fun fact: I was least convinced we had the scent of this right, but have had more positive feedback on this scent than any of the products.





After a while as a beauty editor, you learn that are a few iconic face creams that remain steadily popular over time. They tend to be very nourishing, but lightweight and quick to sink in. And suitable for even sensitive skins (making them loved by makeup artists to use backstage at shows on models/shoots). I wanted to make one of these all-purpose, lovely creams, because I am arrogant enough to aim that high. BUT. I’m a firm believer that defending and protecting the skin from free radical damage (which come from UV rays, the environment etc), the cause of premature ageing (wrinkles, lines and sun damage), via powerful anti-oxidants is just as important as hydration and the perfect texture. So, I sourced the magical super anti-oxidant, Alma Berry, which has 30x more Vitamin C than oranges (and is anti-inflammatory and super soothing), and popped in some CoQ10, the grand dame of the anti-oxidant world, as well as Vitamin E, so that when you put on Go-To Very Useful Face Cream, $39.95, in the morning (under your physical sunscreen, obviously), you are protected throughout the day, and when you put it on at night, you are working to neutralise any free radical damage you accrued. I love this cream for MANY reasons, including it’s lovely silky texture, fig and rose scent and ability to be worn day, night or mid-flight, but that it’s guarding my skin so thoroughly, well, that’s the bloody clincher.

Fun fact: There is no sunscreen in Very Useful Face Cream because I wanted it to be all-purpose, day/night/flight. I wear a physical sunscreen over it during the day.





I hardly keep my passion for lip balm under wraps. Am always banging on about how I can’t find the perfect one, or why the one you’re using isn’t working, (petrochemicals, usually) or applauding those that do help my lips… So when I got to make my own, you can bet your bronzer I took it seriously. IT HAS TO BE THE BEST LIP BALM EVER I said to my softly spoken, mild-mannered biochemist. OUR LIP BALM MUST WIN, I reiterated. So, we got to work. Adding all the ingredients I know to actually do something, and which make good lip balms more than just quick-fix barriers. And after just 20 versions, we got there with Lips!, $14.95. It features seven oils, ultra medical grade lanolin, anti-oxidants, butters and beeswax… all bundled up in the perfect formula of creaminess with a pretty sheen and the subtle flavour of pure pomegranate. It’s delicious and I swear by it. So there.

Fun fact: It’s called Lips! because I was so jubilant at having finally landed on the best possible lip balm formula. (In my eyes, anyway. My very bias eyes.)




As a dame who travels quite a lot, and has had to master a smaller toiletries kit than any beauty editor should ever be forced to endure, I know the value of a solid do-it-all prod. Something that can be hauled out and quickly fix rough heels, elbows, cuticles, or soothe and heal little scratches and bites, or hydrate the body, or condition split ends, or add some sheen to foundation, or act as a potent serum (gently dabbed onto the face under face cream – better left to dry, not oily skins). Makes sense then, that I would want to have a crack at making my own… cue Exceptionoil, $49.95. It is SO PURE and so delicious, and with a blend of ten oils and almost as many butters and waxes, the skin bloody loves this balm-oil. (One beauty ed has even said it has sorted out her eczema, so maybe it’s even more magic than we know!) It sinks in fast, leaves no residue, and boasts certified Monoi di Tiare from Tahiti (gardenias macerated in coconut oil) for a – quite frankly – criminally pretty fragrance.

I need to say here that if you DO purchase Exceptionoil, please remember it is an OIL, and needs to be treated as such. In that it might be very runny when you open it, so please be careful. Also, just like that coconut oil you cook with, it will change solidity in accordance to the surrounding temps. (An hour in the fridge will help thicken it if it’s stupidly runny.) And if you travel with it? Like any oil, you should keep it in a plastic ziploc bag.

Fun fact: One customer has been adding a few drops to her bath with truly lovely results and very soft, scented skin. Clever!

… Of course, you can read (and watch) all about the prods in more depth at gotoskincare.com, and see all of the ingredients too, and also all of the things we DON’T put into the products (palm oil, petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, silicones, GMOs, synthetic colours or fragrances, animal testing of any kind).

To all of you who have already purchased your Go-To, and have been kind enough to take the time to let us know how much you are loving the products and packaging on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Gruzzleplonk,  THANK YOU.

It’s scary launching a skin care line! You’re asking women to put things on their face and telling them their skin will like it, but skin can be so bitchy and so individual, and so you just make it as good as it can be, and you bloody hope for the best. Also! No store! No way for you guys to sniff and play and try the products before buying them – you are just putting blind faith into them and putting them into your virtual cart, and it is THAT leap of faith and trust that I am so deeply grateful for, and promise not to ever mess with.

You’re gorgeous dames, and I bloody adore you. I will shut up Go-To for a while now, promise. Just had to push her out to sea first.

Zo-To x

Ps Go-To and I were on A Current Affair last night!

Responses to this drivel: 64 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 64 )
  • Jodie

    Yo Zo-To, been using your products for over a week and I’m so in love. I have always purchased heaps and spent heaps on products for my problematic skin and usually find they irritate or I breakout. I can’t stop raving about very useful face cream. Forever grateful xx

  • Jess Lyster

    so excited to try out the prods, Zoe. Most of all the oil – I love the sh#t out of a good oil!

  • Myf

    Zoe! The exfoliating swipeys have changed my beauty game! I’m having to actively abstain from over-exfoliation! Love isn’t a strong enough word!
    You are a Wonder Woman! Congrats! xo

  • Genevieve

    I LOVE the swipeys. I do have to hold myself back from using them too much

  • trish

    I am excited! I spent up this morn – can’t wait for the goodies to arrive.. yay!

  • Gabrielle

    Congratulations Zoe on such a splendid line of skincare.
    The scent of the swipies is so delicious that if it someone invented a drink which tastes like the smell of the swipies, it would be in my hand right now. Superstar.

  • Zoe

    Zoe I am loving the prodz, the face cream is luscious and hydrating and the oil smells devine and absorbs in to my thirsty skin wonderfully. Ordered all the rest this morning, really looking forward to trying Lips! cleanser and swipeys. Thanks for all that you share with us. Best of luck to you, hamish and meowburt for bubs, time to chill out now, I reckon you have earnt it. X

  • P

    Is the moisturiser non-comedogenic?

    • fruity

      While the term non-comeodogenic is highly subjective, we also believe that we can very safely say YES, we are definitely non-comeodogenic. There is not an ingredient in sight in any of the Go-To products that would block pores… We leave that to those mineral oils and petroleum products we completely excluded. In fact, you could even say that Go-To is all about keeping the pores clean! Especially Properly Clean and Exfoliating Swipeys.

  • Ally Munster

    Congrats on the launch Zoe! Have already bought the cleanser and lip balm to complete my collection! Thanks too for adding my tip in the “Fun Fact” section of the Exceptionoil post. Have done this a couple of times now since telling you about it. Creates a truely delicious bath and my skin is smashingly soft! Thanks for this gorgeous range

  • Amelia

    Zoe, congratulations!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to use these goto prodzz … especially the swipey swipeys … face products that excite!!! bring on postman pat with the goodie box … the delivery will make my day!!

  • Kelly

    Zoe! I want to buy everything but before I do, can you let me know if the cleanser and moisturizer are good for oily/combo skin? I try to strip my oil with a clay cleanser and astringent toner but do worry it might be damaging. Halp! X

    • fruity

      DEFINITELY the cleanser is good for you, yes. The face cream is lightweight, and most with oily skin who use it have no problem, but it does contain butters which can annoy some oilier skins… Everyone reacts individually so it’s hard to say definitely, sorry Kel!

  • Carys Williams

    I just wanted to say, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making a moisturizer ( very useful face cream) that doesn’t leave your skin greasy and oily or not hydrating enough. It has taken FOREVER to find the face cream that is ‘THE ONE’, so thank you very much Zo and your little team of geniuses for creating an amazeballs product!!
    Carys xxxx

  • Jade

    A massive congrats to you Zoe, this is so exciting! I am beyond excited to try your products, especially the swipey’s! xx

  • Amanda

    Hi Zoe – I have been using and enjoying useful face cream for a week now. Just wondering why it doesn’t have SPF in it given you always say how important that is? Not complaining – I don’t like putting those chemicals on my face and wld rather avoid the sun that do so. Just curious re the change of heart.

    Keep up the great products, books, soirees and all the best with bambino xx

    • fruity

      Great question, but simply the answer is I wanted it to be ALL purpose – day/night/flight/under makeup, whatever. SPF cuts most of those categories out. However, don’t think I’m not working on one….

  • Laura

    I am loving the Very Useful Face Cream. It’s light, nourishing and smells divine. It is brilliant (as are you, Ms Zo-To!) .

  • Amy

    Just bought 6 x Lips! One for me, one for each of my four bridesmaids and one for our groomsmaid

  • Olympia

    Can’t wait to try these products Zoe – they look & sound great! Can you please help a dingus like me: through extensive research (read, Googling) I have ascertained that my favourite sunscreen is a chemical one which is bad I gather seeing as you say it should be physical. Can you recommend a physical one which I will love if my current favourite is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen? Thanks in advance.

  • Shana

    Hi Zoe, im curious as to why you haven’t produced a toner. Are toners not necessary?

  • KP

    Five gold squids for you!
    Lips! & very useful face cream are en route to my office today.

    Now feet up ladybird, Baby Blake is next!

  • Amber

    Love, love, love it!! Especially the Expectionoil!! I am a dame with super dry skin and have been using it on my face. It is divine. Love the swipeys too. It’s all marvellous. You are so clever and saw you on ACA last night. Looking divine. Glowing. x

  • anastasia

    congrats! I placed my order yesterday so looking forward to trying out your products!!

  • Stephanie

    Hi Zoe, I have your face cream and the oil (which is to die for) but I have a horrible feeling I might be having a reaction to the face cream. I am getting my usual reaction which is the pores on my skin get a little rough and a tiny bit red. I do use a facial oil cleanser which I love (Hema) and have used for years. I’m wondering if I can’t use you face cream after it? I’m kinda gutted as the cream felt like it was really doing amazing things for my skin. I have combination skin. Any thoughts on where I could go with this? thanks Steph

  • Olga

    I love getting the Go to range!! I just got my parcel today and am super excited to try everything!! Woo.. Thanks Zoe , ur am incredible woman. Xxx

  • etal

    hi just wondering if anyone has used the multi-purpose oil on thier locks..have wavey fine hair with dry ends??…love the sound of this……also
    Do you hae a feedback/’rave review’ area on your wite for us drooling fans zoe?…may be helpfull for questions like this…

    • etal

      that should read …..’have’ a feedback area on your ‘site’….sorry…

    • Fruity

      I would only use a little bit (warmed up between your hands) on the ends of your hair, just to see how it handles it. (Very thirsty, damaged hair will soak it up better than healthy or fine hair.) We love feedback! Either on the Go-To Facebook page, or via info@gotoskincare.com. Thanks!

  • Genevieve Joy

    Zoe you are a very magical being. Love, my skin.

  • Nicola

    I am very excited to try this when I return to Australia! This is exactly what I have been looking for in a skin care range. Love your work Zoe! x

  • Michelle

    Just purchased the moisturizer and am so freakin excited! Congratulations Zoe, I know Go To is going to become an absolute iconic skincare line. Cannot wait to slather all those lovely natural ingredients all over my face!

  • Shannon

    AMAZING! seriously the very useful face cream and the exfoliating swipeys have done such wonders with my skin. It has made my whole skin routine easy and enjoyable. Everything smells so delicious especially the exceptionoil. Cant wait to received my cleanser and lip balm now!

  • Linda Jenkins

    I have ordered 3 items and am excitedly waiting for it to arrive and to try some new goodies and smell the frangrances -very tempting. The website is very user friendly and I love the descriptions of everything!

  • Aileen

    Zoe – will any of your products be available to purchase from us overseas fans? (specifically from London!)

  • missy

    hi zoe

    are any/all of the products safe for pregnancy use? thinking that lovely sounding oil could be good for the old belly…

    • fruity

      Yep! We are devoid of all known irritants. And as a preggo myself, I have been using Exceptionoil on my tum/boobs/thighs for months.

  • Sinead O'Connor

    Hi Zoë,
    Congratulations on your skincare line! I’m a long-time fruit, with a first-time comment/question:
    I was just curious to know if ‘proper cleanse’ is safe to use with my Clarisonic?

    Also wanted to say thanks a bunch for being such a wonderful role model for young lady-folk like myself.
    A career like yours is something I aspire to. I think we can safely say a lot of talent and little elbow grease will get you anywhere (or should that be exceptional oil?!) ‘Go-To’ is just another feather in your already very feathered cap.. Take a bow sister!
    Much love, Sinead xx

  • Susie

    Hi Zoe,

    I have been a fan of your blog since my sister with a girl crush on you the size of Jupiter put me on to your beauty wizardry!

    I have just bought all the product because I want something super simple, as I’m 25 and wanting to keep having great skin and about to set off travelling indefinitely! I have pretty good skin, get hormonal pigmentation and have been a sun bunny

    Would you still recommend Aspects pigment punch, a vitamin C serum/rose hip oil as well as the Physical Sunscreen?

    Thanks and Good luck with the baby!


  • Becstar

    HOLY SHIPPING BATMAN. I’m ready to GO-TO with my GO-TO which I’m holding in my hot (and slightly sweaty) hands! WHOOP WHOOP *does little a dance, makes a little love, gets down tonight, gets down tonight*

  • Catherine

    Hi Zoe!
    I’m not one to comment on blogs, but received my Go-To prods yesterday and felt a desperate need to (along with everyone else!) tell you how amazing they are! I’m so picky with a moisturiser, and that cute little bottle of goodness really impressed me. Love the Oil as its not crazy oily, and lips is fantastic too! Wondering if you’ll extend the range and possibly bring out a night cream and eye cream ? That would be great, thanks!! Ha.

    Catherine, one very happy Go-To customer xx

  • Nat

    Hey Zoe, just wanted to say a huge thank you for my gorgeous go to products, they’re an absolute delight to use. The Exceptionoil in particular is doing great things for the Keratosis Pilaris on the back of my arms – nothing else has helped over the years so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Elise Miller

    Just saw that it’s now being sold on your Go-To website. Geez!!! Got to get my hands on them real soon!

  • Amy

    I am so sending you a telepathic high five. LOVING go-to! The lip balm has been a life changer, no more chemical filled paw paws for this little black duck. Love the face wash and face cream too. Well done you. Its the bomb dot com. Looking forward to more products in the future xxxx

  • Girl Crush. |

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  • Jen

    Have just received your products (they were delivered so fast!) – can’t wait to try them out, thank you. It prompted me to write to let you know that finding fruity beauty has changed my life! Having just had my third child at 40 I was feeling a little unfabulous. I was googling how to clear up the pigmentation which had worsened during pregnancy…and voila there you were. I am now obsessed with your words of beauty wisdom – and seeing a big reduction in my pigmentation thanks to Trilogy Rosehip Oil, Aspect pigment punch, alpha-h liquid gold and invisible zinc (my credit card took a big hit the month I read your article). And it isn’t just your pigmentation advice I have followed to the letter – I have Aesop’s Reverance hand wash hidden in my top vanity drawer so no one else in the family can use it except me (never knew washing my hands could be so divine) There is a bottle of santorini self tan in the cupboard just waiting for me to apply. Clinique CC is an integral part of my daily makeup routine. I have a new Denman brush and a bottle of L’oreal volume lift in the drawer along with my Batiste dry shampoo. And last but definitely not least I am a convert to Pantene shampoo and conditioner which has taken pride of place in my shower. What an overhaul and yes I am feeling fabulous, with many thanks to you. Can’t wait to hear what else I should be adding to my beauty regime alongside my new go-to products! X

  • Hari

    I’ll keep this brief! I received my first order of go-to today. Just used the cleanser and moisturiser. Fell in love (don’t tell my husband). Then continued to THROW AWAY my current cleanser, scrub and moisturiser w/ sunscreen. Tomorrow, I will order the swipes and balm and I’m done. “Thank you” to an incredibly talented and clearly beauty educated Zoe! May your line grow and flourish and bring happy skin to all!

  • Jess

    Since pre-sale I’ve been a complete Go-To devotee – I snapped up the swipeys & moisturizer. Grabbed Completely Clean on April 1st too. Huge kudos for the look, smell & feel of these products. I have scored myself a nasty break out since starting with Conpletely Clean. Could a break out just be my skin adjusting to new regime (ie. so effective that loads of nasties are fleeing my pores?!) and not necessarily long term? Would love your feedback on where too from here. Many thanks!

  • Haley

    OMG I have only been using the cleanser for 2 days but my skin is looking the clearest it has EVER looked, I can’t stop using it, it’s a miracle haha , I also tried the swipies, was a little bit worried about tingling and redness after use but it went away after half an hour and felt amazing in the morning! I can’t to try Exeptionoil and the moisturiser – I am officially addicted to Go-To and can’t stop telling people to try it! Thank you Zoe x

  • Joanne

    I’ve been using all your products for a time now; I got the 3 presale products and then the final 2 on launch day, and I can honestly say they have now all taken up permanent residence in my bathroom. I’m almost at the end of the moisturiser and the difference in my skin has been wonderful. So smooth! So soft! So happy! I was using Clinique Dramatically Different + previously and I think yours is better.

    The swipeys as well have been wonderful. The morning after I use them I’m always so surprised at how soft my skin feels that I can’t stop stroking my cheek! (creep…).

    The Exceptionoil is a permanent fixture on my bedside table. I put it on my hands at night and then come up with all kinds of strange sleep positions just so I can smell THAT scent! So divine. I too suffer from excema, and while I wouldn’t say it’s cured, it most certainly soothes it wonderfully. ALSO, I’ve been able to use it on my very fine, quick-to-get-greasy hair (albeit in the tiniest amount on the ends) with great success.

    The cleanser and lip balm. These two are definite staples. When the lip balm arrived at my office, I immediately went around and forced everyone to try it. So delicious and nourishing (and tasty!). I’ve been using it less and less cause my lips are needing it less and less. Perhaps next time you should release version number 16 so we have the keep using it and buying more. And the cleanser, well it’s just perfect. Foamy and soft and pretty, all the things it should be and keeps my fussy skin very happy!

    Thank you Zoe! You and your skincare are amazeballs. I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that in the next release will be a sneaky eye cream. I want your magic powers on my expression lines stat. Good luck with baby Blake, I hope you’re able to hide away for a while and enjoy this next phase!

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