When you’re busy, your skin starts to hate you.

Especially when you REALLY don’t need it to misbehave and start being dry and spotty and just generally quite shit.

It’s the crap food you eat when you work back.
It’s the rubbish cold, dry weather and the heaters.
It’s the water you forget to drink.
The gym you don’t go to.
The flying, the wine at dinner to relax from the big days and the scorching hot showers you take to relax.

So, you know what I do when all of this happens and my skin is all like, "Oh, poor me, I’m all reactionary to stress, ooh, I’m so upset and dismayed at the way you’re treating my body, oooh, why don’t I just go and cry about it like the big epidermal baby I am, waaaaaaaaah," and I’m all like, "Whatever, skin, I’m gonna get me some beer battered chips."

Usually, I’d recommend a quick DIY peel (very much enjoying La Prairie’s new 3 minute peel, after all, who has 4 minutes?) and a little hydrating mask (Alpha-H does a cracker called the 15% Glycolic mask. If you haven’t heard of Alpha-H, I suggest you trot over to their site and sniff around. They are very very underrated, and very very good. Strayan, too. I love their Liquid Gold lotion, the aforementioned mask and their Micro Cleanse scrub. KaPOW! Spots gone, skin clear and all hydrated. Take five, Alpha-H. Your work here is done.)

But today I’ll recommend a holiday to the Seychelles.

I can recommended an amazing travel agent, if you need one. Here he is, all ready to book your flights for you.


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