Everyone’s playing sidesies with their hair.

And by everyone, of course, I mean "some famous people" which are the only people I care about on this blog, because frankly, non-famous people ought to be ashamed of themselves and start being more famousy. I would like to see a world where there is one Kim Kardashian per post code at least.

Back to hair!

This hair, specifically, which we saw on Ms Heidi Klum last week at the VMAs…



And then today on Ms Scarlett Johanso, Johansse, Johansson, at the premiere of Hitchcock.


And of course, Lady Rihanna, although hers, unlike the birds above, is created via undercut and weave, rather than blow-drying the hair, then popping in some clever little braids or plaits from the one side of the head, winding two-thirds around the back of the head where some tricky bobby-pinning tucks their ends under the long, blow-dried other half of hair, and is bound to be around for about 11 more seconds before she tires of it and tries something new. Quick! Enjoy while you can. 


Me? I like sidesies.

Have always liked one-sided hair looks, from vintage deep-parts with finger waves to the gritty, pretty Alexander Wang low plait that was huge a few years back. I will be giving it a go myself sometime real soon.

Sure, it's a bit sassy '80s, but so are the Pointer Sisters and there's nothing wrong with them.



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