Clean Slate

If you both cheat, does that cancel the infidelity out altogether? Can you just wipe the slate clean?

Cam and Holly have a picture-perfect marriage and life: a beautiful house in the suburbs and two adorable little boys. Cam has sold his successful marketing agency to look after the boys while Holly goes full throttle on her career post-maternity leave, and everything’s peachy.

‘Til Cam discovers Holly has been having an affair with a colleague.

Heartbroken but pragmatic, Cam sees the situation as an opportunity to confess his own infidelity with his 21-year-old assistant. His thinking being a dual-infidelity situation means they cancel each other out…and their marriage will simply bounce back, and they’ll fall in love all over again. But a tangled web of lies and buried resentments makes starting over harder than he thought.

A provocative novella that rips off the glossy cling-wrap of being successful and married with young children. Clean Slate is narrated from the husband’s perspective and will invite listeners to rethink infidelity and how it can creep into a marriage.