Yes. You CAN travel with a baby.

As part of my fun role as a travel-type writer for Expedia, I decided to write a piece reminding new parents they are allowed to travel with their baby. Especially if that baby is about four months old – the golden travel age. It’s ambitious, but worth it…

‘We’re heading to Europe for a month!’ I’d say to friends.

‘With your baby?’ they’d say, incredulously.

‘Nah, he’ll go back to the family of possums we found him in ‘til we get back. Ha ha ha! But seriously. No chance. Babies are the worst at traveling. He’s going to stay home and mind the cat.’

And so went the hilarious back and forth prior to our trip with a four-month old. But guess what! We DID take him to Europe! And he was excellent. Especially considering he had to deal with jetlag, teething, flying to the other side of the world, and a new home every couple of days. (There’s a reason people say travel before they can crawl; I understand that reason very much.)

In fact, he even made us better travellers. We had to keep it together for his sake. And in stressful situations – say, a cancelled ferry and a six-hour wait on a stinking hot day at a filthy, windy, dusty port – his calm, smiley, no-idea-what’s-happening mood actually made us calm down. He reminded us that really, not much mattered so long as we were safe and had each other and he had food. (‘Me.’)

Here are a few tips I have if you’re about to do some summer travel with your baby.



Responses to this drivel: 5 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 5 )
  • The other Zoe

    As I write this we are currently holidaying with our 4 month old in far North Queensland! We have taken him hiking in the daintree (strapped to dad in a baby bjorn) and even took him out to the reef for a diving trip (mum & dad tag-teamed so one of us dived while the other had baby). You have to be super organised and happy to go with the flow but we are having the best time 🙂 Great article! 

  • Kate

    Completely agree!!! I am currently in Paris, at the tail end of a 6 week holiday through Spain and France with my hubby and our 5 month old baby girl.
    Despite jet lag, teething, and the occasional tantrum, we have had an amazing time. And, you are right in saying that everyone loves babies! We have been treated like royalty everywhere we go!!
    Now I just have to start mentally preparing myself for the long flight home!

  • Oryana

    We’re taking our 6 month old to the U.S. I’m just worried that she may not be able to equalise as we ascend and descend. Did anyone have a problem with this? If so is there something that helped?

  • Rachel

    Zoe, on the expedia link, in the first picture you are wearing some AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS looking sandals!! Where can I procure some of these for myself please??

  • Pum

    Hey Zoe! 
    You’ve mentioned getting lash extensions before a big trip. Been reading recently that they’re bad for your eyes in the long run. Thoughts/facts/opinions/jokes? 

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