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This is the best week of the year to buy a new lipstick.

Because it’s Dream Week, which means that $1 from any lipstick you buy at Myer or David Jones this week goes to Look Good… Feel Better*, and you can feel good about buying one or even a couple.

Here are my three picks for lipstick as we shimmy into Spring…

A poppy red lipstick. Prada did it, so we should all do it. Another reason is because it’s wonderfully flattering on many many skin tones, and can look cute-as through the day, but devilishly sexy at night. Try Clarins Jolie Rouge in Poppy Red, $38.


Alexa Chung, obviously.

A nude lipstick. Try a Bobbi Brown one, $44, because she is the queen of nude. Choose one that is low on shimmer, creamy not matte and enjoy a sophisticated, non-boring nude lip to complement any of the blues or greens you might be sassing on your eyes. I like Nude Beige for a hint of dusky pink and Peachy which is a bit better with a tan. Best to try them out to get the best match for your skin tone.


Ashley Madekwe. You know, from Revenge.

A coral or orange. You need to stop resisting. These shades are fabulous, not Nanna. They are fresh, They brighten the face. They look glorious with bronzer and slick hair and drop earrings. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain in #21 Orange Fusion, $50 is a glossy balm-stain, so you can start off light, then layer until you get the depth of orange your prefer. (Read: Great for wusses.)


Bert Newton. 

 Obviously you should expose what a wonderful Samaritan and cool bird you are by slipping a pic of you wearing your juicy new lipstick onto Twitter and Instagram and tag it with @LGFBAustralia and #dreamweek13. Obviously.


Another excellent thing you can do to support Look Good… Feel Better (and please do!) is not wear makeup on Thursday.Hashtag your pics #gonakedday, if you do, please so you can all feel part of the nude party.

This is because the Priceline Sisterhood (a real thing, not just the colloquial name for all of us Priceline fans) are hosting Go Naked Day in order to raise funds. When you’re done showing off your natural beauty, pop into Priceline nationally or the huge (very pink) event being held at Martin Place in Sydney, donate a gold coin, and grab yourself a mini-makeover and some goodies.

Alternatively, and I love this one, because it just makes so much dang sense, you can donate some cash straight up to $7 for 7 Days of Hope.


Your donation goes towards LGFB At Home Confidence Kits, so that those who can’t get to a LGFB workshop because they live in the bush, or health reasons, can still enjoy all of the lovely skin care and cosmetics they would receive in a workshop (all donated lovingly by the beauty industry – everything from Rimmel to Chanel), plus a step by step DVD.

… Imagine if you did one of or even ALL THREE of these things, how amazing you would feel. You would probably start to see some kind of beautiful halo glow above your head. That’s what I heard happens anyway.

*Look Good… Feel Better is a a terrific charity, and one that I am proud ambassador for. I work with them a lot in my role as ambassador for Pantene Beautiful Lengths, (where we ask you to lop off your ponytail to donate, and help make real hair wigs for cancer patients) and also help to gain awareness for the beauty workshops which they hold at hospitals and cancer treatment centres for women undergoing cancer treatment. At these workshops, women (and men!) learn how to apply skin care, makeup, wigs and turbans and scarves in the spirit of “if you look good, you will feel better”, and I can four billion percent say that this is true, because the transformation these women undergo (physically) but most crucially in confidence and self-esteem after their two hour session is phenomenal. They then are given all of the products to take home. Read more about LGFB – or insist a friend attends – here


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