Jude Law is…. Jude Dior.

Ol mate Jude is the new face of Christian Dior men’s fragrance portfolio!


Oh, and Justin Timberlake? Guerlain.

Clive Owens is the face of Lancome homme EDP, obviously, and Pete Doherty is the spokesmodel for Revlon Charlie.*

I must admit I’m still getting used to this Perfume Man Face business. I don’t know why, obviously they’re Good Looking Famous People, and deserve a cosmetics contract just as much as the ladies, but I don’t know, in my mind when it comes to spokesmodels for fragrances, I still usually think, "Charlize, ok, Chloe Sevigny, you bet, Kate Moss, yep,  Nicole Kidman, mm-hmm, Scarlett, makes sense, Justin Timberlaaa… um… Oh look! Eyeliner. Eyeliner good. Use it. Use it some more. More!"

Who’ll be next? Orlando Bloom? Pete Wentz? Mr T? Zac Efron?

(That was kind of rhetoric and kind of conversational whitebait.)

*If you believe this, you are sillier than suede on a soaking wet day.

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