The real reason your lips are so dry.

Is probably the same reason mine are: because you keep blowing kisses to your millions of teenage fans.

But bizarrely, there are other reasons for our lips to become dry.

Other reasons as to why no matter what you use, and what you do, your lips are tight, flaky, dry and essentially, showing you physically how furious at you for not tending to them properly or protecting the properly in the first place (from heat, heaters, wind, cold, snow, the sun or too much making out), and failing to buying them that pony you continue to promise them even though you know the yard isn’t big enough.

1. You have been using a lip barrier, not a lip balm.

And chances are that barrier is full of petroleum, which is a mineral oil derivative, and which I will not sanction if you are genuinely serious about healing dry lips, because IT WON’T DO SHIT. All it can hope to do is act like cling wrap over your lips, a film of thick grease. But it can not add moisture or encourage hydration. It just can’t. So sure, if your lips are in cracking shape and you are about to go out into the wind, load up. But if they are sore and cracked and painful, don’t mistake that lubricating feeling for moisturisation, cause only a dingus would do that, and I’ve seen your report card, and you’re no dingus.

2. You have used cosmetics that are drying.    

Like most lipsticks and glosses, sadly. Gosh, some are just the WORST aren’t they? Such a G-damn shame too, because the colour, texture and finish might be outstanding, but the next day your lips are ripped to shreds with creases and cracks. I wore one of my favourite red long-last lipsticks to dinner the night before my wedding because my skin was looking terrific thanks to 400 facials and red lips was all I wanted/needed, and it was a very very very bad idea because the day of my wedding my lips were a mess. Idiot.

But it’s not just lip products. Often you can involantarily swipe some BB cream or foundation or even moisturiser (especailly those with AHAs) over your lips and that can cause havoc. Gone are the days when people like me with blogs like this would tell you to press concealer all over your lips before applying lipstick, because all that does is dry the HECK out of your lips. (You’d use a lip primer or just a nude lip pencil instead.)

3. You are dehydrated.

Whenever I’m having my makeup done and have dry lips (“most of the time”) two times out of three the makeup artist will scold me for not drinking enough water. The lips are one of the first places on the body to show a lack of water in the system, so pay heed. Also, think about what you’ve been doing when next you have dry lips, it’s viable you’ve been depriving your body of water, whether from too many blankets at night, or travel, or partying. It will take a day or so to get them back on track, and get those water levels up in the body, so start sipping, man.

4. The environment is walloping you.

Heaters in winter, air con in summer, snow, wind, sun, salt… it’s almost like the earth has shares in Burt’s Bees.The thing is to be prepared: prevent rather than treat. So before you even board that plane, or head of for a day at the beach, or settle down in front of that roaring fire (you are a Girl Guide’s leader, right?), think lips. Protect and nourish them with a lovely moisturising lip balm (or even barrier at this stage if you are so inclined.) And of course, use SPF for all day time/sun activities. Otherwise you get burnt lips, aged lips and maybe – if you’re real lucky – a cold sore.

5. You keep licking them.

Have some self-restraint for God’s sake. It’s the lip equivelant of giving a drunk girl more tequila because she’s thirsty. Don’t do it.

When you find yourself with very irritated, very dry lips, I recommend:

Sipping a litre or two of water over the next couple of hours. Not gulping as you’ll just wizzwozz it all out.

– Taking a warm, damp face cloth and gently, so gently, exfoliating your lips by massaging the cloth over them in small circles. Some will tell you to use a toothbrush for this. Ignore them. They are morons.

– Smearing some (manuka if possible) honey to the lips and letting it sit for 10 minutes.

– Press it into the lips so it’s all gone, then apply a nourishing lip balm of your choice.


I would love to recommend a bunch of great lip balms at this point, (I won’t be recommending a certain red tube which is petroleum based and although great for cuticles, bites and rashes, is not healthy for or useful for the lips) but to be very honest, I’m pretty disenchanted with the whole category. None seem to work for me, and I have tried, I would think, more than the average woman due to my job/travels/the first question I ask any skin or makeup expert what they use and then buying it.

Currently I am using Lanolips 101 ointment which I like for its thickness, and I also have a Lavera stick in my bag for when I inevitably leave the Lanolips in a pocket, or on the floor of the car. And I like the Mecca Lip De-Luscious SPF 25 too, it’s creamy and a bit shiny and glossy, although generally I don’t wear ones with SPF at night.

Lanolips 101 Ointment


What do you use?


Will it fix me? 

Responses to this drivel: 103 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 103 )
  • Elina

    I love Lanolips!
    I’ve also recently discovered the Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment. Similar appearance to Lanolips 101, not quite as thick, but has added benefit of smelling minty & delicious.

  • Sandy

    I find that Dermalogica Age Smart Lip Renewal does a cracking job of healing and soothing cracked dry lips.

  • cass

    I have to disagree with drinking more water thing and I am fairly sure I have read about that being a “beauty myth” somewhere. Eating healthily in general is good for your skin of course but I reckon the environment has the most effect on your lips. Especially the sun. Right now I live in a very dry and sunny climate and my lips are always terrible. Living in a cold climate it was always worst during the cold, dry winter. In humid Sydney they were fine. I drink loads of water and this does nothing.

  • Sinéad Elizabeth

    I’ve been on a low dose of Roaccutane for 9 years, and as a result my lips are HORRENDOUSLY dry and cracked. Often they start bleeding.
    But Blistex (especially the Intensive Repair stuff that comes in the blue container) has been a Godsend. It’s absolute gold. It makes my angry, cracked, bleeding little lips all lovely and soft.
    It doesn’t have any long-lasting effects though (probably because of the Roaccutane), so I always carry some with me.

  • Miss_5ft0

    Love Lanolips, and I’m also liking the new Nivea lip butter in caramel cream. Cheap as chips and smells so good too!

  • Kasia

    I use oils. Rosehip or Coconut. They soak in and work a treat!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    This is so interesting and good to know. My lips are always dry. I put on lip balm every hour or so to keep ’em hydrated.

  • Mette

    Zoe, Zoe, you always bang on about Burts Bees. No mention here, how come? I’ve finally managed to replace all my blistexs (I’m a lip balm per bag/pocket/hand kind of girl).

  • fruity

    Not a myth, dear Cass. The skin on our lips is thinner than the skin everywhere else, so if your body is dehydrated on the inside, the effects WILL show outside – namely on your lips, but also think about when you get dry, crinkly skin after long flights, or too much moisture-sucking dry air or heaters at full blast or a big night on the booze – your skin always shows externally what’s happening internally, and the lips are nay exempt.

    • cass

      I think what I really meant is that it’s not so common to be dehydrated as we think! obviously long haul flights and binge drinking are special cases of actual dehydration. but drinking loads and loads of water on a regular day will mostly just make you pee a lot. anyway I’m happy to say i’ve been using Carmex for a couple weeks and my lips are in their best shape in months! not sure if it’s available in Aus though!

  • Mel

    I get dry cracked lips ALL THE TIME. In fact, I can’t wear lipstick as I end up with bleeding lips before the end of the day. The only thing that I have found that works, and believe me I have tried lots, is the Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm. Love the stuff, have many of them.

  • Katie

    Wise words, Foster

  • ella

    i too would scoff at cheap-o chemist brands like nivea, but this particular balm they do is AMAZING.
    living at the beach, having been on roaccutane and my obsession with Mac Ruby Woo (probably the most drying lipstick of all time) has meant i’ve had to get very serious about lip care. i have tried eeeeverything and for an everyday nourishing, moisture replenishing balm, this stuff is a dream come true.
    try try try i urge you.

  • Carisma

    I have a Maybelline Baby Lips stash, is this a goody or a baddie?

  • Nicola

    MECCA’s lip de-luscious SPF 25. Unreal. Seriously unreal. Tastes like marshmallows, and actually amazingly works works works. This coming from someone who couldnt open her mouth fully in the morning because my lips were sealed shut, stuff is un-bel-ievable.
    Also the honey thing, kind of ends up with me licking my lips, ridiculous I know, but oh, so delicious.

  • Carisma

    Oh and I managed to find one of the last Lanolips Mulberry at an airport Chemist at Easter! Love it, so bittersweet though considering I will never be able to get another!

  • Ira

    Natures Care Paw Paw balm… like the red tube- minus the petrochemicals… with jojoba and macadamia oils and shea butter… 🙂

  • Sarah

    Off topic but I have a question about Omnilux.
    I’ve become just a little too devoted to it. My skin just laps it up but at $90 a session, I cant really afford to do it as much as I’d like.
    Ages ago Zoe did a post about the handheld version. They’re not the easiest to find but I think I’ve found a place where I can get one.
    My question is whether they are relly worthwhile and what’s the different between the at home version and the salon experience (other than size, obviously). Is one stronger than the other?

  • fruity

    I have just fallen for this product too! I treat it more as a lip gloss than a balm, but I enjoy the hybrid benefits all the same.

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for this post Zoe, I have my suspicions about that red tube… I use The Body Shop’s Hemp Lip Protector every night. It smells (tastses?!) a bit rank but is perfect in winter. Their Vitamin E lip balm stick is also great for during the day.

  • Sarah

    I read a few beauty bloggers raving about the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm, so I decided to give it a go. I’ve been using for a few months now and it is wonderful! A slightly odd consistency, but it has done wonders for my poor flaky and chapped lips, especially if I put a nice blob on overnight.

  • Sophie

    The Natralus Paw Paw ointment is a god send! Petroleum free, choc full of nourishing oils, paw paw and lanolin. It’s like lanolips on steroids.

  • Eleanor

    The only substance that has ever worked as lip balm for me is pure lanolin, so I go into the chemist once every six weeks and buy a tube of Lansinoh nipple salve. I do get some funny looks from mums when I apply it in public, but this last seasonal change my lips have been uh… nipple-soft. It’s very sticky and not much fun, but you don’t have to reapply it all the time, and if you slather it on before bed you’ll have a new mouth in the morning. Thanks, sheep!

  • louana/louweeez

    2009 was the year and not being able to find the perfect lip balm was my first introduction to a cheeky witted girlie on Primped, it was the first I ever read of yours Zoe (I have followed you since)and you STILL haven’t found the Perfect Lip Balm.
    I use Ayrtons Antiseptic Cream (to some known as magic pink cream, find it in the burns ointment section at the chemist) I use it at night, rubbing a bit in to keep my lips moist thru the night. Day time use Alpha Keri lip balm SPF30+ which ain’t too sticky or transfers off (too much) and smells like icecream!

  • Louise

    I love Malin and Goetz lip moisturiser. A little bit goes a long way, and it actually relieves my lips. I find it also lasts quite well on your lips. Probably the only lip moisturiser I see results from, give it a go!

  • Laura

    Jurlique Love Balm is the best, the absolute BEST lip product!!! Works immediately and smells incredible and just feels like a salon treatment. Love, love it! I’ve tried hundreds (that get lost at the bottom of a handbag somewhere) and Jurlique have the best lip product hands down. Burts Bees are great too. At night if they are ridiculously dry I will put rosehip oil on my lips then the Love Balm and by morning my lips are happy again. Even when out in the snow skiing all day.

  • Kylie

    I use a Suvana product. Certified, organic paw paw & honey balm, which states it is petrochemical free…please don’t burst my bubble and tell me it’s no good…

  • Ms J

    I have discovered that no matter how fantastic one balm is, I must rotate the balms on my sons lips in order for them to be effective for a whole winter. I have a countless number QV, burts bees, and a few non petroleum hemp and pawpaw balms. I will try this manua honey but I fear a seven year old will just lick it off 🙂

  • fruity

    It’s great!

  • fruity

    Proof that perhaps it IS just my lips, then.

  • fruity

    Hmm. Look the handheld can be great if you’re dedicated (it’s a bit… clumsy/time consuming.) I would say hold off on the Omni treatments until you really want great skin, for an event or some such thing, then go hard. Or use a bunch in a row with some peels as a program twice a year maybe?

  • Lucy

    Agreed I’ve yet to find a holy grail lip care product – hence I have a billion and one different items, however current faves are: Carmex (I always have a pot of this somewhere – also heals cracks in the side of my mouth when those happen – pretty much just use it at night though), Lanolips 101 – awesome handbag staple, doubles as a gloss, various lip balm sticks, mostly Burt’s Bees (mango is my favourite), and also 1SkinSolution do brilliant lip balm sticks too. I’m also really loving the Sukin Lip Treatment (though I have to remind myself not to eat it all off my lips as it smells and tastes SO good!), and I also just bought Nuxe lip balm to try after reading all of the raves.
    *special mention needs to go to the now difficult to find Shizen Lip Hydrating Serum – that stuff was brilliant layered under a heavy balm for an intensive treatment!

  • Ali

    Caudalie Lip Conditioner – DO IT. I haven’t seen it in Australia, but I’m sure you can buy it online and ship it over. It’s the best, I’ve been using it for years and cannot fault it. It’s probably the only beauty product I’ve bought 5+ times.

  • Kate Coleman

    Arbonne lip moisteriser…amazingly nourishing…anti-oxidants and the like. Their lipsticks are very moisterising too.

  • Sarah

    Zoe have you tried La Roche Posay’s ceralip treatment? I have the world’s worst lips and I actually feel this soaking into my lips and making them so much more comfortable. I highly recommend and I like that it doesn’t have much fragrance (if any) so it doesn’t aggravate already sensitised lips. The best product I have found! Don’t know where to buy in store but I get mine from escentual.com – please try it I really think it can help!

  • han

    I *used* to be a big partier and would end up on Mondays with super hot, red, dry, cracked lips. I find the same thing now happens after skiing for a weekend if I’m not super vigilant about applying balm.
    Anyhoo, the only lip balm that has ever worked for me is Bobbi Brown’s Lip Balm (in the silver tin). It has SPF in it and heals my lips like a magic wand. Totally amazing and worth the slightly gasp worthy price.

  • Celia

    Slightly devoed at the revelation my beloved red tube is all petrochemically. I have been a devotee for years and loved intensely – although, I must say, I mainly loved its multipurpose nature rather than astonishing lip ability, as my lips arent particularly problematic (when it comes to sunburn, rashes or insect bites though, aint nuthin better!) What I do love with a fiery passion are lanolips glosses with their moisturisy loveliness and spf and pretty colours. I’d usually whack on some lanolips and use red tube cream on top as barrier. For moisturising, I reach for the honey every time.
    Maybe you should try some advice a hairstylist once told me on a shoot – “In my culture, if you put heavy moisturiser in your bellybutton, your lips will naturally become more moisturised.” (He was deadly serious). Call me craycray but I’m calling bullsh*t on that one haha 🙂

  • Adrienne

    I like Oralife Peppermint lip treatment. They use it in hospitals for patients with dry lips and even for dry mouth. Minty fresh!
    You ca buy it at pharmacies.

  • Marie

    Elizabeth Eight Hour Cream for me. Full of petroleum and tastes like sh*t but I swear by it!

  • Clare

    I use this as well. It is fantastic! I’ve always had dry lips and this is the only thing I have found to work

  • Chels

    Aesop Rosehip seed lip cream. CHANGED MY LIFE. Heals my horribly cracked and dry lips quickly. I use it in the morning and evening, and Suvana pawpaw / honey (yellow tube one) during the day.

  • Alana

    Hi Zoe, I’m finally getting towards the end of my 8 hour cream, and will be going off the nightly Vaseline lip-slather after reading this! What are your thoughts on these, particularly the first one? http://www.trilogyproducts.com/products/rosehip-oil-lip-balm/# and http://www.trilogyproducts.com/products/everything-balm-45ml/#. The ingredients look ok to the untrained eye, but then I have been running with 8 hour cream for the best part of a decade by now : (

  • Kat

    Definitely the Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm. Amazeballs! Not mojito scented unfortunately but then again it is a party for your lips! (But fingers crossed not the kind of party where you get drunk and it’s all great and then the next day is regret. So so much regret.)

  • Steph

    My lips were falling off with dryness lately and I tried everything, all my usual failsafes didn’t work and I find the happy paw paws just wear off within minutes. Then I remembered my NZ friend who always buys Amolin baby cream whenever she gets here as she swears by it, pulled out a tube as I have a little midget at home and low and behold they were fixed the next day. Its awesome stuff, the fact I have always called it bum cream is a little ick but who cares it works!

  • Kate

    RED PAW PAW: THE WORST! Was so happy when a couple of years ago I was told by a make up artist how terrible it was for your lips after I was using it every night thinking I was doing the right thing. Been spreading the word ever since!

  • Jess

    Second the Aesop lip cream, as it just hydrates and sinks into the skin.
    Lanolips 101 Ointment has been my staple for years now, since it came out on the market, although since having a little one, I discovered a cheaper version “Lansinoh” which is exactly the same thing and much more affordable.

  • Jess

    Me too!! I sometimes get odd looks when people see me pull the big tube out of my handbag, but it is so good. I had been buying the Lanolips 101 for a few years, and after having a little one discovered that this is exactly the same, I can get it in a bigger and smaller size and so much more affordable. Great as a cuticle treatment. Oh, and works a treat as an actual nipple cream to for any breastfeeding mummas

  • Ness

    Dr Haushka lip balm, the one in the little pot. Totally awesome!!! I’m a lip product junkie and nothing compares to this 🙂

  • Alice

    Nuxe Rieve de Miel is the best ever and I have chronic dry DRY lips. Although, it is really thick and leaves my lips looking a little white so I don’t use it out. Just at night and around the house/whilst getting ready.
    Suvana Honey/Paw Paw is great too but so hard to find.(A Zoe recommendation obvs).
    I have so many lip balms and these two are pretty much the only ones I don’t have to reapply constantly (Nuxe lasts ALL night).

  • Jogirl

    Hello Darling Queen Fruit!
    Lanolips is the bomb..have used it ever since I read about it in your awesome book, I mean bible. Have about 4 tubes floating around in the car, handbag and pockets..love the stuff.
    Now, I know you are super busy being all wise and important as you are..but I have a major problem and maybe just maybe you can answer it in a post as I am super confused and need any help you can give me.
    I use the following stuff on my face daily..Moisturiser (Cetaphil one as have sensitive skin), Rosehip Oil (Trilogy, fabulous, on your recommendation) and Snoxin..and here lies the problem..which goes on 1st, 2nd & 3rd. I have no idea..can you help this desperate dame out please Zoe.
    Thanks so much, and thanks for all your rad advice.

  • Mel

    I use bepanthen (which is for nappy rash), was recommended by a chemist (only 5 bucks!). I smear it on at night and it works a treat. I wear lipstick all the time. Please don’t tell me it’s no good for me… 🙁

  • Nicole

    I can’t wear any kind of lip balm product as I always seem to end up with massive cystic breakouts on my chin. For this reason, I usually wear lipstick. EXCEPTION….I can use the Nutrimetics Apricot Oil Lip balm, with a SPF of 18 too. Don’t know what’s different about it, but its the only one that works.
    My 20 year old daughter swears by Savex to heal her lips.

  • Adrienne

    Yeah, I use it every morning and at night before bed at least. I think it helps to prevent as well as treat dryness. And not expensive either!!

  • Adrienne

    Yep, hate it!!

  • Sam

    Every woman in my extended family carries a tube of Amolin in their handbag for this exact reason. You might get some weird looks when you pull it out, but your lips will be so luscious you won’t care.

  • Allison

    Yes! Lasinoh! Its nipple ‘cream’/ balm for breastfeeding women! I started using it years ago after discovering it when breastfeeding my eldest….boy do I get some funny looks when I pull that tube out of my handbag!!!

  • kimmyfitz

    This has come at the best time for me!! CANNOT. STOP. LICKING. My poor, dry lips!! Thanks for the tips Zoe 🙂

  • Steph

    I use a lip balm my Dad has been making since the 80s and it’s amazing. I’d share it with you, except no matter how many times I ask, he won’t give up the recipe…sneaky! Far out it’s good though. Failing that Lanolips 101 ALL THE WAY.

  • Melanie

    I’m not Zoe (clearly…) but I’ve used the everything balm and didnt like it. I found the texture too slippery and ended up smearing down my chin. Non hygienic pot too. If you’re looking for something organic, I highly rate the Sukin lip balm.

  • Mel

    Off topic, but can you please do a post on what you do for exercise? You always look so glowy and healthy! Do use machines or any gym classes? X

  • Jess

    Zoe darling, I totally hear you on this topic!!!
    My lips have been prone to dryness for as long as I can remember. I have tried soooo many balms. My Nanna always used to make me use lanolin. Yuck!
    My absolute favourite, moisturizing balm off all time is SW Basics (formerly known as Sprout). Handmade (in Brooklyn), with only 3 ingredients (all of which are organic). Not sticky, just nice and smooth. Totally inoffensive taste.
    Seriously, I love the shit out of it. Nothing else moisturises, softens and prevents splitty, sore lips like this simple product. There are flavours but I prefer the regular version.
    From a long time tester of all dry lip products,
    Jess xx

  • Sarah

    A great one to try is Bepanthen, its main use it for breastfeeding mothers, buhhhtt its also great for lips. I use it to fix just about anything that goes wrong with my lips.

  • Angie

    I’m with you Marie! I put it on at night and wake up in the morning with soft lips. I was hoping it wasn’t bad but will probably still continue to use it as it does work for me!

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  • Kate

    Guys guys guys! Put the cracksticks down. If you’re using a barrier lip balm you may be keeping moisture out = dry lips.

    When I get really minging lips though, I use Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment. Always works.

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  • Sass

    That red paw paw stuff is the pits, good on you Zoe for actually being in the public eye and saying so! As some other readers mentioned, I use Suvana paw paw which… you guessed it I found after going on a search for something alternative after my lips broke out in these festering blisters after using the abovementioned product on two separate occasions- hot stuff!

    If I want some colour I use hemp organics organic lip tint in wine, its such a hit with my family and mates I’ve brought it in bulk for friends and family.

    I’m not keen to try that Mecca product.

  • Bella

    I am actually quite distraught. For three years I had been battling awful eczema on my lips. Finally I found Kiss My Face organic honey vanilla lip balm. In just a few days I went from lips that cracked and bled when I laughed to lips that were not just normal but soft and smooth. Perfect. I was in love. I went back to wegmans and bought three more tubes. I am now starting to run out of my last tube and I have been to wegmans three times but they seem to no longer stock the Kiss My Face Honey Vanilla. I finally broke down and bought Kiss My Face’s strawberry lip balm and it doesn’t work as well, but well enough that I can use the Honey Vanilla sparingly until I can order large quantities of it, lol. Now that I don’t use the honey vanilla regularly, my lips arent as bad as they were, they are more like regular chapped lips so I thought I’d just let everyone know what helped me, finally… Good luck!

  • AnnaTalksBeauty

    I’ve just come across your website and post on dry lips. Thank you for sharing your tips, I’ll be trying out the Lanolips for sure, as I have an on-going problem with dry lips in the winter and summer and it makes for a horrible base for any lipstick or gloss! Thoroughly enjoying reading your posts from start to finish. Anna

  • Sara

    I have said for years to friends to not use a certain red tube for lip gloss and made them read the ingredients! I am glad you said that as it proclaims to be natural and it’s far from! Thanks for your tips (I’m new here) and will be buying the Clarisonic today 🙂

  • Emily

    Stumbled across this post as I was applying the aforementioned red paw paw – yikes! Have been using that stuff for ages but never knew how bad it was! Thanks for opening my eyes Zo, will definitely be looking into some alternatives…

    I found an amazing natural lip balm a while ago by a little brand called ‘Koharu’ that I picked up in Cairns at their markets on the Cairns Esplanade. I’ve been looking on the internet on ways to pick it up as I’m based in Sydney but to no avail! Highly recommend if you’re from that area, they also do some beautiful organic goats milk soaps too! 🙂

  • Ozlicious

    Guinot’s Longue Vie Levres. RRP $56. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

    Creamy, hydrating, contains a prescriptive blend of 56 active ingredients, gorgeous hygienic pump packaging, toes the line perfectly between sinky-inny and stayey-onny, gives a lovely sheen to the lips, PREVENTS COLD SORES (I swear – it’s because it contains amino acids which form the protein lysine), ummmm just all round amazing. Plus, I have never pulled it out and used it without someone saying “ooooh what’s that? Can I have some? Omg that’s amazing! Can I have it? No? OK well where can I buy some? How much? Fifty-six bucks? Really? That seems excessive. Like no really, that’s crazy, who would spend that on a lip balm? *half an hour later* OK my lips feel amazing, I have to buy some of that.”.

  • Sugar Scrub

    I make a wicked sugar scrub to exfoliate my lips using olive oil, honey, sugar and essential oils like lavander, rose and many other for scent and glavour orsomething like aloe for extra healing!

  • Kate

    Hi Zoe!

    Possibly the toothpaste you are using contains an SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate)? Feel free to email me or check our website for more information/free samples!


  • Siobhan

    Zoe! I have the exact same problem! my lips get really dry, esp. in winter! I have tried every lip balm known to womankind and have finally found one that actually works!!!! clarins moisture replenishing lip balm-the girl at mecca maxima told me it was formulated especially for people that live in higher altitude areas/hikers etc. (not sure if that’s true but it was a good selling point ha!) seriously amazing lipbalm, you should check it out! xx

  • Annalisa

    My go to is Loccitane Shea Butter. It is the BEST thing i have ever used for dry skin/lips even a little bit in the ends of my hair. I over did the whole paw paw thing back in the 90’s and now have a little reaction to it when i use it. For all my sensitive skin sisters, shea butter is 100% shea- even picked by Ladies!

  • pincess-prom-dress

    My skin is usually very dry , so i have lipstick in my bag all year around , thanks for the face cream and lipstick you recommend to us , i will have a try

  • fruitybeauty | I’m launching my own skin care line.

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  • Chester

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    fantastic read. I appreciate it-Elena

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  • GG

    I’ve been using Clinque’s eye cream on my lips for a couple of years and it is WONDERFUL! Creamy smooth, plumped, moisturised, not a crack or flake insight.

    Put it straight onto your lips and also apply a thin film of eye cream OVER your lipstick. The cream sinks in through the colour and fixes it nicely in place for longer than I’ve ever been able to manage before. Enjoy!

  • Robin

    Try myecolips.com to create your own custom lip balm. You can leave out anything you know to be irritating (like peppermint and sunflower oil for me). Wonderful product, and lots of fun to create.

  • Kayla W.

    Is carmex a bad idea ??

    • hannah

      Kayla, i just stopped using carmex. I have extremely cracked lips and carmex just made it worse. But that’s just my opinion, as one of my friends absolutely loves it! Have you given Lanolips a try?? It’s a miracle worker

  • Helen

    My lips have been horrendously dry all my life basically, and now that I am on roaccutane it doesn’t help. BUT! Dermeze ointment has been the only thing that has ever really worked for me (don’t hurt me, it contains liquid paraffin and soft white paraffin). Also I ordered aquaphor healing ointment from iherb, it’s sold in the US, however I find dermeze that little bit better. You can buy it from blooms pharmacy. Hope that can help some people! I have tried every single balm, cream, ointment you can name!

  • Eve

    The honey and wash cloth trick just saved my lips… I’ve had a dry patch on them for about a week and it was driving me insaneeeee and now it’s completely gone! Thank you for sharing from both me and my lips <3 xxx

  • Lindsey

    I used to be on and Acne medication called Acutane, 4and boy was it brutal. The medication goes in and shshuts down your oil making class causing dry skin. The dry skin was easy to deal with. However when my lips would swell, by red and a tomato, and have huge gashing cracks i had to find something. I tried Nivea, and it worked okay. I tried the intense care blistex and that worked really well. But my favorite was the vasaline hydrating lips chapstick. I swear by it. It saved my lips, that’s for sure! 

  • Maureen

    This is about dry lips. I have Sjogren’s Syndrome, autoimmune dryness disease. I discovered almost three years ago that I had an allergy to bees wax and I blamed this for years of pain. I have been using Aquaphor since and my lips, while having skin layers slough off regularly, have been almost painfree – till suddenly three days ago, the pain was back in force and my lips are sticking together though, unlike with most here, they don’t crack or bleed. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could try now?

  • Jen

    Make sure you’re getting enough B-12 in your diet. I’m on a weight loss diet and take B-12 tablets. I ran out a few weeks ago, and couldn’t figure out why my lips were so dry and wrinkly and just weird feeling. Started taking the B-12 again, and my lips went back to normal in a few days.

    • Kate

      B vitamins fix dry lips!!! Whenever my lips are cracked it’s an indication that I need to take a B vitamins (I take a total B-vitamin supplement) and two days of loading up on B’s and my lips are no longer dry! Heal inside and outside fixes itself!

  • Destiny

    I recently went to Opryland hotel in Nashville TN, with some friends. Me and all of them are now experiencing a bad case of dry lips!! Our lips are dry and they also hurt. Do you know what is causing our lips to be so dry? Plz help!!

    • Susan

      Did you ever find out what caused this and if anything helped? My family has the same problem. Hubby got dry lips then one by one the rest of the family. All 7 of us within a few weeks. Can’t find anything to help. 

  • Rachel

    Lanolin is sheep sweat. Carmex is petroleum. I saw at least one other comment mentioning Arbonne, and I will definitely second that! I’ve always been a “product girl” and was always looking for the newest and best..until 7 years ago when I found Arbonne. The hunt ended then and there. They have the best, EVERYTHING for beauty (over 400 products!) Hands down. I love(d) it so much, that I was recommending it to everyone, so ultimately decided to become a consultant, as that’s what I was basically doing without getting paid, so it made sense for me. I’m happy to give some free skin care samples! (And when you buy, there’s a 45 day money back guarantee, so, even if you use it all, you can get your money back if you aren’t totally smitten..but, trust me, you will be! Nothing better anywhere!) Available in US, Australia, UK, Poland, Canada, Taiwan.

  • Jasmine

    Ive had dry lips for almost a few months and so eveeveryday every few hours i would apply this red tube of moistorizer and so it helps for a bit but then after a while i would have to apply it again and my dryness will not go! I dont know what to do. Im worried if lip balm wont do the job

  • Anindita Rudra

    I have cheilitis in my lips. I have been suffering for the last 5-6 months.I have tried having vitamin medicines and also applied ointments and coconut oil.sometimes it cures and then again it appears.My lips are drying badly.Specially upper lip edges.Can anyone help me please

  • Casey

    Hands down, best product I have ever used on my lips is nipple cream. The stuff they give breastfeeding moms when their nipples get sore, cracked and dry. Any brand is okay, but Lansinoh is the one I used. Made for this problem (albeit in a different location), safe enough for a baby’s mouth. Great for the lips.

  • Phil

    I use Aquaphor, its a little pricey but not too bad. Tried loads of stuff but this has so far worked the best, better than vasaline. Even vasaline was better than many many chapsticks. Blistex did nothing at all and was a pain to keep putting on with no visible improvement. Basically my lips dry and crack all the time routinely. Even if I water them by sipping a few moments later they are dry again. With Aquaphor if I regularly apply it I found I can go a long while without problem. Doesn’t quite solve it though.

    I live in the UK and the weather is not bad but I think it gets too dry, winter being the worst. I’ve found that a humid subtropical climate like in southern Cyprus is best. It just keeps the water locked in which the UK and many other climates do not.

  • Chelly

    For years I’ve run to the containers of Carmex when the weather or other factors begin reaking havoc on my lips. You have to buy the balm in the screw top (yeah… the one you have to apply with a finger or alternate applicator) I’ve had others try the conveniently packaged versions and 90% of the time they were unsatisfied by results. It’s an idea for everyone (especially if you heard about something that typically has high success and terrible results for you). Turns out the carmex in the squeeze applicator added petroleum and one of those listed ingredients is rumored to be whale sperm (no the label does not say that, it’s listed scientifically, the person claiming this was unable to pronounce it but picked the accused ingredient out on the label) which I always meant to look up & verify out of pure curiosity. I haven’t tried the version I recently saw in a screw up applicator, i haven’t yet compared the ingredients, if you feel spunky make sure convienence doesnt equal extra ingredients angain by all means opt for the convenience. I prefer applying with my finger so I can gently massage into my lips as I ensure even & complete coverage

  • myglammpro

    I haven’t tried the version I recently saw in a screw-up applicator, I haven’t yet compared the ingredients if you feel spunky make sure convenience doesn’t equal extra ingredients again, by all means, opt for the convenience.

  • Brooke

    Ok ladies so my lips are ALWAYS dry! No matter what I do drink tons of water every day that is all i drink use lip balms that never seem to work for me. ive even wasted money on lip scrubs and masks never works! I am newly pregnant and heard using nipple cream works, so I bought some thinking it will sserve a dual purpose. Just recieved it and massaged it on my lips for about 6 mins as they were very dry it seems to work well! It absorbed into my lips well. I hope its as good as others have said. I have a horrible habit of licking and biting them desperately trying to break the habit!

  • April

    This is what the American Academy of Dermatology says. Now I don’t know what to believe. They say petrolatum is good and lanolin is bad. Ugh.

    Ingredients to avoid while your lips are chapped: To help chapped lips heal, stop applying lip products that contain any of the following:

    Flavoring: Cinnamon, citrus, mint, and peppermint flavors can be especially irritating to dry, chapped lips
    Octinoxate or oxybenzone
    Phenol (or phenyl)
    Propyl gallate
    Salicylic acid
    Ingredients that can help heal chapped lips: While some ingredients can irritate dry, cracked lips, others can help them heal. When looking for products to use on your chapped lips, dermatologists recommend ones that contain one or more of the following:

    Castor seed oil
    Hemp seed oil
    Mineral oil
    Shea butter
    Sun-protective ingredients, such as titanium oxide or zinc oxide
    White petroleum jelly

  • Annapurna Dwivedi

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • Mgb

    I think eating enough healthy fats should be added to your blog.

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