Just pray the chemist is open later than 8pm.

I had a photo taken for a magazine last week*, and the night before I realised my hair was kind of red and faded and shit.

SO! What did I do?

Use a black or blue biro only, your time starts now.


A. Shrugged and went back to my balloon shape-making.
B. Ducked up to the chemist on Bondi road and bought a Napro Live colour in an unassuming brown shade.
C. Made a mixture of crumbled brown mascara and water, and poured it through my hair.
D. Canceled the photo shoot and booked in a game of golf instead, seeing as though I’d already told my boss I’d be in late.

If you chose A you are correct. However, as the question was not: How do I respond to my flatmate telling me she has just sold all of my belongings so that could get a new spoiler, some subwoofers and a metallic ‘Violent Violet’ finish for her 1995 Excel, you’re in the wrong quiz.

The answer is of course B. Cause MAN, I’d forgotten how easy these little packets of brown goo were! Not wanting to disrupt my real Life Colourist’s work, I just left it in for five minutes, and that was enough for a refreshed colour and lots of shine.

Point: Cheap. Quick. Easy to find. Great for emergency weddings/dates/job interviews etc when you haven’t had time to get to your colourist for a semi, EVEN if you’re a totally sophisticated grown up and you don’t use Packet Hair Colour, thank you very much.

*The photo was for a little story on my novel, which I will joyously reveal to you is called Air Kisses, and is on sale June 30 and is about four women living in NYC, one who is a lawyer, one who is a PR mogul, one who works at an art gallery and one who is a sex columnist. It’s going to be unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever read or seen before.)


See? Just look how awesome and natural my new colour is.

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