Stuff I’m loving, using and doing as a pregbot.

… Which means this isn’t a strictly beauty post, so a lot of you scoundrels can probably skip it and get back to more important things, like snake-charming and jellybean tasting.

BUT, for those who are interested, I wanted to list some of the things, that as a now quite heavily pregnant dame, I have found useful and great during this somewhat awkward stage of life.




Bras become a real pain in the tit in pregnancy. Forget all those sweet lacy triangle numbers and even your old reliable t-shirt bras: there are two orbs on your chest that seem to grow more every week, like mutating bacteria, and they are heavy, and they are annoying, and occasionally they are sweaty, and despite your husband’s delight and interest in them, they feel about as sexy as a the business section of the paper. Early on in the piece, when underwire was still feasible and didn’t make me want to throw shit, I loved the Bonds Microfibre Smooth It bra, and now, later on, I love their Maternity Contour Bra, which is a soft cup, but gives impressive enough lift and shape that you can wear it and not feel like the dogs are running all over the yard, all uncontrolled and loose. I also give the odd crop top a nod, but the shape they give is terrible, so it’s just for home wear.





Already a fan of NB, and the owner of several fun pairs of 574s, it was a bloody gift when I was told they were probably the best shoe for me to wear daily. My beloved Nike Balanzas and Frees were too unsupportive and bendy, and my Zara trainers and rad Maison Martin Margiela hi-tops (eg, my “dress sneakers”) stopped fitting a while back (due to swelling – cute!), so NB were the unwitting winners anyway. Due to the extra 15 kilos or so I have amassed on my front, my feet were killing me, and I also nabbed plantar fasciitis on my left heel (don’t be jealous) so I saw a podiatrist who put little heel lifts in (I always wanted to be Millhouse) then orthotics to help with the flat foot pain us preggos get. Don’t walk in pain, pregbots. Get your feet sorted and wear the right shoes. Also, wear the right SIZE of shoe: my feet have easily gone up 1.5 sizes, which is real fun and sexy in case you were wondering, so be honest about this, and don’t do what my primary school teacher, Mrs Clegg, did, which is jam your poor feet like stuffin’ in a dang turkey. I also just bought some slip-ons from Seed, in a size that seems enormous for me and yet somehow fits perfectly, because I needed something a bit dressier than bloody trainers, didn’t I? Speaking of Seed…

New Balance 574s


Maternity wear, for those who are yet to stumble down its confusing, bulbous path, is a terrifying world, full of cheap stretchy fabrics and unflattering boob-high waistbands and a complete lack of style in general. I am at a complete loss why some clever bird has not stepped up and created a range that Real Life women will actually wear and like, cos my GOD there is a market. As such, I avoid traditional maternity wear like it has a cold sore and is trying to kiss me. Instead, I go to places like Seed, who do great, normal clothing in very long lengths which means you can easily flip them into maternity gear. This sparkle knit below has been getting a real caning, for example. Country Road is also pretty good. Even Cotton On does a good longy.


Seed Sparkle Knit



I know I just dissed designated maternity wear, but ASOS is the exception. I started buying a few t-shirts and dresses off ASOS back in about my fifth month, when the bump was starting to pop, and have kept on with this trend roughly monthly, when my size changes so much, I need some more dedicated t-shirts and as I bought last round, leggings. YES, LEGGINGS. I know you’re not meant to wear leggings as pants, we all know that, but pregnancy affords special fashion consideration so put those judgy eyes away and show some empathy for ol’ fatty tum here. I also think their dresses are pretty great, for when you need to look glamorous but wish not to spend one million dollars at Zimmerman, which I did do about a month back, because it was fun and I needed a new dress for my baby shower, but you can’t be doing that every week.

ASOS Maternity Asos Maternity Dress Scarf Designasos-grey-asos-maternity


Oh, what a saviour. As someone who spends far too much money on J Brand jeans in real life, I was thrilled to be able to carry this trend through into preggo life.  I have two pairs of Mama J jeans, one black and casual, and one skinny and blue (for “dressing up” with booties or heels) and they are all I have needed. I found that – amazingly – I had to go down a size from my regular size, so when you’re trying on, keep this in mind. The elastic around the lower tummy will allow the bump to grow nicely, you don’t need to up-size for that. Just pay attention to how they fit on your thighs and arse and work off that. And sure, Beyonce wore Mama Js when she was up duff, whatever, no big deal, it’s not as though I want to be her and do everything she does always!!! And so what if I do.




I discovered these probably a month or two late, but oh, it’s such a dingin’ blessing to have discovered them at all. And look, in full transparency, I probably haven’t set foot in Kookai for about 10 years. But! Very glad I did. Because like those red and white circles at the beach, they certainly are their own brand of life-saver. I am slightly ashamed to admit I have now bought four, (they are $120 each, which I think is actually quite decent considering cost per wear/the fact they are pure wool) BUT I justify that with a book tour and lots of press for the launch of  my skin care range Go-To (ZOMG IT LAUNCHES NEXT WEEK!) and needing to look cute and dressed up when really all you feel like is wearing leggings and trainers and a big old t-shirt. They come in a pile of colours and different cuts, long sleeved, capped sleeves, low V-neck with a high back (I reverse these and get two looks in one dress) and so on, and look, getting to the point, if you are pregnant, I think you should just bloody go buy one. There. I said it. They don’t call me Straighttalkin’ Sally for no reason! Or ever in fact!

BlackKookai RedKookai



Many many pregbots will be gifted with a lovely face of hyper-pigmentation during their 9-10 months of baby-carrying and you can either let it take over, and shrug and watch it slowly buzz off when you have your baby, or you can keep a lid on it, and control it, and save a lot more work at the other end. I use either Aspect Extreme-C, Aspect Pigment Punch or SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator of a morning, under my face cream and/or physical sunscreen, then again at night. (I layer another serum on for hydration, as I mentioned in this serum layering post.) Also, I exfoluate with AHAs 2-3 times a week, using Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys, of course. And once a month, I go have a full-strength salon peel with either lactic or glycolic acid. This has been working. The pigmentation is still there but it is scattered, rather than clustered and deep, and my facialist totally gave me a scratch and sniff strawberry sticker last week for good work so I’m doing alright I reckon.

** Remember – the most crucial thing when you’re doing all this preventative pigment work and using acids is SUNSCREEN. And please make it a physical one. Many thanks.




I’m not going to pretend a few creams will save your arse (literally) from stretch-marks, because a lot of it is genetic, BUT, you should definitely do your best to keep that skin supple and elastic so that it can grow without pulling and tearing. It just makes sense. I have talked about what I’ve used previously and am still keeping up with that, although I can now reveal the body balm-oil I am using is my very own Go-To Exceptionoil, which, when warmed up between the hands and slathered on to the boobs, thighs or mega tum is delightfully nourishing and silky.




Terrific for sore joints, pelvis, back aches, calves etc… I skull a glass each day, and believe it has definitely made things better. I’m not sure if it helps with my swollen, sore, unbendy fingers and my enticing fat feet, or if anything can, but I remain hopeful.


These are kiiiiind of like Spanx, only they really are not, because there is nothing tight around the belly, just a lovely big pocket. No, these shorts are all about support of the pelvis, back and thighs, and circulation. They are not shapewear. I got mine at the physio and have worn them to DEATH. Especially when doing a lot of walking around or if I need to wear heels, because I like the tightness and the support. As a bonus, they are lovely and smoothing, and so are excellent under tight clothes, like my Kookai dresses. That they are called ‘Panty Maman’ is just a bonus, really.

Solidea Maternity Support Shorts


Pretty obvious when you are trying to grow a human. Although my clean diet is not entirely out of choice, I’m afraid. I have gestational diabetes, so have to be very careful about what and when I eat. (And take my blood glucose levels after every meal, which isn’t at all annoying.) As you all know, gelato is pretty much one of my food groups so this has all been a bit of a blow to ol’ Messina Mary. BUT! On the positive side, I am now a total health cat, and little Schrumpet won’t be overweight and a potential diabetic later in life, so it’s a huge win, really. Plus, there are, like, sugar free Snickers recipes out there now, so all is not lost.


My body has a leeeettle bit carked it in the last few months, a pelvis issue means I can’t do my beloved walking, so in order not to become a complete lounge lizard, I found a great place (Fitwise Physiotherapy in East Melbourne) that does clinical pilates (with lots of attention paid to the all-important pelvic floor muscles) and a pregnancy spin class, which is zero resistance and possible for even the heavily pregnant and ‘pelvic impaired’ like me. Swimming, you say? Yes. Everyone is like, “swim, do swimming, what about swimming” but I hate swimming, I’m shit at it, it’s too much effort with all the hair washing and styling required afterwards, and the pelvic issue means I can’t do half the leg actions anyway, I can only walk in the water. Which yes, is fine and I probably should do, but haven’t found time as yet. GET OFF MY BACK WILL YOU, I WILL DO IT. Gosh. And not one bloody word about yoga either, thank you very much. I’m aware of it. I know it exists. I know I should do it. Shhhh.


Since I’m not really blowing a tonne of cash on cute shoes and cocktails, I spend my treat cash on massages and reflexology where possible. Designated preggo massages are fine, (the one at QT hotel in Sydney is outSTANDING) but they can be a bit hit and miss. I use a qualified sports physio massage therapist who is trained in preggo massage instead, cos she goes very hard and deep and doesn’t pussyfoot around the glutes and pelvis and calves and feet which are really, really fucking sore, actually, and deserve every second of the pummelling they get.


My darling husband saw/felt/couldn’t sleep either because I was having a shitty time sleeping and bought me one of those enormous, U-shaped pregnancy pillows to try and help, but sadly I found it claustrophobic and too hot and it now sits sadly at the end of the bed, looking at me hopefully each time I go to bed. What I DO love, though, is the Bellybean, which is low and soft, and sits perfectly either vertically, between your knees and under your tummy, or horizontally, supporting your back and your belly. Big fan. Lovely pillow. Five golden beans.




Okay that’s absolutely enough. I’m bored so I can only imagine how bored YOU are.

If I think of anything else I will update.

If you have any great suggestions or recommendations, list them below or forever hold your oversized stomach.


Responses to this drivel: 59 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 59 )
  • Michelle

    Great tips – wish I knew all that when I was pregnant! I liked Isabella Oliver maternity clothes and had some of the dresses and tops. Warning though – if you wear any of the wrap styles, wear a singlet underneath.

  • Steph Wilson

    You look so gorgeous Zoe! Pregnancy agrees with you x

  • Kate Bartlett

    Hi Zoe,
    My niece Ebba has developed a line of of maternity workout gear called MummyGear.
    She is a Melbourne Mum and I’m sure she would loved to send you a MummyGear onesie for you to enjoy!

    • Alison

      Just wanted to say thanks for this post – I just purchased the 3/4 onsie and it’s awesome! At first I wasn’t too keen but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. I’m definitely glad I gave it a go! I had been looking for ages for maternity workout tights and this has just ticked all the boxes – right leg length, good material (thick but not hot and not see through), supportive but still really comfortable and I have room to grow in it. It’s actually more flattering on than I thought it would be too! Thanks again.

  • Corina

    Have you ckecked out Queen Bee Maternity Zoe? I LOVED shopping online there during both of my pregnancies 🙂

  • Corina

    Or “checked” even? Whichever you prefer? 😉

  • Ella Madrigal

    Triumph lace maternity bras in black. No you cannot run for the bus in one, but if you find you’re an E cup for first time in life – a necessary soft cupped garment). It’s also an excellent and durable nursing bra once bubby arrives.

  • Katia

    You have definitely covered all the essentials. Except ‘Go The Fuck To Sleep’, which is obviously a must. One question re: pigment serums, are Aspect and Aspect Dr comparable in your opinion? Are the even the same brand? Confused…..

  • Bec

    I bought a couple of special occasion dresses from ASOS, everything else was just from Kmart (maternity wear and regular clothing in large sizes) including $3 nighties and $4 maternity bras.
    Don’t forget perineal massage – oh so sexy! And elevate those legs.
    I’m ready to pop within the next week or so and have lately spent my downtime watching 30 Rock – the constant laughter is incredibly mood elevating. Shut it down!

  • Michelle

    Argh I have just found out I have gestational diabetes too! I’m in my 29th week. I’m devastated as I had the best health prior to pregnancy and admittedly did go off course in the first few months but nothing too terrible. I only fit into one category of people who get GD… over 25! Do you have any tips that you can share please? I’m still yet to meet with the nutritionist etc and I want to start ASAP on sorting this out! Thanks Zoe

  • Lannah

    I also loved Metallicus for stretchy dresses etc like the Kookai ones you mentioned. Also love the fact you can wear body hugging dresses and NOT have to worry about sucking your tummy in!!
    Zoe I was hoping you might be able to do a piece on beauty basics post-prenancy y’know when you have 0.00025 seconds to get ready and/or are waaaaaay too tired to do anything more than *maybe* put on moisturiser?!?!? Maybe beauty in 2 mins/5 mins?

  • Loz

    Thanks heaps Zoe…am well and truly entering the fat stage where clothes shopping is uber depressing, and sleeping is a tad uncomfortable – this is all awesome advice, thank you 🙂 ps you look amazing and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! 🙂

  • Charmaine Yabsley

    There is an amazing osteopath in Melbourne, Danny Williams. He sorted out my pelvic pain in just a few sessions. Happy to send you his details. Have just my second baby and need him in Qld!

  • Nat

    As a fellow heavily pregnant pregbot, I’m so excited to see this post! I really like Hatch Collection maternity. a little on the pricey side but the clothes are designed to be worn post pregnancy as well. Their petite size in perfect for shorties like me. I’m also going to order these Seraphine leggings to wear when my beloved pregnancy recovery physio shorts are in the wash http://www.seraphine.com/post-maternity-leggings.html.
    Love the bellybean as well and found it was also better than any breastfeeding pillow out there. My skincare routine has really suffered, mainly because I can’t be bothered, but have been using ASAP, moogoo and jojoba oil. Making the switch to Go To on the 1st though!
    I can highly highly recommend taking the great lakes collagen hydrolysate in your smoothies or coffees (hydrolised grass fed gelatin). I’ve been taking this since my first pregnancy and it’s amazing for skin, joints, even post pregnancy hair loss. And it’s super good for you. Finally, my naturopath has blended some lovely herbs into a tea which seems to be helping with the fluid retention.
    All the best Zoe, you look lovely and glowy and shiny and I wish you all the best for a safe and happy delivery. Enjoy those heady newborn cuddles! xox

    • Fruity

      Thanks Nat! What excellent suggestions you share. Love the Hatch stuff. Never bought any of it, but played on their site maaaany times.

  • Reannon

    Bloody gestational diabetes is the PITS isn’t it?!!! I had it last year with my 3rd pregnancy & thought I would die without bread, pasta & sweets but in reality I was the healthiest I have ever been, only put on 7 kgs the whole pregnancy) & popped out a healthy little guy. This pregnancy I don’t have it which is both good & bad- good because I can eat what I like & dont have to worry about jabbing my finger every 4 hours but bad because I CAN EAT WHAT I LIKE!!! I’m only 32 weeks along & have already gained about 11-12 kgs & fully expect it to crack about 15kg ( which is better than the 21 & 25kg I put on with my first two!!).

    If you want a little sweet treat try Table Tonics Sunday Night powerballs they got me through.

    I also found Jeanswest the best for maternity shorts/jeans. Its still shorts weather in Perth so mine are still getting a good workout 🙂

  • Kate

    Amazing update Zoe! I have been waiting for this, as a fellow prego. I am still in the fat phase (only 14 weeks) but trying to find suitable outfits for a number of special occasions coming up. I think the Kookai dress will be my go to dress! Can’t wait til the 1st April to buy some of your Go To skincare. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy! x

  • Shannon

    I had thought it frightfully unfair that I had to share my pregnancy with you and Megan Gale (would have much preferred Jessica Simpson or Kim K) but thank you for this post, it’s nice to know that even Glamazons like yourself are suffering from the not-so-glamorous side effects of pregnancy. I am obsessed with my bellybean pillow (despite my husband’s tendency to remind me that they look like a certain part of the male anatomy) and have managed to build an ok maternity wardrobe from ASOS as well as sizing up in regular long and stretchy clothes. In fact one can justify the investment in sizing up as these items will come in handy after bubs is born, when one still requires a generous fit but does not require the strange belly pocket.

  • Kristin

    I LOVE J Brand maternity jeans. I wore mine only a couple of times before deciding they were too big. I’m fully aware I will gain weight during my pregnancy, but I’ve read they are supposed to fit you pre-pregnancy. I’m a 10 and they are a size 29. So would fit a size 12-14 best. If anyone is interested in taking them off my hands, I’m selling them at a discount for $180. They sell for $230 retail and are practically brand new. But they are so good, I’m buying another pair regardless if I sell this pair or not! Mama J super skinny in Colour Hewson (black) located in Melbourne.

  • Kath

    Yes to ALL of this Zoe! As someone rocking the ‘swallowed a beach ball’ look hard, I was doing a lot of nodding and uh-huh-ing while reading this. Asos has saved my rapidly expanding form and I too have moved up in shoe size. Sigh. The only thing I would add is supplemental Zinc – is excellent for skin elasticity as you grow and helps with stretch mark prevention (am a naturopath and prescribe this for patients… as well as myself!)

  • Allison Costigan

    My top tip is to do your pelvic floor exercises. I know they’ve very tedious and easy to forget but it really is SO beneficial to be disciplined with these exercises every day during pregnancy and while you recover from labour (and beyond). Also, buy yourself some nice clothes after bub has arrived to tide you over until you fit back into your normal clothes. I tried to make do with my maternity clothes and squeezing into my normal clothes (both options were depressing) and I wish I’d just spent some money on nice clothes, particularly while I was inundated with visitors and already feeling a bit delicate. It’s wonderful that you’ve learnt to be disciplined with your diet because I found that my appetite really took off when I started breastfeeding (and I was already eating a lot while pregnant). So it really helps if you’ve already developed the self control to reach for healthy snacks rather than Tim Tams. Finally, once you hit 34 weeks make sure you slow down and get as much rest as possible. All the best, Zoe! You’re going to be a beautiful mother!

  • missy

    great post zoe – any tips for those of us suffering through the horror of morning sickness? Sadly mine is of the variety where eating every carbohydrate in sight is the only thing that seems to help…

    • fruity

      Ohhh Missy, I had it for 15 weeks at the start and was a complete carb monster too. Toasted cheese sangas, hot chips, cereal, crumpets – all of it. Healthy food repulsed me. I found sugar made it worse, but that’s really the only “intel” I can offer. Except that it sucks. A lot.

  • Pip

    Zoe, I honestly cannot thank you enough for sharing this valuable information. When I saw on instagram that you had done a piece on pregnancy I instantly had to get my hands on this golden nugget!

  • Emma

    Thanks Zoe! As a fellow pregbot I can not thank-you enough for this post! x

  • Tara

    Thanks Zoe, this is a great blog!
    I’m 23/40 pregnant with baby #3, it’s been six years since my last pregnancy ‘( sounds like an AA opener) & so much has changed.
    Ill defiantly invest in some support shirts.
    Morning sickness: I found Bundaberg Ginger Beer an absolute life saver.
    I also haven’t been to Kookai in a million years, From memory their sizes were 1-3???
    I may as well look at the “big Bertha ” sizes,
    I’ve also found bonds maternity undies… Super comfy and they sit perfectly under the baby bump.
    Baby bags…. Have you found a good one yet?
    Enjoy & goodluck ladies x

  • Ali

    Any tips for breakouts during pregnancy? Im currently in my first trimester and my skin hasn’t looked this spotty since high school… There is so much contradictory info online about benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid and whether it is dangerous or not. I obviously don’t want to do nothing that is going to harm my little uterus tenant but my skin is currently reliving age 15 and as I’m in my thirties, its not so ideal…

    • fruity

      No salicylic acid allowed for pregbots… I would see a good skin therapist and ask their specialised advice. I reckon they will give you some low-strength glycolic or lactic acid products.

  • Sarah Ayoub

    I am so glad I bought that exceptionoil with stretch mark prevention in mind! On a side note, I am buying those Kookai dresses tomorrow, will definitely buy the pillow and will also check out Seed because I have already bought half of ASOS. Suggestion to other ladies: Sometimes Coles Mix has decent stuff for everyday (when you’re on mat leave, not to wear to work). And finally, this sentence made the whole post for me: ‘despite your husband’s delight and interest in them, they feel about as sexy as a the business section of the paper’. Love it!

  • Katy

    Love this post Zoe 🙂 Thanks for the tips! Have you checked out Ripe maternity wear? I got some great stuff there, plus some dresses that I will be able to wear afterwards for breastfeeding – bonus! http://www.ripematernity.com/ Can’t wait to try Go-To Exceptionoil!

  • Penny White

    The Belly Bean pillow saved my life! Topshop maternity was great and Metallicus also has great stretchy comfy clothes which also don’t look like daggy maternity wear. You look amazing, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  • SydneyMumOfTwo

    This definitely isn’t normal, given I gave birth to my second child 13 weeks ago and swore that I was forever and ever done with being pregnant, BUT reading your post and seeing all of your beautiful photos kind of makes me want to be pregnant again. Madness!

    My secret tip: Old Navy/Gap. They ship to Australia and have really good maternity basics (among a lot of hideous stuff), as well as great clothes for babies and toddlers (again, you’ve got to trawl through the hideous stuff, but their basics are better quality than more upmarket kids’ brands like Seed). Oh and I really loved the Mama Mio skincare range (bought in the UK) for pregnancy #2, having been completely failed by everything else I tried when pregnant with my first child.

    Best of luck for the remainder of your pregnancy, Zoe!! I wish you a safe delivery and a wonderful experience meeting your precious little one. Can’t wait to read your post-baby posts (am rather selfishly hoping they will have a distinct “beauty-in-under-5 mins-while-being-incessantly-nagged” slant). xx

  • michelle

    you look fantastic!! thanks for the tips!… i seen a pic of you on daily mail website today and you are wearing a really cute singlet (white with blue,red stripe and circles) where did you get this from? best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancy! xx

  • Sarah

    Great post! And love that you are being open about the gestational diabetes too. I had it with #3 and initially I was a bit embarrassed but then got all Dr Phil and just decided to own that shiz! Was a blessing really, minimal weight gain and bubs not massive at all! All the best

  • Teresa

    I had pelvis issues when I was pregnant (sympysis pubis dysfunction) they called it. Difficult to walk in the end. Does pilates help? May need something like that if I do the preggers thing again.

  • Naomi @ (Not) Just A Mummy

    Ohhhh the pelvis issues, I am right there with you. SPD with my first and the beginnings of it with bubba #2 at 30
    Weeks. I’m currently worshiping at the altar of the almighty chiropractor which has been the ONLY thing keeping me on my feet (well that and a demanding 2 year old who isn’t keen on playing ‘let’s lie on the couch all morning quietly’) I’ve found SRC support shorts fabulous and swore by their recovery version post birth. My other faves are Gaia Body Oil for preventing stretchies, those ridiculously comfortable (but hideous) Ahhh bra’s for home (kmart do their own version for $12 for two), bonds maternity singlets for now and later on and Seraphine maternity jeans. Oh and extra strength Mylanta.. I have to have a bottle in the fridge at all times!

  • Dana

    Oh Zoe, you look so swollen and puffy – ouch!
    Hope you can rest for the next six weeks and that the puffiness leaves post baby!

  • Joanna

    I must admit to a love bordering on addiction of Jbrands jeans, maternity and normal. The citizens of humanity maternity jeans are also fantastic as they have an over the tummy band which I found very comfy towards the end when my Jbrands fell down due to my large heavy belly. I carry very low and have big babies. Also medical grade support stockings by Jobst were the only thing that helped with varicous vein pain and they gave support to my pubic synthesis pain. They are expensive but the relief far out weighed the cost and the ugliness. You can get a rebate from your health fund for most of support/compression items. Afterwards the SRC shorts and tubi grip from the Physio (I also went to Fitwise) are great for bringing your belly back into shape after you have your precious bundle. You look gorgeous, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

  • Melanie

    The Bonds Maternity Undies were a life saver!! I bought so many undies during my pregnancy only to find they dug into my bladder and made me want to go to the toilet more than I thought was possible.
    I also had regular accupuncture sessions throughout my pregnancy.
    All the best Zoe. x

  • Lauren Connelly

    you’re looking gorgeous as always Zoe!

  • Issy Trinca

    If swimming isn’t your thing but you want to do a water based exercise class I can highly recommend Aquamums which is a Melbourne based Physiotherapy business that runs classes for pre and post natal ladies – 45 min classes in the water to fun music with a dance/aerobics style plus lots for your pelvic floor and for any pelvic girdle pain! Super fun! We have a number of locations across inner Melbourne. All the best for the remainder of your pregnancy and beyond!

  • Jess

    Im not pregnant though, I have saved this post into me ‘baby’ folder on my desktop at work, which I’m sure my boyfriend wouldn’t be at all FREAKED out about! haha 😉
    I like to be prepared and Zoe you are my go to girl for everything! =) loved the post great ideas that I will keep in mind – ps you are rocking that Kookai dress! X

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  • Leigh

    Zoë, by the stage of my forth pregnancy I NEVER bought maternity clothes. Just got larger sizes of things I liked, it was ok to wear after having the baby too while all your bits and bobs are re-settling! Felt less daggy that way! X

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  • Amelia

    Fitwise in East Melbourne is the best! They helped with my first pregnancy and totally saved me from a really, REALLY painful pelvic issue with my second pregnancy. Loved those ladies.

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  • Sarah

    If your SPD does not go away post-birth, and you are a member of the 7% Club, see Darren at Miritsis Massage Therapy in Mount Waverley. I had severe SPD for both pregnancies (bedridden), and I still have it in its post-partum form. My kids are 4 and 6. I have a “tune up” with Darren annually. Post-partum Osteitis Pubis is agony, the massage for it is far more painful than giving birth, but when you go in on a walking stick and come out walking normally then it’s worth all the pain. Good luck! I hope you never have to meet Darren 🙂

  • Laura

    Hi Zoe, I love those Kookai merino wool fitted dresses, and I was wondering where I could buy them online? (For those of us who live in NZ!) You look gorgeous too.

  • Amy

    Hi Fruity and fruity lovers.
    I was hoping you ladies may be able to point me in the right direction on what baby/ pregnancy books are the ones to buy and have a read. There seems to be so many to chose from- help and advice is greatly appreciated.
    Congrats again on the birth of beautiful Sonny!

  • Lynne

    Hi Zoe, obviously this blog post is reasonably old considering Sonny is now a very cute toddler! I just googled Solidea Recovery Shorts and your blog popped up! I was wondering if you wore the recovery shorts as well as the pregnancy shorts and if you found them to be beneficial?? I’m 37w with no. 3 and my abs need all the help they can get! Someone has recommended Solidea to me over SRC recovery but no one I know has used them! Thanks Lynne    

  • Di Teerman

    Hi Zoe,
    It’s so Great to see your thoughts on Solidea. I too wore their Pregnancy and Recovery Shorts- I am now wearing their New Sports Leggings and they are awsume! my Physio at the Royal women’s told me to get them over the others as Solidea are medical grade and the others aren’t, best advice I was ever given, just love love love them

  • joseph

    It will really helpful to my wife and it is one of the best articles about pregnancy pillow.Surely I will buy one for my wife.

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