Everyone should get the chance to be me.

So says Paris ‘Pazza’ Hilton, who has just "created the world’s hottest hair extensions" with Sally Beauty in the US. Curiously, this is her second shot at hair extensions, her first were called, don’t laugh, Dreamcatchers. (As opposed to drinkingstraw catchers, or lipgloss catchers, both of which are more appropriate.)

Paz’s hair extensions are fairly rudimentary looking to me, especially compared with some of the other clip-in extensions out there (Original Diva, Headline Hairpieces for a start) but, well, Paz says they’re hot, who’s to argue? (They cost $80 and they only come in one straight, 18cm length, so maybe someone disenchanted by those limitations might.)

Aside of the excellent opening copy on the website, and the criminal overuse of the word hot within said website, the thing that makes me strikes me as most amusing in this whole venture is that Paris’s extensions usually look, uh, kind of un-hot. She’s much cuter with short hair. Agree? See Visual aids for decision making assistance.


Visual Aid 1.0: Bad hair and Visible Extension Line. (EVL.)


Visual Aid 2.0: Cute, chic hair.
(And the cool, coloured style of sunglasses we’ll all be wearing next summer.)

See, the key to extensions, I think, is to have them professionally fitted and cut so that they look foxy and thick and long, but most crucially, natural within the frame of your natural mop.

Incidentally, Jessica Simpson’s brand of clip-in extensions, Hair Do, offers roughly 675 more options and lengths and styles than Paris’s. Just saying.

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