Hey, man, we went to Hayman!

I know, what a brilliant blog title. No wonder I won the 2015 Blogger of the Year*.

But look, I know you’ve been wondering if you should check out the One & Only Hayman Island, it’s all you ever talk about with your friends, so I wanted to share with you my review of it, the latest “job” in my role as Expedia’s Cutest and Most Adorable King of Travel. (Self-titled.)

I went there with my husband (ooooooh, Zoe’s got a huzzzz-band) in December because as fun as it is to travel with a toddler, sometimes it’s fun to drink cocktails at noon, and read books and sleep on a holiday.

With these ludicrous fantasies in mind, my husband and I left our small human with his grandyhuman and nicked off.

We flew into Hamilton Island, then onto a brand new luxury launch to Hayman. We (“I”) arrived famished so went straight to the poolside restaurant, Aquazura, trying not to notice the 4000 small children splashing around the pool as we were seated. (Partly cos we already missed our own little guy, but also because: romantic getaway).


Crisp chardonnay, a kilo of fries (and some fish, I suppose) and some creamy fig and honey gelato revitalized our weary bodies, and woozy and happy, we headed to our room for a nap. A NAP. In the afternoon! With no alarm or small baby to wake us! Goodness! Such living dangerously! Much craziness!


Said room was completely fantastic with a side of amazing. We were in a stunning all-new villa, complete with an inside-outside atrium in the middle, which boasted a sexy pool and a little bar, and also the trees and the sky. I got a real kick walking from the bathroom (enormous bathroom, dream bathroom) outside past the pool, and back inside to the fully beachfront bedroom and sitting area. This might be because it reminded me we were in warm, tropical far north Queensland, where you can have indoor-outside living, (as opposed to Melbourne, where winter spans between 8 and 15 months a year) and it actually works, but it also might be because I’m six years old.

Read the rest of my review here.

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*Criteria: worst puns and laziest posting schedule.

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Responses to this drivel ( 1 )
  • Maddy

    Zoe I’m really impressed to read this review cos it’s genuine and clearly very honest. Good onya for having integrity and writing the review based on your actual experience 🙂

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