Some long-bob, short hair inspiration to enchant and delight.

In the shape of these two fashion-forward genetic jackpots, Lady Margherita Missoni and Dame Karlie Kloss.

Both have had long, lovely hair, the kind that often features in the iPhone gallery of women like you and I when we head to the salon for a cut, or style, or great colour and need a good reference, for a great many years (that is how one achieves long hair, after all), and both have recently cut said hair to perch elegantly, mischievously above their shoulders, but below their chins.

 A terribly chic length, of course. Wonderfully versatile and fantastically sexy in that insouciant, confident way.

Here is Miss Kloss, doing nothing to stop the perception that women sassing 'librarian' frames are deeply sexy, in a coy and dewey system kind of way.


And lady Missoni, heir to vibrant zigzags and jubilant florals…


Please note how in both cases, high-necked skivvies and collars make no challenge to the hair at all, in fact, this length allows such necklines to shine. Long hair on the other case, it wants to compete with everything, and looks far better put up, back and away when the neckline is high.

I personally love this length, and interestingly, find when my hair is shorter, my hemlines quickly also rise. It's as though with short hair, you've lessened one of your focal points (long hair), so you're allowed to create a new one (legs). Also, it tends to look less…. full on, than short skirt, long hair for some reason. No scientist has ever accurately confirmed why.

But why would they? They've got Mentos' to be dropping in Coke and other important stuff to do.


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