A few wild new products.

I’ve just called this mascara in from Avon for one reason, which I think will become evident when you see this clip.

That’s right: because it makes me giggle.

No, no, I mean because I am curious regarding the design. I’m all for innovation, and that brush might just be the best thing any of us ever apply mascara with, so let us not judge until we have wonder painted, yeah? I’ll let you know how it goes.

Another product that intrigues me but which certainly sped past intrigue right into necessity for a lot of you, is Nanoblur, $30, which has been the number one selling product in Priceline since launch in January.


Nanoblur claims to make “people look 10 years younger in 40 seconds,” which I think would be fascinating to see on an 11-year old. Essentially it ‘blurs’ lines and wrinkles, you see, using, light reflective particles. A bit of soft-focus in a tube, if you will. It feels and looks like a primer, and as if proving it’s not skin care, but an optical illusion product (for those liable to be confused) you use it after your makeup, and dab it onto crow’s feet, marionette lines, the forehead, etc. To be crude, it’s cosmetic Spakfilla.  There have been a few of these come out over the years, L’Oreal and Clarins both did similar products, but none have sold so phenomenally as this.

I’ve given it a few goes, but not enough to honestly say I’ve trialled it thoroughly. I softly dab it on to my smile lines with my middle finger, which I find always crease within about an hour of makeup being applied, especially if my skin is tired or thirsty, or just being, yknow, “old.”

The lines seem a little less obvious but the best part is that unlike the oils and balms I tend to use for this issue usually, Nanoblur won’t make your makeup move and slip. In that sense, you can pretty much use it in place of sheer finishing powder to take away shine, mattify, reduce imperfections, and make your makeup stay in place, which is important if you get shine or your skin eats your makeup like mine does….

It’s a kind of finishing primer, if you will. I am considering mixing a little in with my foundation next for an all-over blur. Why not! Why not indeed.

Have you tried Nanoblur? What did you think? Also, I love your hair like that.

Responses to this drivel: 22 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 22 )
  • Tara

    Yes, I rushed off to buy Nanoblur a couple of months ago. I tried it under powder, I tried it over liquid make-up, I tried it on its own. Hated it with a passion, every single time.
    Nanoblur completely mattified everything, with the result of me instantly looking 15 uears older. No matter what I used with it, I looked awful.

    That’s $30 in the garbage, sadly. I had high hopes.

  • Mirelle

    Hydraluron from the same company is awesome!

    • elvajean8

      Totally agree Mirelle.
      Give the ‘eyselix’ eye cream a whirl. I found a huge difference in a matter of weeks.
      Also I had nice improvement in my skin using the snoxin.
      Caroline Hirons from the UK gives a bit of a rundown if your interested. These Indeed Lab products have been available over there for ages.

      • Mirelle

        I’ve wanted to give eyselix a go too! I discovered Hydraluron from Caroline Hirons, and ever since discovering her my way of thinking of skincare has changed – in a good way!

        • elvajean8

          Get out of my head girl!
          I discovered Caroline through the Pixie-Woo girls. What a straight shooter she is and yes, my whole skin regime has been transformed as well and I can say hand on heart, my skin is so much better.

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  • KP

    N A N O B LU R ! I N E E D Y O U ! A S A P ! I F N O T S O O N E R !

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Oh what a coincidence, I just tried the Nanoblur for the first time today! And I gotta say, it was a huge miss… I followed the instructions and dabbed it on over my foundation, but it just looked awful. It made my foundation all blotchy and it actually emphasized my pores rather than hide them. I took it all off again and just now I tried mixing the Nanoblur with my foundation and then put it on, and while it looks better now, I still don’t think it looks the way it should. I don’t want to give up on it just yet though, so I will keep trying.

    • Helen

      When I was at Priceline I initially was drawn to the nambulor…yes because of the claims of looking 10 years younger …however the Priceline lady put me off saying she hadn’t seen any successful applications. Because of the 40% off sale there was another lady looking at it also and after we both tried it on our hands (she was probably in her 50’s and her hands looked a lot older ) after I said I didn’t want any she grabbed all the boxes that were available to use purely as hand cream! If u find a way it works can u update this please!!! Still would like to look 10 years younger lol!!

  • Helen

    I bought the eyeslix and snoxcin recently,spur of the moment purchase, during the Priceline 40% off sale. I’d never heard of any of the indeed lab products (when I came home I searched both products for reviews and have since found Caroline also and immediately wanted the hydralaun and was initially regretting the snoxcin purchase!) after almost 2 weeks of using them I can see differences and would recommend them both. The eyeslix is definately the best eye cream I have used and I have found the snoxcin has improved texture and my very distinctive age spots have definately become lighter even though it does not claim to reduce them however I am not using any other products that would reduce them! Very happy with the results after such a short time. After reading all the positive reviews on hydrolaun it’s on top of my wish list! I look forward to reading a review on the Avon mascara…I think it looks a lil awkward to use but you never know!!

  • Cait

    The fab Caroline Hirens BeautyMouth blog directed me towards Hydraluron from this mob and it is freaking fantastic! My Ren moisturiser is lasting double the distance. Double. Swear to god. She’s not a fan of Nanoblur (I like that she’s not all in on one product, just like Zoe) but she’s more just your skincare lady. Happy to give a go.

    FYI – she reckons their eye cream is as good as any of the big brands – yet to give it a go but will report back on this post when I do.

    • Helen

      Look forward to hearing ur take on it. I’m really impressed. I’ve seen reviews on the pepta-bright but it’s not on their website? And still available in the UK but doesn’t seem to be here (Australia) or like I said not on their website. Anyone for here seen the pepta-bright ? Thanks 🙂

  • Solpria

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  • bee

    Morning Zoe! Wasnt sure where else to write it but wondering if you have given ProPlenish a test run? Seen alot of it on social media lately and I know you like to call a spade a spade, so wondering if you’ve tried it? Apologies if you’ve already written a review on this already x

  • lauren

    Haven’t tried Nanoblur as I just couldn’t get past the pricetag for what it essentially is and the idea of blurring my lines temporarily as opposed to reducing them/stopping them getting any deeper just seemed like a bit of a faff .

    However, while I passed on the Nanoblur, I DID pick up a tube of Hydraluron (after trawling through Boots in search of hyaluronic acid-y prodz) and it’s done wonders! After a long day at work and many hours of my face eating up all my make up (oh snap!), a look in the mirror (usually avoided at all costs at that point in the day) of late has me pleasantly surprised. Skin is soft and lovely and has a bit of a glow goin’ on! I feel that with continual use of this bad boy, I won’t be needing to blur anything.

    Keen to try the eye one next – I’m naughty and can’t usually be bothered with a separate eye cream…but if my skin digs it as much as Hydraluron, I’m not going to fight it!

  • Pascale Maestri

    Ok – this product baffles me. I jus could not get it to work over makeup. The consistency is like glue, it takes a lifetime to pat in … I’m just not sold. I do love their Hydraluron and Eyesilix though!

  • fruitybeauty | The sorcery of POST-makeup line fillers and complexion perfecters.

    […] that I wrote on last year and which has sold it’s little orange box off, is Nanoblur. It’s not quite the miracle […]

  • Heather A

    I have found the trick with nanoblur is to mix it in with my moisturizer or foundation or BB cream BEFORE applying. WOW! what a difference it makes to how my complexion looks, and when mixed with foundation or BB it stays in place and radiant all day. I would urge anyone who has been frustrated with nanoblur and not using it because of this to give this technique a try.

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