Just say your skin is looking dull, thirsty and dry.

But also say you have no time for a thorough exfoliation and quick 10 minzo mask, which would make a walloping great difference, if I was to be honest about all of this.

So. Here's what I do: I mix in some lovely face oil with my foundation, and after mixing the two squirts of goo between my fingers nicely so they are relatively fond of each other, I apply it to my face using those very same fingers. I then take a foundation brush and paint on a touch more foundation where needed, which is amost definitely not around the crinkles/smile lines under the outer corner of my eyes, cause that's where all my dryness and thirstyness hang out playing Uno, so it's far better to keep the lush, dewy sheen caused by the addition of oil there instead. 

My products of choice for this face glowing recipe are Goe oil and MAC Face and Body foundation, although rosehip oil and any liquid foundation does the job real nice too.

Goe-Oil-102 (2)

Oily skinned dames may not want to do this trick for obvious reasons, (TOO! MUCH! SHEEEEEEEN!) but they still might want to mix in some moisturiser, primer or skin perfector/luminiser in with their foundation for some added glow, mightn't they.



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