Recommendnation: Kid’s music that doesn’t suck.

I love recommendations.

I love them for restaurants, and travel spots, and places to swim, and peanut butter brands, and shapewear, and chiropractors, and apps, and hip-hop, and dry shampoo, and books, and movies, and just EVERYTHING.

I thirst for them, I live for them, I inhale them; I need them.

I love being given recommendations, or uncovering them accidentally, or hearing them second-hand even when they’re not for me, and I love writing them down furiously while listening to podcasts. And obviously, since I am a self-important person with access to a blog and social media, I like making recommendations myself.

Not because they are necessarily the best, after all, a recommendation is just an opinion dressed up in hyperbole, but rather to save other people the time and energy and bullshit of researching things that require being in the know (‘where should I eat dinner when I am in Brisbane?’), or overwhelmingly subjective (‘which pram is best?’), or authority (‘which lip balm should I buy?’) or being a bit of a tightarse (‘how can I save money on toilet paper?’)

And so, I wanted to start a specific category of blog post (and sometimes maybe just a social media post) that deals only in recommendations.

I will throw mine up on a topic, and then, since you have the ability to leave comments/your own ideas about what is good and what you like, you get to throw your recommendations down below in the comment tornado.

And so together, we create a living, breathing, dynamic, organic, passionate, authentic recommend… nation. A recommendnation!

What fun! What absolute magic!

Oh, let’s begin already, my heart can hardly take it. Tonight my recommendation concerns:


As a parent you are inevitably and perhaps unfairly thrust into a world of music that you would not, in a child-free existence, toot towards. As a passionate music lover, and the owner of a home that must always have music playing, (Spotify via Sonos, since you asked) I was determined not to listen to music that sucked just cos I had a kid. I would listen to music that was child-friendly, even made for children, but not music that would make me want to stab myself in the knee with a fish knife. I realise it has to be fun for my son to hear and sing along to, but since I am listening too, well, it can’t be shit, basically.

So, it’s Aladdin, it’s Jungle Book, it’s the Muppets, it’s Rockabye Baby, Medeski, Martin and Woods, it’s Caspar BabypantsThe Dream Jam Band, (Nicky Nicky Knock Knock is a terrific song, I don’t care how old you are) and it’s Ralph’s World and Raffi (polarising/daggy but I love) and some Wiggles stuff (I think that Wiggle Town has shades of The Beatles. Yes, I just wrote that.)


It’s generally pretty folksy and gentle; easy to have on in the background through the day without feeling like you’re about to eat some cut-up vegemite sandwiches, a squeezy yoghurt then take a nap.

Also we listen to Kinderling radio, mostly in the evening, when it’s cruisy and there are some stories and instrumental stuff to calm mad little bugs down, (I find all the talk during the day annoying). And thank F we do, cos that’s how I discovered The Teeny Tiny Stevies, a couple of Melbourne sisters doing some very good, and very easy to listen to indie-folk music for little people that I find myself singing along to even when the music has stopped, and sometimes even playing when Sonny is not around.  Kind of remind of me of the Whitlams a bit, if anyone remembers those guys. (You will know this song.)


Here is my Little Kids Spotify playlist. Have a listen, or, don’t. Be sure to list any recommendations for good little kids music below. Be judicious, for the love of Gabba Gabba, be judicious.

Ultimately kids music is just music. If it’s catchy, and good, then I will listen to it. I’m not a genre snob, I just like good music. Whether that’s classical, rock, jazz, rap, pop, EDM or kids: if it’s good, I’ll listen.

Except for death metal. I fucking hate death metal. Sorry.

Responses to this drivel: 38 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 38 )
  • Lia

    Wonderful idea, love a good recommendation! 
    I love Renee and Jeremy – good folky music, very catchy with cute kid friendly lyrics. 
    Also highly recommend Angie Who – Littlefolk. Beautiful music and has the rather magical ability to calm my son down in the car as soon as I put it on, no matter the level of tantrum! 
    Can’t wait to check out any other suggestions 🙂

  • Angie Who

    I’m a bit glad you’ve asked, may I be so bold as to suggest ‘Littlefolk’ by Angie Who. I mean I could get someone else to tell you all about it…but here I am, on a cold night in the middle of the week, selling myself instead. Try it, you’ll like it (Gabba ref)….

  • Sarah

    My little ones love Teeny Tiny Stevies too. We rotate that album with See! by Holly Throsby. And sometimes I listen to it on my own cos its great and I love it 🙂

  • Sarah

    We have just scheduled The Teeny Tiny Stevies on Little Rockers Radio! I agree, their music is very easy to listen too! And Angie Who also has beautiful music that we also play during the day along with the lovely soothing music at night for bubs. 

  • Annelise Morrow

    I’ll third the recommendation for Littlefolk, and add another: Here Come the 123s by They Might Be Giants. It’s very fun and I still love it, despite having listened to it approximately 17 bazillion times now.

  • Genevieve

    This is great! Will look forward to trawling through the recommendations as they come in. I can recommend the Jack Johnson (and friends) soundtrack to the Curious George movie: ‘Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George’. My 1 and 2yr old sons seem to enjoy it as much as I do. Win.

  • Kasia

    My little dude likes Jackabella. She’s about to release a speech therapy album to help with speech and language development.

  • Rachael

    Must check out some of these recommendations – thanks for the heads up! 
    I must also say we’ve come across ‘littlefolk’ and its on repeat in our car, my 2 boys (3&5) love it! I often find myself singing away to it too even when I’m the only one I the car… 

  • Erin

    You can’t go past Holly Throsby’s “Putt Putt” (my second child’s first words were “putt putt” after listening to this in the car so much) and anything by Elizabeth Mitchell.

  • Lisa

    Looking forward to checking out these recommendnations! 
    We also love Holly Throsby ‘See’ and the Curious George soundtrack (Jack Johnson).
    The celebrity songs on Sesame Street are fun! 
    And also, Walter Martin ‘We’re all young together’

  • Kinderling

    Hey thanks for props Zoe! We love Little Stevies, Angie Who, Holly and so many more great contemporary artists. Have you checked out Secret Agent 23 Skidoo yet? Or fab Sydney artist Benny Time? I could list 100 other artists here but some great ones are featured on our High Five (weekly feature album) page if you need some new recommendations 🙂

  • Sekai

    Big fans in years gone by of Justine Clarke…Mr 7 is too ‘cool’ for her now so I will happily take any recommendations for 7-10yrs! Thanks

  • Mads

    I adore Elizabeth Mitchell – folksy and a little bit “house on the prairie”  but we have a good ole boogie to her albums!

  • Beth | AlmostPosh.com

    As a fan of the Presidents of the USA back in the 90s, I was thrilled to discover Caspar Babypants, it has that goofy catchiness of the PUSA in baby-friendly language.

  • Bonnie Bryant

    Please please please listen to ‘Songs for Bubbas’ by Anika Moa (and then follow her on all the soc meds because damn, girlfriend is funnyyy). 

  • Jenny

    Our favourite has to be the album “What a Beautiful Day” by Benny Time. We’re seen him perform live a few times and most of the songs have fun actions too.  Check out the video clips on YouTube if you can’t catch a gig. Super fun songs that entertain but don’t dumb it down for the little people.  And even after listening to the album on repeat during a 4 hr road trip, I still find it fun!  Gotta love that!

  • Rachel

    Check out Laura Veirs ‘Tumble Bee’ – folk songs for kids. A big favourite here, and looking forward to checking out the other recommendations here!

  • Kate

    I love Giggle and Hoot’s goodnight songs by Lior – Hey Hootabelle and the goodnight song. I think my son thinks I’m a bit strange when I insist on watching the goodnight song together!

  • Sinead

    Slightly off topic, but recently read your recommendation for the Tim Ferriss podcast. Am now addicted. Can now pretend drives to work= productive. Thanks!

  • Zoe

    Ohhhh… I’m a bit late to this party, but we love love love the  ‘This Record Belong To’ comp put out by Light in the Attic – all the heavy hitters: Nina Simone, Woody Guthrie, Donovan, Carole King, Kermit the Frog. And it comes with a kooky picture book too. So much to love.

    My nearly four year old is also obsessed with Jolenne by Dolly… But maybe that’s cos she’s a bit of a weirdo..?

  • Kellee

    Thank god I found this… Poor old Curious George soundtrack by Jack Johnson was almost work out on my iPod…. So many more options available, none of which will make me want to take to the speaker with a sledgehammer!

  • Erin

    Do yourself a favour” and listen to Vered’s album, Good Morning My Love! The songs are so great, I love listening to it as much as my kids! I’ve given the cc’d as a gift to many mum friends. Some songs are fun and upbeat, and some have really beautiful lyrics from they mum’s point of view.

  • Anna

    The ReWiggled album – covers of Wiggles songs done by Australian artists – is brilliant. My daughter loves it more than her regular Wiggles album and I much prefer listening to the likes of Sarah Blasko singing ‘I love it when it rains’!

  • Liz M

    I’m a bit late to the party, and it’s a bit of a throwback recommendation but a bit of Peter Coombe never goes astray. I used to love him as a kid, and my baby loves some Newspaper Mama or Brush Your Teeth With Orange Juice! 

  • Elle

    The Motifs are a Melbourne band who are really sweet I have their cross paths album and I can highly reccomend it, it isn’t kids music but it is very kid friendly. X

  • Anne Marie

    My friend told me about Tiny Tracks recently. It’s pretty nice music and actually songs I know and not age old nursery stuff. I tried it with my little kids and not only they but I fell asleep – never fallen asleep to One Direction as a lullaby before. Nice 🙂 zzzzzz

  • Jen

    We love a good tune and for sleepy time, we can’t go pass the Rock-a-bye Baby series.  Black Sabbath sound amazing when performed instrumentally, even if suspect song titles like “Children of the Grave” and “War Pigs” pop up on the screen and scare the bejeezus out of your visitors.

  • Jo

    I second Anika Moa, she’s great and has just made another album for bubbas.

  • TraceyLP

    Bingo Kids Hits for Kids – sing the Beatles and Motown albums get my vote.  These albums are amazingly talented kids covering some awesome classics.  Mummy and kids happily sang along in the car.  Can get on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

  • Beck

    My dilemma was having two lil ladeez (now 4 and 7), and like you I have to have tunes flowing around… some of the old stuff is good- Fleetwood Mac, Queen but I found I couldn’t continue to play some of my fave music of rnb and hiphop stuff… then we ggot into Christine and The Queens… heaven!!! And now we are all bi-lingual. Bonus

  • A

    our kids adore Melbourne songwriter Tim Guy’s latest album.. it’s not kids music, but they seem to love it! It’s called Chords and you can track it down on spotify. Super catchy stuff. Also a fan of Anika Moa’s albums!

  • Stinky Ninja

    Totally agree that goods kids songs are songs that kids like! We find that influences such as parents, visuals, (like musicals or cartoons) and performances can have a big impact on what children will enjoy.

  • KB

    I’m a bit late to the party here, but I have the best recommendation so thought I’d just post away anyway… get on ebay and buy the box set of CD’s (yes, CDs, they do exist) of audiobooks of the Roald Dahl books. The ones we have are read by english actors and are brilliant (for adults as well as kids). Hours and hours of entertainment!

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