I. Love. Greece.

I have a new gig writing for Expedia’s travel blog.

As you can imagine, it’s awful. They make me stay in nice places and see beautiful things and then I get to write about it. It’s the worst.

Anyway. Here’s my first piece, I wrote it on Greece. I just returned from there, ysee, and am quite the fan…

Thermal Springs SantoriniMe having a wonderful time despite the farty smell in the volcanic Santorini thermal springs.



I just returned from some time in Greece and wanted to rub everyone’s nose in it with a post about it. Sorry, I mean, recommend some things.

This is my fifth trip to Greece. I’ve been to the islands of Paros, Ios, Naxos, Santorini, Folegandros, Mykonos, Corfu, Zakynthos and of course, the capital, Athens, where I snuck into the Acropolis at night and had a frappe under the moonlight*.

Here are some of the things I’ve loved and advocate – because I love a recommendation when I travel – on my two favourite Greek islands, although Athens certainly gets a mention.

Handy and a little bit aggressive hint: Go in September. It’s the BEST time to go. The weather is perfect, the sea is at a delicious temperature and there are still enough visitors to make it buzz, but not the heaving crowds you get in July and August.




Folegandros frappeSonny, his thighs and I enjoying a frappe on sweet little Folegandros


Responses to this drivel: 5 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 5 )
  • Claire Chadwick : Mum's Closet

    THOSE THIGHS!!!!!! Yum!
    Oh and Greece looks pretty fab too 😉
    C x 

  • Elodie

    Those Expedia wretches! Seriously, they made a top-notch choice picking you Zoe. Your writing is so evocative; I felt like I was there, donkey excrement and all! x

  • Rebecca

    Oh man, I so need to get a job that makes me go to the greek island for holidays 😉

  • Mel

    I’m heading to Greece, courtesy of my husbands conference in May (WITHOUT MY KIDS!) Yes, this is a little bit exciting, and I have been tossing up whether to go all out and stay at Canaves in Oia. I think you’ve sold it! Thanks for the great article x

  • kris

    Oh no! Where has this article gone? Any way to please access it? thank you!

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