Australian Beauty Best-sellers: Priceline, part one.

If you’re anything like me (wide, four wheels, red paint) you are nosy and curious about what other people like. At cafes I ask what the most popular dishes are, and at gelato shops the most famous flavour, and in foreign countries I need to go to the most popular restaurant. I even ask my hairdresser which hair cuts and colours are most popular at the present, not because I want them, but because I am annoying.

So, I’ve decided to ask beauty brands and retailers what their best-sellers are. Partly because of aforementioned nosiness, but also because I am fascinated as to what you rascals spend your money on. Oh sure, I can sit here on my camel and tell you what to use and buy, but you will of course do precisely as you please when it comes to what you like and need and what interests you enough to spend your lollies on.

I’m starting with Priceline, because they are a terrific indicator of the General Population: we all shop there.

These are the makeup products that smoked their cash registers for the past 12 months, but I’m guessing you already know this, cause you contributed to it, you spendy little squids.

Here is part one:

FOUNDATION: Nude By Nature Mineral Cover in Medium 


My word! And here I was thinking mineral foundation had enjoyed its moment in the sun. Not even nearly. My niece uses this and claims it “covers everything” perfectly without looking too makeuppy. I’m a diehard liquid foundation fan (Nude also do one of those) so have never tried this.

PRIMER:  L’Oreal Base Magique Smooth Primer


I know and like this one. Little bit goes a long way, pores look smaller, makeup stays put, the use of silicon makes it glide on like velvet and fine lines are nicely filled in before you splunk on your foundation.

CONCEALER: Maybelline Concealer Cover Stick in Medium


Still going! I was using this in high school. A classic concealerwith a waxy base ideal for concealing pimples, the scars thereof and redness. Not for use under the eyes – you need something creamy there as the skin is basically oil-free and needs all the moisture it can get.

BRONZER: Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer in Sun Bronze


Another classic, faintly luminous, and with a very fine powder for a sink-into-the-skin finish, (not to mention the <$20 price tag) I get why this one is still smashing it. Apply lightly, is the key. You should never be able to see bronzer… you just look …healthy… a bit tan. Glowing.


EYELINER:  Maybelline Master Precise Liner in Black


Well I am impressed. Thin-nibbed liners are not the easiest thing to get used to, and even uneasier to remove if you make a mistake, but clearly you guys have managed it, because of all the liners – gel, pot, kolh, pencil – this is your favourite. So well done. Now let’s all wear winged liner to celebrate.

Do you buy these things?

Check your handbag, you might.

Part two in a couple of days. Til then, behave and NO PULLING YOUR SISTER’S HAIR.

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