A rosacea triumph + the Best Feedback Ever.

Occasionally I get real beautiful emails from sweet babes saying they’ve read my books or enjoyed my columns or used my skin care line and had a great time. This never ever gets tired, and always makes me very chuffed. Especially when it’s from Tina Fey or Beyonce or Michelle Obama or whatever.

But every now and again one REALLY stands out, and makes me cry and carry on like a pork chop and read it out to my husband and so on. The below is one such email, which I have reproduced below (with permission) not because it’s so kind towards myself and Go-To, as lovely as that is, but because it inspired me to dare hope that others with redness and rosacea – that wily, impossible wench! – might also get such results and find such joy and renewed confidence.

Hi Zoe and team,

Just wanted to tell you of my amazing life changing week I’ve had thanks to your awesome products. 

On Monday I took the plunge (after reading a few great reviews) and ordered three of your products (Properly Clean, Exfoliating Swipeys and Very Useful Face Cream), Tuesday the packaged arrived (brilliant turn around on postage BTW) which saw me nervously trying your products on Tuesday night.

Why you ask, did I say nervously!!

 My story goes back 15 years as I have long been a sufferer of rosacea which in the last 2 years has gotten worse with the stress of work and uni taking its toll where I have of late refused to go out and show my face and when I do have to go out (for work or uni) I agonisingly walk with my face down to not have so many people see my red face, it’s hard enough being a plus size gal these days but to be a plus size gal with a tomato coloured and shaped face I just seem to attract to many mean stares.   

Anyway so back to Tuesday night, I followed all your quirky instructions and cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised my face, yes the whole hog (I know you say to start slowly and build towards using all the products but I just couldn’t help myself as they smelt and felt so goodJ). By the time bedtime came around I looked at myself in the mirror and thought hmm that’s weird my face is a little tingly on the cheeks (that’s ok) but what I noticed was that I was considerably less red than I have been in years!!  Worried ever so slightly I said a little pray to my higher self and crossed my fingers that all would be ok in the morning and that I would have no reaction to what I have just done… 

Wednesday morning, I leapt out of bed cause I was curious to see what state my face was in, 5.50am turn on the bathroom light and opened my eyes and all that came out of my mouth was a whimper and a free flow of tears came running down my face. THERE WAS NO MORE REDNESS! NO ROSEASA! It was just my pale-skinned round face staring back at me. As you could imagine with the shock and disbelief I was in I called out to my mum to please come to the bathroom as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. NORMAL SKIN! MY NORMAL SKIN! My mum in a total state of shock could barely speak but what she was able to say was “my darling you look beautiful”! Words I haven’t heard ANYONE say in years…

(This was the part where I cried – Zoe)

To say your products changed my life is just the start of it, since Wednesday morning I look and feel soooooooo different. I feel free and brave to look up and face the world, talk to people and even smile. I feel like I have come back to my old fun self and I can even say I feel beautiful again. No more redness, puffy irritated skin on my face means no more horrible questions like why are you so red?!

Thanks Zoe for doing the years of leg work to get to this point where the product you and your team have created; something so marvellous and wonderful for ones skin is changing not only peoples skin for the better but also (some persons life). From the bottom of my heart thank you.  


I was as amazed at the fast turnaround as you, trust me. I of course replied to Renee and thanked her profusely for sharing, and then, cos I am a nosy creep, asked her what she had been using on her skin until this point.

I won’t name brands, but I was frustrated to learn that most of the products she was using were so called ‘sensitive’ or ‘natural’ skin care brands… except that when you dig just a little deeper, they are full of synthetics and chemicals that as her skin demonstrated for the past two years clearly inflame the skin. She had spent hundreds and hundreds and tried everything to no avail. How shit.

My advice: do your research on the ingredients if you’re in the irritated/sensitive skin zone, don’t just read  buzz words on the front of the box. I can only assume that Go-To worked for Renee’s skin because I stringently ensured that nothing in our products irritate the skin. That’s not to say ingredients from nature can’t piss off the skin, but it’s generally that the skin has a specific allergy or intolerance to something (such as citrus or a certain oil or nuts or a low tolerance for acids) rather than it causing the kind of red, angry inflammatory reaction of rosacea.

If you’ve had success with rosacea or redness-reducing products or treatments, share them below so we can make rosacea feel like a real shithead.

*After receiving this email, we have sent the same products Renee used to a group of women who had previously contacted us (we welcome all feedback for Go-To at info@gotoskincare.com) asking if Go-To was suitable for rosacea inflicted skin, to see how they go…  IMAGINE IF THE SAME THING HAPPENED FOR THEM OMG OMG OMG!!!!



Responses to this drivel: 43 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 43 )
  • Lou Padmore

    What a wonderful story! 

    I use the face cream and exfoliating swipeys and I love them both like crazy. I have slightly sensittive skin when I comes to exfoliators and the swipeys are great for my face, no irritation. 

    Will you be adding makeup to the range? Please say yes!

    Lou x

    • zoe foster blake

      Oooh, I don’t think so sorry Lou. It’s not on the cards for now, anyway. Try a beautiful mineral brand like ELES or Inika maybe?

  • Libby


    What a beautiful story.

    Very happy for you Renee 🙂

  • Nicole

    I loved this so much! What a great story. I got a little teary myself. 
    I suffer from peri-oral dermititis which won’t bugger off! I have these rather unattractive, angry itchy bumps and redness around my mouth and on my chin. It’s very common skin condition for women and the usual treatment is steriod cream (which oddly enough is also a trigger for PD) and anti-biotics, neither are ideal and haven’t really worked for me. I wonder if Go-To will work wonders for me?
    I’ve been meaning to try it anyway but have been waiting to get through the other 50 products I have purchased (I have issues, specifically with Priceline). Now I ‘ve read this, I don’t think I will wait…..

    • Isobel

      Hi Nicole – I also have very severe peri-oral dermatitis (I’m 21 and have been suffering since I was 10), and have seen 5 different dermatologists, tried hundreds of creams, ointments, steroids, antibiotics and excruciatingly painful laser – all with no success and a ruined European summer holiday in July with my worst outbreak yet. I’m at a loss with what to do now, but I also wonder if anyone has had success with Go-To for PD? Like everything else I’ve tried I’m so hesitant as most things tend make it worse….. 

      • Nicole

        Mine is the worst it’s ever been but to be fair it’s quite mild in comparison to most cases I’ve seen online. I also have dermatitis on my scalp and have suffered from that for much longer (since I was 16, I’m now 27). 
        Both my chin & scalp have become a lot worse in the last six months, which coincides with when I went off contraception (I was using the nuva ring). I’ve just started using it again to see if there is an improvement.
        I’ve seen a few people try laser for PD. I went to a skin clinic to look at that option and thankfully the doctor saved me a lot of money & pain and told me there is no point. 
        Fingers crossed, Go-To works. I’m just going to try the face wash to begin with.

        • Emma

          Nicole and Isobel I also suffer from quite severe peri-oral dermatitis and am so embarrassed when it really flares up. My doctor prescribed me Doxycycline and it cleared up straight away. I haven’t been able to stop taking it yet as skin conditions are very stubborn but apparently for some it never goes away but at least I can manage it with my medication. It would be great to find a cure!

          • Isobel

            Hi Emma – I’m currently on minocycline and have been for aboht 18 months. It has definitely lessened the severity of my flare ups but definefely no drastic change. From the various drs/dermatologists I’ve seen over the years you are very right in that conditions like this are very stubborn and never really disappear. I already worry about how much worse it will get with pregnancy!!!! I’m going to give Go-To a shot – I think my body can do with a break from these meds…. 

        • Isobel

          Lucky for me I’ve never had any scalp problems, but I shohld have mentioned the main reason for my laser was the underlying rosacea which is often spurred on badly by a PD flare up. The dermatologist thought it could help with the PD but obviously is mainly targeted at rosacea. It certainly has helped however I also get the rosacea on my chest, shoulders and upper arms so even though my face isn’t so red the rest of me is!!!! I think I am going to take a gamble and give Go To a go…. 

  • Margie

    I have yucky Rosacea to. Came on after giving birth.. Silly hormones.
    Will have to give your products a try

  • Dyan

    I have been using the Properley Clean and Very Useful Face Cream for a couple of months and love it!! No more dermatitis, no more rosacea. I can highly recommend them. All the so called ‘sensitive skin’ products have almost always irritated my skin after a few wks, so I’m one happy lady! I’m off to order more, I’m squeezing the last bits out of my cream

  • Sharon

    Where can I buy these products? Thanks 🙂

  • Kirsty

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing! My partner has Rosacea and we find altering his diet helps to an extent but he still has at least one ‘attack’ a fortnight which takes a few days to recover from. And the pain and sadness he goes through each time breaks my heart. We’ve been searching for something natural and I’m so excited this could be it! I’m heading over to order some now! 

  • miamoo

    Well all this is verrrrry interesting!  I totes adore the VUFC in the morn and a wee bit of Exceptionoil at night on my rosacea AND eczema AND acne-afflicted face (fun!), but despite the temptation to smooth-out my skin I stayed away from Exfoliating Swipeys cos I was just too worried that it would get me all red and hot and bothered.  Things have chilled out a lot since I started using the Dermalogica Ultra-Calming serum and cleanser, but any deviation from this normally really upsets my skin, and any exfoliators full stop just muck sh*t up for me.  Which is unfortunate, cos a good deep cleanse is what my pores and dullness needs.

    Renee’s story warms the heart, I am so happy she’s got her mojo back 😀

  • Gemma

    I originally saw this in Instagram and immediately went to your blog to find out which products were used! It could not be more timely after an upsetting visit to the dermatologist this morning for my rosacea. After trying everything (currently using Clinique anti-redness range which appears to not be doing much) and my rosacea getting worse after pregnancy and now 5 months after my son was born- the dermatologist told me the only solution is many expensive laser treatments. After already spending a fortune on all different creams and remedies I am reluctant to go for laser straight away! I think it’s a sign I saw your post and will be trying yours asap!!! Thanks! 

  • Prue

    Love this story – and love your products…desperately waiting for you to create a physical sunscreen though! Please say you’ll be bringing on out soon..?

  • Stefanie

    I have been using bioderma sensiblo crealine creams for about 6 months and that coupled with rozex antibiotic cream my rosacea under control. I also had IPL done last year which has made a massive difference and I no longer want to rip my own skin off. 

    Always nervous to try new products because I spent hundreds on others trying to find something that worked but if your stuff does then I could be tempted. ;o)

  • Louise

    Hi there,
    I’m a long time sufferer that has increase since becoming a mom. I have also since moved back to Ireland where the cold weather is not helping!!
    Where can I buy these products? Anything is worth a try at this stage.
    Here’s hoping fingers crossed x

  • Belinda

    Hi Zoe, can you confirm did all 3 products help this lady with her redness or one in particular?

  • Jess

    Hi Zo, I just wanted to say that can you please email me if you are ever shutting Go-To down to retire into the hills with ten cats because I will need to buy 1000 of everything, OK? Seriously, thank you for giving us Go-To. I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve searched for face prods that are both clean AND effective. I’m using exceptionoil, swipeys and face cream and not only do I rejoice in crazy pop-n-lock moves in my bathroom each morning because it is completely free from the dirty, dangerous sludge contained in most prods – it’s also pretty damn effective. My skin looks and feels great! I’ve also been experimenting with Exceptionoil as a mask/serum once a week with a warm compress and the results are very glowy in the following days. So thank you, for my happy face and for making safe skincare for women & girls in Aus. <3

  • Olivia

    I was just raving to my friend about how Go-To completely changed my skin and made me so much more confident!! A few months ago I went through such a horrible stage with my skin – mild rosacea and acne (super fun combo), and it was absolutely horrible. I literally got to the stage where I didn’t want to leave the house – I was meant to go to the movies with my partner and sister one day and before we left I stood in front of the mirror crying and trying desperately to pack enough make up onto my face to feel OK. I ended up just dropping them off and going back home, that’s how crap I felt.

    A week or so later I found Go-To and I was astounded by how fast and amazingly it worked. Within a week, my skin was better than it had been for over seven years – it was incredible!! A couple of months down the track and I now don’t wear make-up except on special occasions for fun rather than to cover up (going out to dinner, job interviews etc) which if you know me is completely unheard of. My skin tone is even (even typing that now it seems too good to be true!!) and all of my blemishes are goneskies – my acne scars are even fading. The only issues I have now are one or two hormonal pimples around my period but that is literally it. 

    So summing up this ramble – thank you so much Zoe!!!! Go-To is so amazing and its made me so much happier, more confident and more like my usual sunny self. Keep doing what you’re doing! 

    Xx Olivia

  • Monique

    I’m really not sure if I have rosacea. I have red cheeks but this is mostly because I have persistent cheek pimples that leave their ugly red footprint (scarring) all over my face. I was told by a facialist that I MIGHT have rosacea, so it was worth trying Aspect’s Redless. This product does reduce my redness. I use this and apply Pate Gris on my pimples which seems to be a good combo in controlling my red/pimply/pigmenty cheek situation.

    Does anyone know what foods rosacea sufferers are meant to avoid? Please don’t say chocolate, hot chips or wine…

    • Isobel

      Hi Monique – I’ve got pretty bad rosacea (developed post puberty/use of roaccutane for my acne) and I find the main things that trigger it are physical activity, alcohol, often seafood, warm/humid weather and public speaking/embarrassing moments! However I find often the alcohol related symptoms can be aided by a low dose antihistamine like telfast etc. They recommend not mixing with alcohol so definitely not for regular use but if it’s a hot day and I have a big event (wedding etc) I would rather take the antihistamine and be comfortable rather than trying to cover my red face/chest/shoulders/entire upper body it seems….. I have had some laser treatment to my face however it’s excruciatingly painful and very costly so only really intended for extreme cases and not a complete solution for me. Hope this helps! Isobel  

  • Natassja Ford

    Just put my order through after reading about Renee’s rosacea story that I saw on your insta (which I may or may not use to stalk your seriously cute baby)
    Stay tuned! Hopefully I can add to the success stories.

  • Dell

    Oh Zoe you’re so awesome. I believe everything you say even if you make me waste over a grand on hypoxi treatments for no return. I still love your work. Your drunk friend/stranger. Dell.
    Please don’t print my name. Thanks. Out. 

  • Lauren Murphy

    Literally started crying (at work :|) over this story! I can only imagine the relief of finding a range of products that fix a problem you’d been battling as severe as this!

  • Claire

    Don’t be too hasty ladies. Purchased all the products after reading this post back in January expecting miracles and my condition hasn’t improved at all. I suffer from dermatitis on my face and as much as I love the packaging and marketing and the smell of these products, they’ve made my condition worse. 

  • JJ

    I have recently “acquired” rosacea – mainly nose/cheeks – but also now for more fun times on my neck and chest… (Thought at 35 my pimply days were done…) 
    So I purchased cleanser and face hero about 3 weeks ago…which I use with a micellar cleanser and Rosex cream also. 
    Since the rosacea goes through phases I can’t tell if it’s helping or not … I have just had a terrible outbreak while I was interstate (and didn’t take my goto with me) but don’t know if it’s related. 
    Has anyone else used face hero and had success ??? 
    I thought due to the anti inflammatory properties of face hero it could help – or is it just making my oily skin oiler and prone to breakouts which compound the roseacea …

    So frustrated !!! Any help would be helpful 🙂 

  • Jess

    After reading this post a few months ago iI bought the Properly Clean cleanser and Very Useful Face Cream for my husband, who suffers terribly itchy and red rozacea on  his face, but was never inclined to regularly go to the doctor to get a script for the rozex cream.

    His face cleared up almost immediately and he now religiously uses both products and is on his second purchase of both. Amazing given he never used any products on his face. I was a sceptic of ‘miracle’ products, but this really worked.

  • Rosey

    I was so excited to receive my first batch of Go-To products.  I ordered the Properly Clean Cleanser, Swipeys and Very Useful Face Cream. After using the cleanser and face cream the usual redness I am faced with has been reduced by at least 50%. I too am a sufferer of rosacea and these may very well be THE PRODUCTS! My face feels calm and free of rage! To get that result after only a couple of applications – look out, I may end up looking like Cate Blanchett by next week. Beautiful, simple, gentle, non irritating products. Life changing. Thanks a bunch Zoe, you’re fabaroo 🙂

  • Kristy Ross

    Hi, best I have ever used is Monsia.

  • The many uses of & how to open a coconutMe My Best And I

    […] I can’t believe I still havent tried anything from this range yet. I know. It’s on my list for sure and I think anybody struggling with really sensitive skin or rosacea tendencies should definitely read this compelling feedback […]

  • linda

     My skin is sensitive, with mild rosacea, and I’ve had mild acne for over a decade (occasionally I’d clear it up with various face products but they always made my skin splotchy red, would cause flareups with the rosacea, or were so dying I’d end up with flaky skin). After two weeks of using the Somaluxe Redness Repair Moisturizer, my skin is almost completely clear of any signs of rosacea or acne. Plus, my skin looks dewy and vibrant. Based on these short-term results, I’m expecting new skin to be completely clear of acne and signs of rosacea. I highly recommended Somaluxe Redness repair for you.

  • lydiaswims

    I began to suffer from rosacea in my late fifties. I tried all the over counter products that promise to reduce the redness and spots within hours ….they didn’t. i always felt an irritation under the spots which meant I was constantly touching…and made it worse. After the first application of the Made from Earth Green Tea Cleanser & Rosehip Hibiscus Serum – my skin felt calm. No the spots and redness didn’t disappear overnight but the skin felt so comfortable that I continued with it for that reason. After 1 week of using the Made from Earth Rosehip Serum there was an amazing improvement and after 2 weeks …..clear of spots and redness reduced . To those who are not having immediate results……..I would say ‘persevere’. After a month my skin is the best it has been for 10 years. 

  • Kate

    Hi all,
    I did have rosacea on my chin and nose. Best luck was microdermabrasion every month and swapping all make up with any sort of silicone. It goes under all different names and is in most foundations and powders. I did the same for mousterizers as silicone is also in most of these products. Within 2 months of these changes, my face is back to normal. Now I can focus on anti-aging instead of anti-redness! It seems as though these go- to products take all the guess work out of what products to use. Yay!! 

  • kaydce

    I have slightly sensitive combination skin WITH Rosacea, and my current concerns are texture and dryness. I have been using the Somaluxe Redness Repair Cream as the last step in my skincare routine (about 2 pea sized amount for face and neck), and I find that it sinks in very well.

    When I wake up, my skin feels very hydrated and I have no flaky red patches. There has been a small improvement in my skin texture and a huge improvement in hydration.

  • junko takeshita

    The Somaluxe Redness Moisturizer also worked for my rosacea. Prosacea did nothing. So happy to found this !

  • Stacey

    I have a very similar sounding skin problem at the moment and have tried all the ‘sensitive’ stuff with no joy at all so I’m deffo going to give your stuff a go!
    Thanks for making things that work for real people.
    Amazing stuff!

  • robinp5

    My skin is a serious issue for me, it can be patchy, red, and get intensely dry. The Somaluxe Redness Repair cream works impressively well. I’ve been using it twice a day after washing my face both morning and evening. It has a pleasant scent and hydrates my skin. It has improved quite a bit of my patchiness, and my cheeks especially have smoothed out.

  • Julia Stone

    Hello! For three years I’ve had rosacea on my cheeks. For me, it has been really difficult to accept it. A few months ago, I couldn’t even leave my house without makeup. The treatment that is helping me a lot is DermaalMD’s treatment for rosacea.

  • Terry Carrico

    Thanks for sharing such an informative information. I too suffered from rosacea and recovered it with revitol rosacea cream. Since Revitol Rosacea Cream has come into the market, the treatment for rosacea has become easier and less expensive. By using this product you can remove those bumps or pimples appearing on your face. It’s a must try!

  • Tressie Dawson

    Thanks for sharing such an informative information. I too suffered from rosacea and recovered it with revitol rosacea cream. Since this has come into the market, the treatment for rosacea has become easier and less expensive. By using this product you can remove those bumps or pimples appearing on your face. It’s a must try!

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