The baby stuff we use a LOT.

You buy and you try a lot of shit when you have a baby. It’s a confusing, expensive, strange new world, not least because the baby changes entirely every few minutes and you need to upgrade your tech and also your brain and habits and routines and life accordingly.

Alas, despite the furious speed in which our fun little son insists on developing, and his desire to “keep growing,” this is the shit we have really REALLY used. I wish I had this list before I had Sonny, because as you know, I live for recommendations, and wander the streets confused and scared without them.

It doubles, I suppose, as a list for those needing to buy something for someone about to have a baby.

A bottle drying station

This is great for drying off bottles and dummies and stuff, but also a magnificent wine glass drying station. Anything Boon we own – plates, bowls, bath toys, original bathtub before he grew out of it at about 10 days old – is intelligently and practically designed and fun to look at. They are some of my favourite things in a company/life.



Terry towelling bath support thingy

We came too late to the party on this, using our slippery, stupid, panicked, incompetent hands for weeks before I bought this funny little tezzo towel ramp for Sonny to lay on and own bath time like the boss he is. Made bath time a lot easier and a lot less scary. We used it until he could sit up competently.




White noise

White noise is a powerful sleep cue for Sonny. I first learned about it while reading about the 5 S’s in The Happiest Baby On The Block. (That was about as far as I got before I threw it and the seven other baby books in a huge fictional bonfire because they were doing my head in. The 5 S’s though, I think they work.) Sonny has white noise on for every nap and all night. Just lightly, about the volume of a shower. I used to literally use ‘white noise’, until I realized the aggressive hissing was making me FUCKING INSANE. I switched to ocean waves on this cute whale sound machine, which was far more calming. We usually pack Whale with us when we travel, or I just use my iPad in flight mode with the White Noise app. (The app is by TM Soft, to help you find it on app store, cos there are a tonne of shitty ones). Whale also has projections, which we reserve for night time to dazzle him as we try to put his wriggly, porcine, delicious frame in his PJS after bath time and he wants to be about 10 metres away, playing with something like a power socket or pair of scissors.




My friend Bron gave me this plush baby mat at my baby shower. “It’s ugly as fuck but God it’s useful,” she said. BOY WAS SHE RRRRITE. We used it the day he came home from hospital as a little mat, and are still using it now he’s one. (I keep it in the bathroom, he lays on it before and after the bath, giggling and nude and jacked up on heat lights and nudity.) I tell all new parents to get one. So useful.




Love to Dream swaddle suits

If swaddling at 3am in a dark nursery after a feed, a 45-minute burping session and an explosive shit becomes frustrating, jam your darling into these awesome little suits instead. They’re nice and tight so baby feels snug and safe, and they allow their hands to rest safely up high where they want them to be, but without their fingers poking into their eyes and mouth and waking them up. Sonny was in his for every, single, nap from about two weeks old. When the hands became an issue (i.e: he was waking himself up by smacking them into his face) at about three months, we would tuck them down and zip him up. We didn’t bother with the 50/50 suits, we just went straight to a sleeping bag, with a wrap over the top to lock his hands down. Sounds barbaric, but so is being kept awake all night by a confused infant.


JJ Cole change clutch

This little changemat roll thingy has been all around the world with us, it has enabled us to change nappies in the pram, on floors and with a whisper of hygiene in planes. I’m not one for a nappy bag, preferring to instead chuck this into my usual tote. It holds wipes and nappies and I jam some nappy bags in there, and we’re done. I love this godamn change mat wrap thingy.



Como Tomo bottles

Made to be squishy like a boob, these clever, silicone bottles are the only bottle Sonny will use. Fussy little rat. If your baby is a fussy little rat, try the Como Tomo. (They also make brilliant ‘finger’ style teething rings. They are clever company, like Boon.) I give them to as many mums as possible to ‘show them the light.’



Infant’s Friend

From about two weeks old, babies are gassy little monsters. Their digestive system is not very sophisticated yet, and after feeds it can take a lo-o-o-o-ong time to get that burp out, or that wind to pass. Sonny was a sweet, hungry pig and I had a jet like flow so he would always take in a lot of air, which would lead to up to two hours of bicycle legs and massage at 3am and near insanity for all of us. Like all puzzled, deranged new parents we worried it might be reflux, colic etc, but for Sonny it was just gas. Then a fellow mum recommended Infant’s Friend (all natural, buy from the chemist) for the wind, and we started giving it to him, and IT REALLY HELPED. We still use it now before and after flights and to calm him when he’s teething and pissed off.

Baby Bjorn bouncer

I had three friends tell me to buy this; that were was no substitute. I agree I agree I agree. Sonny could snooze in there from birth, and then, as he got bigger, I propped it against the couch and he used his feet to push off and bounce himself, squealing with delight. That this would give me a precious 20 mins of emailing or laundry or pole dancing; whatever Mum Stuff I needed to do.


Bonds Wondersuits

As ‘clothes’ up until about seven months, then as ‘PJs’ when he began to look a bit ridiculous in a tight all-in-one in public. We didn’t understand that the arms and legs fold over to make socks or mittens until Sonny was about a month old, which is embarrassing, but worth revealing if it helps others.

Dots wondersuit

Baby Bjorn travel cot light

Not the cheapest travel cot, but since we travel A LOT, I could justify it. Other great reasons to justify it: It folds up instantly into a tiny suitcase (6kg), it’s a cinch to pack and unpack, it’s super safe, and there is loads of ventilation. It’s a ripper.


GAIA Natural Baby Powder

All organic, made from cornstarch, and known in our house as The Great Eczema stopper. We slightly panic when we run out of it. A lot of people make their own, but we um, don’t, because we’re us.

 A thick piece of black material

Just from spotlight. We use this to black out the window in Sonny’s room so it’s completely dark and he is not woken by 5am sunlight, we use it and some gaffa tape to keep light out of the bassinet on international flights (and also to cover windows in hotel rooms), and we use it over the pram when we want him to sleep (also usually when travelling.) It’s the best $4 we ever spent. This photo is the material attached (very stylishly) to the blind in Sonny’s room while we were in NZ. Please do a better job than us of this.



I can’t think of anything else right now, but am hoping that other mums will add their essentials, and then we’ll have this sensational directory of Very Useful Baby Stuff, because if anyone needs some help and direction as to what will make life easier, it’s new parents.

Sloths also need some help and direction, I imagine, because they are slow and finding food and shelter would take AGES, but I’m just focusing on new parents for now.

Responses to this drivel: 76 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 76 )
  • Leah

    Great list Zoe! My boy is about a month older than Sonny so I totally relate – why the hell can they not sit still for a second to put on their pjs!! 
    The only other thing I would add is if you want to breast feed the likeliness is as some stage you will need to pump so bite the bullet and get an electric Medela pump. I had a full on flow too and in the end Bobby developed a lazy suck from it so I ended up exclusively pumping from when he was 4 months til he was 8 months. I ended up buying a double Medela pump then but still wish I had done it sooner! So worth the money!

    • zoe foster blake

      I have the Medela double pump also! I didn’t use it too much, but it was FAR better than ol’ squeaky manual pump.

      • Kristen

        I used my Medela hospital grade pump everyday. Allowed me to pump and then have some time for self care and husband could bottle feed. I rented from the hospital where I gave birth and it was really easy that way.

  • Theresa Rose

    1Massive LOL’s at – ‘it’s ugly as fuck but god it’s useful’. 

    So true! I was gifted one for my little guy and it’s so hideous it almost went to charity (not that I’m ungrateful!).

    Another must have is a video baby monitor. The extra $50-$100ish is worth it! Especially when we were sleep training, as long as I could see he was alright I could keep my anxiety levels down.

  • Beth at AlmostPosh.com

    found this blog today via Sonia Styling and am already LIVING for it! Proper LOLs  – this is a great list. The sleep suits are my go-to baby shower gift!

  • Emily

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou for posting this! I’m going to be a first time mum and am almost at the stage where I need to start shopping. I love being recommended items because it sounds way to overwhelming trying to research everything in baby world – plus my baby brain is beyond indesicive. Please continue to share your baby advice!

  • Jen

    YES!  Bonds Wondersuits are amazing and we also discovered the nifty hand and foot covers a few months in… whoops.  I also highly recommend swaddle suits (we used Baby Studio ones) to avoid midnight hissy fits and crying sessions.  Embarrassingly, before discovering the swaddle suit, it was I who was screaming and crying trying to get those damn sheet things wrapped around my bub but not too high, too low, too loose or too firmly… urgh, still traumatised.  Another handy tip – I recommend buying some cloth nappies but not for the traditional use unless you like extra washing but for an all-purpose feeding/vomiting/cleaning cloth that is easy to wash (or hose if an explosive poop is involved).

  • Monica

    Ha! I didn’t figure out the cuffs folded over to become mittens until my second baby!

  • Renae

    Hey! I’m sure someone has informed you already buy you can get a professional black out blind that travels with you!! Here it is – the Gro blind! https://www.thesleepstore.com.au/shop/myroom/blackout—shade/-none-/grobag-gro-anywhere-blackout-blind

    My current fave product for my kids are – Gro clock for my 4 yr old, comforters (we have a different one for each kid), the bloom bath for our newborn & for all 3 I loved the ergobaby 360 as it kicks arse over the uncomfortable babybjorn carriers! Oh and my baby jogger pram collection! I have owned them all at one stage or another!


  • Jackie

    Another alternative for the black sheet, especially when travelling is foil. I used to use it on my sons window. Just wet the window with a damp cloth and stick the foil to it. Then with the wet cloth just wipe over the edges. I left it on my sons window for a year and it didn’t come off (we had curtains over it). 

    And how good are LTD swaddles. Only discovered them with my 2nd child and all I could think was why didn’t I know about these with my first!!

  • Kat

    Great list Zoe! I’ll add the Avent Bath/Room thermometer. I always have super hot showers myself so was paranoid I’d burn bub! We still use it for bath and room every day. Plus a coffee cup holder for the pram. Absolutely freakin essential 🙂 

  • Clare

    Great post Zoe, I love hearing about how others manage the practicalities of babies. I would also highly recommend a wrap style carrier like the hug-a-bub for the first few months. I don’t think I put my baby down for the first four weeks. It made life so much easier for me and happier for baby. She would hang out or sleep and I had two hands. 

    Although they say you can use the wrap until your baby is a toddler I found it uncomfortable after baby was more than about 6kgs. Beyond that a back pack style carrier like the Ergo Baby has been more comfortable. Because you are only using it for a few months but it is so handy I would recommend buying second hand. 

  • Kylie

    The wondersuit are amazing! I have a 12 week old girl and she lives in these!! The old school oth nappies for any vomits after burps and any spills are fantastic. I never leave the house without one in the baby bag.
    My baby loves sitting up now, we recently bought the Fisher price Sit Me Up frog seat, and oh my god! She LOVES it! It’s my life saver as I sit her in the kitchen in it for 15-20 mins (or until she cries) so I can get things done. I love it!! 

  • Lauren – Life at Number Five

    Oh this is awesome. I’m currently 6 months pregnant with my first and I am devouring all these ‘essentials’ lists and getting all the recommendations I can to cut down on the amount of research I actually have to do myself. I always prefer a personal recommendation for these kinds of things. 

  • Diana

    Can I ask what size Solidea recovery shorts you purchased? Not sure about there sizing . . . 

  • Mary

    As an alternative to the piece of black material (which I’m sure does the trick!) check out GroAnywhere blinds – portable blackout blinds with suction cap thingys to attach them to the wall…so useful and under $50! 

  • Shann

    Thank you from a mum-to-be after a 17 year gap… So much out there now!
    Just wondering if you have any hints on where one can dig up some Como Tomo bottles, finding them a little hard to track down here in Aus.

    • LaurenTaylorLoves

      I just bought these from Eat Teeth Sleep. Soooo excited as I have been trying for the past eight months to get my bub on a bottle, any new suggestions are amazing.

  • Lauren

    I’m so relived I’m not the only maniac traveling around with a large black sheet from Spotlight! Nothing like styling up a bubbas room only to stick an ugly big sheet over the window. Too funny. 

  • Alex

    A good baby carrier is a life saver specially when doing the dreaded grocery shopping, or at busy shopping centers etc where prams just get in the way. 
    Tula baby carriers are comfortable for parent and child and I couldn’t live without mine! It’s a bonus that they come in varied fun stylish designs!

  • Sofia

    Great list! We are weeks away from
    #2 and my number one item is still the sleep monitor. We paid about $400 for one with video/sound and sleep mat. It made sleep training much easier but its just generally so handy. The only issue is we aren’t ready to stop using it – so will NEED a second one. 

  • Emily

    Used the Love to Dream swaddle with my first child and they were the best thing I bought. Went to use them for my second child and freaked out when she wouldn’t settle in them. The suit allowed too much movement for her and she just wouldn’t sleep in it. So I discovered the Woombie suit and fell in love! Perfect for bubs that like a tight swaddle but has stretch so they can still move their arms around. 
    My other recommendation would be a room thermometer for the nursery. Takes the guess work out when using sleeping bags and suits that have a temperature guide

    • zoe foster blake

      Oh yes, the Gro Egg thingy we used! But then I started not believing it because it seemed to always say the exact same temp anywhere in the world we were… then I was suspicious… now it’s gone.

  • Kate

    Full disclosure, I have an online store but these are things I stock because my friends all swear by them.  If you do want wraps, my friends all use L’il Fraser wraps because they are big enough to get a nice tight wrap but they also have enough stretch that when babies startle themselves they go back to sleep on their own.  A couple of my friends also swear by Aden & Anais serenity star.  It’s a sound machine but also glows different colours according to the room temp. Has heaps of other functions but the room temp at a glance is amazing!  Zoe, don’t know whether Sonny is past this but if not Boon makes these teething tethers called Gnaw.  Basically you can stick a rusk, carrot stick it even Sophie the Giraffes leg in the mesh end then attach the other end to the baby or the pram so they can’t drop stuff out of the pram plus they can use the rubber bit to help themselves pick up the item.  By the way, that teddy you have is the least ugly I have seen by far!

  • Myra

    Yes yes yes to all above! Have to add something though. A high chair Food Catcher. Attaches to any 4 leg high chair, completely waterproof and a large catch area. Beats the splat mat with a big stick! Especially awesome for baby led weaning because that is stupid messy. Scoop food out at the end of the meal and wash when needed. Makes a huge difference in our house.  Just new out by an Aussie mum, Mumma’s Little Helpers!

  • B Ariasa

    Fisher and price cradle and swing is an absolute life saver it swings bub to sleep so I can get on with my day bub is one who loves to be held ALL day this keeps him moving without my help and I agree bouncers are awesome. 

  • Kellie

    The Gro company do an actual block out blind tthing that goes over whatever window adornings you already have.

  • Lou

    My babies are 7 and 9 now and there does seem to be more “stuff” available for the anxious new parent these days. My advice is to do your research while pregnant but then just wait and see before you buy. You may find some gear will make life easier and decide to take the plunge,  but you may also find there’s lots of stuff you don’t need. Point being, you don’t always know until bubs has arrived. As you mentioned,  baby stuff can be soo expensive so I guess this is a tip to reassure those new parents on tight budgets (like we were) that it can be possible to survive and thrive without all the latest gizmos. Your blackout sheet and gaffer tape being a lovely example of this. 

  • Eliza

    the old school cloth nappies were my life saver for spew/burping/feeding at home and in my nappy bag and All4ella pram pegs and muslin wraps- large in size and I used for a swaddle wrap in the warmer months aswell as a cover for the pram- my go-to baby shower gift.

  • Dee

    Great list and I agree with most. I have to try the como bottles as bubs refuses all 8 brands so far.
    Zoe I would love for you to list what Sonny loves to eat in the near future:)

  • Bel

    Infants friend – YES!!! It was a miracle for our first baby. For our second, we stocked up like we were doomsday preppers!!

    • Treens

      Great list Zoe 🙂
      We bought the Childcare pop up tent portacot and I couldn’t live without it! It folds up super small and light and doesn’t take up much room and pretty cheap. We now use it with my 2nd but who’s 8 months.  You basically open the bag and it pops up itself! We took it overseas to Europe when we backpacked (hardcore!) with my then 7 month old.
      Yes to infants friend!
      Yes to Gro Egg room temp thingy.
      A good baby carrier is a MUST! I had a Stokke, big $ but worth it for my sore back (just ask your truly, physio)
      Loved bonds wonder suits, zips only! 
      “Where is the green sheep” best book ever 
      An electrical pump if breastfeeding. Although wait till after they’re born as you don’t know if you will be able to bf. 
      Another tip more so than product, get your baby on the potty occasionally even when they are young as my first bub has a terrible fear! 
      Both my kids loved the musical mobile above the cot.
      And a good bouncer – yes! 
      I loved having a bassinet in my room for first few months (purely cold and lazy).
      That might be enough for now!

  • Kristen

    I wanted to add one item, but a little different — local mom groups and buy/sells. Not only have I gone on Facebook to these groups for advice and commiseration (if that’s your thing) but they sell new and gently used baby items for a steal. Moms in my area will even deliver if they are doing a big clean-out! Instead of paying full price for the jolly jumper or bumbo chair that your babe will use for 2 months you can get a like-new one for $5. I also bought some old fashioned little tikes toys, a red flier wagon, and other goodies. So join the buy/sell groups!!

    • zoe foster blake

      I agree. Our friendship circle does a fair whack of sharing and we are big toy library fans, too. (Handy until you lose every second item.)

  • Gita

    Hi Zoe,
    great tips and products. we use our little piece of boon grass all the time. ever since mila was born. so handy for all those bits and bobs.
    I couldnt breastfeed, and formula was the only option we used Avent 2 in 1 stelizator, great and compact. and also glass pigeon bottles. still in good nick. minus 5 that slipped out of my hands.
    also we use nappy terry towels for everything. for change matt, for spew, for drying little bum bum etc. 10 for 12$ is a steal.
    wondersuit oneseys are the best, especially now that she is 1 and a bit and she cant stay still.
    cot bumper, those who have cots with rails helped when she was in her room. now she is back with us (cause I just missed her little face).
    last but not least sleeping bags! these are a life saver, even cheap one from big w or ikea! when she was 3 months old she just slept in that plus wondersuit!
    and those who use dummies, dummy clip is great!

    thing we didnt use a lot was the nappy bag. after 1 month of packing it and repacking I ended up buying Zara bag. it doubles up as stylish backpack, and also shoulder bag. we have stairs in our unit complex and as Mila was getting heavier so was the bag.
    hope this list helps

  • Jane

    YES! Thank you, this list is super useful! Baby #1 is due any day now and the world of “baby stuff” has proved overwhelming so far. PS Thanks for the tip about the Bonds zippy wondersuits, I would’ve never worked that out myself.

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  • Carly

    Thank you Zoe!!  I am loving all your posts with baby product recommendations – closer to my due date I will be indulging in a mega online shopping spree!  You have saved me so much research time, thank you.

  • Angela

    Great list! 

    As a travelling family as well (travelling 8 months with a now 15th old) I’d have to say the Anywhere Chair is a must! attaches to pretty much any chair and keeps the squirmers contained when out at a restaurant/cafe etc. 

    Have just bought the Baby Zen Yo Yo pram…. Ah.Maze.Ing! A game changer for travelling families! No more grotty airline prams for us!

  • Kat

    So many handy tips here! I am weeks away from #2 (so close, so very very far) and the one thing that I have stocked up on is rite aid hydrogel breast discs. They are these little gel disc things that are the very best for soothing and healing sore nips. You can put them in the fridge for extra soothe.
    I am so grateful that these exist. The gel has magic powers.

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  • Kellie

    Simple tip from a mother of five – if your baby is a dribbler, like many, you could use a face washer with a nappy liner on top to protect bassinet sheets. It’s soft against baby’s skin and saves having to wash the bottom sheet. When bubby’s new and spends so much time in bed, it’s easier wash smaller things than to strip and remake the bed every five minutes. 

  • Kathryn McGrath

    All of the above!
    A rocking chair in bub’s room has been worth its weight in gold! Someone told me to get one, and it was nice when Bub was little, but during the recent 7 month old teething debacle and the 8 month old night terrors, it is soo nice to have the rocking chair to calm both our nerves at 2, 3 and 4am.
    Also, have baby panadol on hand BEFORE you need it, because they only sell it at the pharmacy and there is nothing worse than being caught without.

  • Amy

    Love your list Zoe!!  Our essential and part of the family are our much loved FLATOUTbears. Loved by my 3 kids – they wouldn’t sleep without them. X

  • Elizabeth

    Yes yes to so many of these. Infants Friend saved my life as did the LTD swaddles, Baby Bjorn bouncer and white noise machine. I bought three (who knows why?!) nappy bags before my daughter was born and have never used them. Too bulky and just too many bags to lug about.

    I bought a cheapie cup holder which attaches to your pram- awesome as I found I needed two hands to steer my pram but I also needed takeaway coffee! Also handy was a bag holder hook thingy which you can carry shopping bags on.

    Oh and if you have a spewy baby- a jumbo pack of soft muslin cloths was a must have!

  • Jessica

    I love how you tell it how it is Zoe, the lamb point had me laugh out loud as well . Baby number 5 is 10 months old and looking back at all the baby products we brought my top buys would be ; 1 – my ring sling , a friend made mine and its been used on my 2 yr old and 10 mth old I wish I knew about baby wearing with my older 3 , 2: breast feeding pillow/ or a good old boomerang pillow , was my best friend when pregnant and after 3 c sections the pillow was a godsend to help support myself and Bub when feeding , 3 : home medics music and light simulator , it plays lullabies, heartbeat , rainforest noise whilst shining a light on roof it can be set on a timer . A dear friend brought me it 7 yrs ago when pregnant with my twins and I still 7 yrs later use it with 10 mth old . 

  • Libby

    Soooo…. An alternative to the block out shade is alfoil and a spray bottle. Works a treat. You can also just flick some water over the glass and the alfoil will stick to the window. Great list we also used an automatic swing and one of those tag rugs as a sleep cue! Woombie wraps are also good they are very similar to love to dream swaddles and Tula baby carriers

    Will give the sheepskin and bath thing a go

  • Panda

    Love the list! What toy is Sonny playing with in the pic?

  • Marc

    On top of your list of suggest the following.

    Either some disposable change mats or cheap nappies and towels. Why is it they decide they HAVE to go when you take off the nappy? It’ll save you washing the change mat cover every two days! 

    While you are getting cheap towels put one in the car seat/capsule. We learnt the lesson on a interstate trip and a leaky number 2. Also leave a spare towel or seat cover in case the number 2 misses the nappy completely and gets on you (yes been there too!).

    In terms of small things pre purchase panadol and nurofen – you’ll need them at 2am when everything is closed. 

    Those dummy holder things are a godsend too if you don’t want to wash it every 30 seconds. 

  • Kristy

    Como tomo bottles are the best!!! Worth the dollars
    – my Breast fed baby wouldn’t drink from
    Anything and then we cracked it with the Comotomo. Also love the baby bjorn travel cot- so light and small
    So it doesn’t take up All the space in a hotel
    Room! Also love boon everything, Aden and Anais, Bajo wooden toys, touch and feel books, wonder suits, oricom baby monitor, bugaboo pram, ergo 360s, nappy purses, ( & elk leather totes as a baby bag) AND a baby capsule is a must have!!  

  • Kate Kildey

    Hi Zoe, 
    Love reading your blog! If you ever want to upgrade from your piece of black fabric, check out the Gro Anywhere Blind by Gro Company. Although your invention seems to be doing the job!!! 

  • Jess

    Fabulous list!

    I rave on about the Baby Bjorne Travel Cot so much that you would think I invented it myself! It really is the bees knees of travel cots, don’t even consider anything else. This is the one item that you just have to suck it up and pay for, it’s worth every cent of the hefty price tag.

    My son is a bit old for these now but I saw in the shops the other day, pram pegs! Genius! How did we go so long without them?! Actual pegs, designed to hold the wrap to the hood of your pram! This used to drive me nuts 

    Another item I found and get comments on all the time when my son is wearing it was a little cap i bought for him when he was 4-5 months old. I wanted a cap and couldn’t find one small enough for a baby and came across a mum at a local market who obviously had the same idea and started manufacturing little trucker caps for babies and kids. Incredibly cute! I think the brand is Billie the Kid?

    Lil Fraser wraps are also wonderful and work wonderfully as a pram blanket too… those pram pegs would come in handy!! 

  • tommyhillfish

    Any chance you are thinking of writing a similar blog for a 1 year old? This has been my go-to for maternity presents and now am getting 1st birthday invites. Any suggestions for the token childless clueless friend in the group? 

  • Erin

    I have a fuss pot baby who will not take a bottle.  Just wondering where you purchase those life saving bottles???

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  • Nicole

    Love my ergo 360 and the LTD swaddle up. I also use the ergo cocoon as they can have their arms in or out. I also bought a heatermate (www.heatermate.com.au) which is an external thermostat. I turns the heater on and off to maintain the set temperature and save power. It has been a lifesaver as I was paranoid about leaving the heater on all night and cooking my baby!

  • Trish

    In addition to what’s been mentioned:
    A nappy bin for when you realise that baby poo actually smells like poo and you can’t leave it in the normal bin. Angelcare does a great one. Refills are ridiculously expensive from a store but you can get good deals online. 
    Bednest co sleeper, particularly after a c-section. After the first night home from hospital doing sit ups to look over the side of the lovely bassinet I’d already bought I sent my partner off to get one. Quickest $600 impulse purchase I’ve ever made and worth every cent!
    Capsule car seat that’s compatible with your stroller if you live in apartment block with lots of stairs and no lift. Another pricey investment for about six months but better than carrying a wobbly new born up and down three flights of stairs or dragging a buggy up and down. 

    Brilliant essentials list. Wish I’d seen it a few months ago. 

  • Amanda

    Amolin cream! Best thing ever for nappy rash (and preventing it). Weirdly, breast milk is also magic for healing all kinds of cuts (especially boob injuries from breast feeding!) love your work zo xx

  • Ariel

    Gosh the 5 S’s saved our (my parents really) lives! Best thing everrrrr! 🙂 

  • Chele and Maye

    A black piece of fabric was one of the best things we ever traveled with as both mine needed complete darkness to be able to fall asleep 

  • Eleni

    Hi there! Thanks for this info, first time expectant mother and boy its overwhelming. Can you suggest a baby monitor? 

  • Bulla Baby

    Oh my that JJ COLE CHANGE CLUTCH!!!!! Do you think it would fit a modern cloth nappy? 

  • Three things that surprised me about bringing baby home |

    […] had us pretty well set up thanks to amazing lists like those written by Zoë Foster Blake and yes, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop (was a bit alarmed to see how many of the things we have are […]

  • judah

    Hi there! Thanks for this info, first time expectant mother and boy its overwhelming. Can you suggest a baby monitor?

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