Probably it was that moment in Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman’s character was so spectacularly off her head but was still managing to look kind of sexy and cool, (See: Gucci by Gucci, TVC, 2008) and we noticed her short, dark nails and we all let out a collective, ‘Oooooh‘, that the cult of Chanel Rouge Noir was born.

Maybe it wasn’t, but maybe it was. That’s all I’m saying.

Hang on.
No it’s not.
I’m also saying this:

Generally speaking, when Chanel unleashes a bit of a ‘daring’, a bit of a ‘wild’ shade of nail polish with their autumn/winter or spring/summer colour collection, women pay attention. And then they pay attention to their little purse, and their little feet and the opening hours of their closest cosmetics retailer.

Because, well, Chanel are kind of in charge when it comes to setting nail
colour trends. See, if you keep an eye on what Chanel does in nail
lacquer, you can be pretty cocky that you know what colour everyone
will be furnishing their little fingy and toes in the coming months.
This isn’t to say they’re the only ones setting trends in
polish, gosh no, O.P.I for example produce some crackers, but let’s just say Chanel holds plenty of awards in the
Nail Polish Colour Trend Setting trophy cupboard. (Amazing cupboard. Make
an effort to see it next time you’re in my imagination Dubai.)

Some examples, aside of Le Vernis in Rouge Noir, which is still, I
think, the finest, most fabulously rich devilish deep red you can get.
(And such rich, dense pigment!):

Le Vernis in Midnight blue
(Navy blue nails. Ouch. Hot. And yet so blindingly cool. Nicely played.)
Le Vernis  in White Satin ( A lovely, lush white happily pushing the opaque white nail movement of 2007.)
Le Vernis Ceramic Noir. (Gun metal grey. HELLO, METALLICS TREND. Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. I thought you were wearing headphones. My bad.)

And now, get ready for the next big naily trendy colour:


That’s right. Gold. And to kick it all off our friends from France will be releasing Chanel Le Vernis in Gold Friction,
a lovely, rich, warm, moneyed-up gold. (Sadly not til August 10, but at
least you’ll now be able to get some before it sells out.) It’s part of
their gold fall 08 collection, the first by their new creative
director, Peter Phillips. And it’s actually surprisingly wearable,
because they are warm metallics, not cool ones. Zing!


As with all, uh, fashion forward nail colour trends, make sure your nails
are short and neat when you slather them with gold. There’s no need to
look like a Jerry Springer audience member just because you’re wearing
gold nail polish. No need at all.


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