The Smelly Girl Club.

As we all know, one isn’t a TRUE star until one has posed for an astronomically-priced photographer for a small bottle of scented liquid. This honour means you automatically become a member of the Smelly Girls Club, a kind of super elite club that’s almost as highly regarded as the backseat of a high school bus.

So! Let’s meet the new smelly girls!


Naomi Watts has just been signed on as the face of Thierry Mugler’s Angel.
Old mate Mugler is renown for splendid campaigns, so I quite look
forward to seeing Wattsy in these ads. I personally smell like a small
child who has been rolling around in icing sugar when I wear Angel,
however, one of my friends wears it and it’s hot as on her. I much much
prefer his more recent scent, Alien.  It’s sexy and uniquey and
compliment getty.


Erykah Badu, probably one of my most adored singers, is set to be the
face of Tom Ford‘s new scent. (Hope she reads that contract properly,
Tom has quite the penchant for thighs and breasts and crotches in his
ads. See here and here for the smutty proof, but be warned, these ads are 100 per cent NSFW.)


That delightful little pocket rocket, Audrey Tautou (Audrey Hepburn Version 2.0)  has just nicked Nicole Kidman’s Chanel No. 5 crown.
(Nicole probably knows where she lives, or has people that do, so, uh,
Audrey, you’d better watch your back.)


Beryl Watson from Tasmania has been announced as the face of Prada‘s new fragrance, which is as yet unnamed.

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