Ladystaches. Discuss.

Do you ever catch your face in a certain light and think, "Good GOD man!  I am the proprietor of a ladystache!"

I had one of those moments today. As usual I just altered the angle of my mirror and pretended it never happened.

Ladystaches of course, are those little faint moustaches we ladies get that kind of perch on the corner regions of our upper lip. They are not serious, nor are they something to get all obsessed about and start peering at your face in your compact at 45 degree angles in sunlight every chance you get and go create a blog called Ladystachette or anything wild like that. No, no, no. But if you are genuinely worried about it may I suggest not to pour hot liquefied wax on it, but rather you purchase a little home bleachy kit, like the ones our friend Andrea makes, and bleach your little ladystache until it’s all invisible like.

Trust me on the wax thing. *Whispered* I’ve seen what happens when girls wax their ‘stache; it grows back. In a kind of "more" way. Bleach better.


Donna knew the babies breath might
make her a laughing stock with her
big city friends, but in her heart
she knew she was going to be the most
beautiful bride there ever was, and that
was all there was to it.

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