The sunscreen question I get asked most.

“Do I wear my sunscreen on top of my day/face cream, or underneath it?”

And this is the answer: On top.

And this is the answer with more detail:

Normal day?

Apply your face cream, then your sunscreen, then your makeup. As you won’t
be in the sun, you don’t need to reapply… Which is good, cause
reapplying sunscreen over makeup is naystee.

Goes Without Saying But I’m Saying It Anyway: A day cream or foundation
with SPF is better than one without. But always use sunscreen as well.

Swimming? Sweating? Yachting? Chasing squirrels around a nature reserve on a hot day?

Do your face cream (try and use one with antioxidants, please) then apply a good layer of sunscreen. Now. You must re-apply every two hours, or AS SOON AS YOU’VE FINISHED your swim; splashing your face with water because goshdarnit, it’s HOT out here on this kayak; wiping your face with a towel after having a hit of tennis and a slurp of Pimms, or getting sprayed in the mug with a SuperSoaker.

I didn’t mention makeup, because I hoped you might lose the makeup for the day. You’re being active – active (sweaty) skin hates makeup, because it’s pores get clogged and sad and pimply. Be clever: use a tinted moisturiser with SPF and combine your love of sun protection (because you DO have one) with your love of coverage.

Wear one that is SPF 30 or SPF 50 and broad spectrum. Okay, thanks!

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