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The Girl Is Dreamy: Nicole Warne, AKA Gary Pepper Girl.

I was reading in Time magazine the other day (terrific opener, in anyone’s books) that most of us feel WORSE after looking at social media, rather than better.

Because, you know, everyone’s having The Best Life Ever, looking hot and being cool (making them the perfect temperature) and obviously and we’re in bed with hot chocolate stains on our pyjamas and pimple-reducing clay on our spots and a bloated stomach from too much pasta at dinner.

BUT! I disagree.

I find social media inspiring. I follow comedians who make me giggle, and writers who make me want to do better work, and I follow a handful of very select fashion babes who, rather like Ms BETTY DRAPER or Ms JOAN HOLLAWAY on Mad Men, inspire me to want to do my hairs and faces and wear a Pretty Outfit, as opposed to the dazzling jeans/trainers/stripy jumper uniform that is so popular with us stay at home writers.

One of these fashion babes, and all-round good guy and team member is Ms. NICOLE WARNE of Gary Pepper Vintage fame. I follow her, like half the universe, on Instagram (@garypeppergirl) and day after day I see her photos and swoon. She was heavily blessed before leaving Genetic HQ obviously, but she also has a terrific style and grace about her. She is fearless with colour, and always looks polished: two of my favourite things.

Watching her travel through Europe these past few weeks for various jobs and shoots, has made me itch to:

Cut my hair off to just above my collarbones again. (You’ll note she has gone shorter in these shots… this is after years of very long lovely hair. I applaud and support the “Journey” when you decide to go short. Baby steps.)

– Wear more red. Preferably while looking smoking hot while in Paris.

– Master the winged eye liner. Properly.

– Wear a lot of colour. Prints. White.

– Have someone nearby with a great camera at all times in case any one of these things ever occurs.

Here are some of my favourite recent shots.

As you’ll see, the girl is dreamy.

All images lovingly admired and then pinched from Gary Pepper. Go there for many more.

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