The post that never ends.

Get this. Almay  just sent me over the entire collection of
their insanely appropriate Intense i-colors because they felt it would
be criminal for me not to see that everything I was saying, they had
already cottoned onto a long time back, and then had gone so far as to
create entire ‘eye colour complementing’ makeup ranges too. Each has a mascara, a shadow palette and a liquid liner.  And as they’re Almay, they’re hypoallergenic. (Contact kids? You’re good to go.)

See? Here they are. And here too. And they start at $16.95 and end at $18.95.   


I’ve laid them out for you guys in the respective eye colours (I failed to
mention hazel before. Sorry my hazely fruits. I mean no
discrimination) so that you can see that I was pretty much almost not lying in my previous post. I
think I may have mentioned this very clever range before, but it was
SILLY of me not to mention it in such a fitting post. I mean really. (One of you guys did though, well done.)

Probably the best part of the range? That the colours are all very wearable. No scary, I-can’t-possibly-wear-that-I"ll-look-like-a-tramp, shades, just lovely earthy, gentle tones for all ages and all fruits.

Oh! Look! Meowbert has arranged himself in a completely non-posed fashion that is both humorous and human-like!


Meowbert wasn’t sure if Spencer was telling the truth about that late night phone call. He sure hoped Heidi knew what she was doing…

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