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Quick fruits!
BeneFit Posietint ($53 ish) is now in store  and on sale but probably not for very long!
That means I get to use some of these: !


A recap on all of its excellence and why I love it so much I am posting TWICE about it. I’m not sure the last time I did this, but it’s pretty rare. But then, so too are New Products of this calibre.

1. Liquid, creme or gel blushes and tints are, I think,  infinitely more fresh and youthful looking than powder. (Refer to the liquid on liquid, powder on powder rule here please. Which I may have never actually told you before, so your reference would be… here: If you use powder foundation, follow through with a powder blush. Liquid similarly, demands liquid. Why: If you try to put a creme/gel/liquid blush on powder, it will grab, and not blend, and you will get cranky, and probably break or throw something or someone. And if you put powder blush on your radiant, dewy liquid foundation, it too will grab and not spread and a frighteningly similar brand of rage could ensue.

2. It’s a gooey, viscous cheek gel/tint. Silky but thick. Much more user-friendly than Benetint, which is thin and watery and kind of stains the nanosecond it hits your skin. I was never that good at Benetint, even though it’s, I think, one of Benefit’s ongoing best-sellers. Posie gives you a few second window to blend. Nice P0sie. Good Posie.

3. It comes with a nail polish type applicator. Ignore this: spread onto cheeks with fingers instead. Actually don’t ignore it altogether, use it to apply the product to your index finger, which you will then place onto the fleshy part of your cheeks, and blend up and back, and pretty much all over the cheek. It will look Way Too Pink for a second, but will fade real fast, and you may, at this point, even re-apply. I do. It’s fun and I love really, really pink cheeks in winter. Adorable! Fresh! Girly!

4. It’s lurid, flamingo pink. Ignore this too: It’s sheer, universally flattering and is the perfect flush of pretty pinkness that is not too 8-year-old at all, and very appropriate if you are aged anywhere between, say, 0 and 115. 116 is pushing it. Plus, it seems to have a built-in glow mechanism. Not sure how. Just does.

5. It lasts. All day. No reapplying needed. No shit.

6. It’s also a lip stain. Score.

7. This beauty blogger has done a really very thorough appraisal, complete with images. I’ll let her take it from here.


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