Rather Good Things.

Here’s a list of some Rather Good Things. I’ve mentioned before how much I crave recommendations on everything, so I just arrogantly assume others feel the same way.

Oh come on. I know you love lists. Seen you on Buzzfeed, getting your list fix. Cute animals. Seeing if you’re a real 90s baby. Etc.

1. Cinnamon Scrolls from Oregano Bakery in Sydney.


I found these cult scrolls when my friends bought me a six pack of them the day before The Logies a few years back. Which seemed a bit cruel at the time, but they weren’t to know I was in pre-event tight-dress sashimi and berries only mode. I of course ate two the moment I got back to my hotel room post-Logies. Obviously. That Gelato Messina did an Oregano Cinnamon Scroll flavour earlier this year has only strengthened my adoration. Obviously.


2. The iPhone 6 Plus.


Oooh, toooo big, I thought. Then I got one. Day one started off with ooh, too big, why am I using an iPad posing as a phone? And then, by lunchtime I had changed my tune to, ooooh, so big! I LIKE THE BIGNESS IT WOULD SEEM. I like it because I can see more of everything. More of my emails. Text rallies. Webpages. And Instagram pictures look phenomenal.  While I am a complete Apple tragic, and I have a Macbook Air and an iPad Air because of their lightness and littleness and ease-of-use-anywhereness, I seem to still do everything on my phone. All my emails. Millions of texts. Researching online. Social media. All of it is done on my phone. (Especially since I am often breastfeeding or holding my tiny giant and have only one hand.) Now I am not peering, now I am reading properly. Everything feels fresh and new!  You Samsung kids were really onto something after all. (AND, it has a ‘recently deleted’ photo album in case, like me, you always accidentally delete pics you didn’t mean to.)

NB: I bought a case for it because the bigness and slipperiness made me feel like I was going to drop it all the time.

3. Surrender, by Slow Dancer

I found this album by serendipity on Rdio and it has been thrashed in our house. Because it is marvellous. Slow Dancer is an Aussie lad, it transpires, which is great but mostly I just want to say that this perfectly edited ten-track wonder is smooth as heck and the perfect dinner or driving music. (Listen for free here.) I tend to pop it on at about 5pm and it makes the whole evening feel groovy and pour-us-a-winey. Put in on and impress your friends, why don’t you.



4. Bright Starts Lots of Links

Another mum gave me these when Sonny was about three months. Said she found them useful, maybe I would too? Since then they have proved themselves invaluable about 17 frillion times. I go to text her daily to applaud her vision. They are perfect for his fat little paws to gab onto, they make anything playful, you can jam any toy, teething ring, soft toy (by the tag) and dangly whatsit on a ring or five and you have instant toys. They hang off prams and activity centres, (those play mats you lay on the floor with the overhanging bridges) cots, and they keep muslins clipped over the pram when Sonny sleeps. And they were a bloody lifesaver on our international flight/trip last month because we had new toys and new variations thereof hanging off errthing always to excite our baby and we were total hero parents. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.



5. The DermaQuest Power Alpha Peptide Resurfacer treatment

Cool turban, babe. Not so cool pigmentation.


I have had two of these at Me Skin and Body in South Yarra (Brooke, the owner, is pretty much in charge of my skin these days) in the past fortnight since I got back from being overseas in a sunny climate which, as usual, made my hyperpigmentation come out, and because of all the flying and sunblock, made my skin dry, dull and just so shit. The idea being that it will help bring out and fade that pigmentation but also brighten the skin in general, clear out all the grubby clogged pores, retexturise the skin and make it JUICY with hydration.

The professional-only treatment (in other words, you have to have it in a clinic or salon) combines lactic and glycolic acid to perform a gentle peel (this is pretty much the ideal combo of AHAs in my opinion for visible results but no flaking or swelling or even redness afterwards) with peptides, the darling of anti-ageing skin care, to rebuild and strengthen the skin, stop inflammation and diminish fine lines. The perfect treatment to get skin looking happy and healthy again. (Peptides become more important for us when we are in our forties, but they certainly don’t hurt to get into if your skin needs some extra TLC.)

I will likely have one more (since it’s racing season and I am doing some events it doesn’t hurt to have nice looking skin, ay) and then just maintain at home with my Go-To cleanser/face cream and Exfoliating Swipeys, plus a brightening serum, like Aspect Extreme-C. Triffic!




Responses to this drivel: 13 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 13 )
  • Elodie

    Argh I miss Messina! How is it that nowhere in Europe does gelato so delish or interesting (Oregon Cinnamon Scroll sounds like a collab made in sweet dairy-free heaven).
    And I don’t know if it’s my giant starfish hands or rapidly ageing mole eyes, but using my iPhone 5 makes me feel like one of those chimps trying to get termites out of a log with a straw. I think I can get behind the whopping iPhone 6. Thanks for the recs! x 

  • Lauren

    Bloody hell, now I need to get an iPhone 6. And also need to peel off all my skin. 

  • Gabbie

    Your thoughts on the iPhone 6 Plus mirror my own. I was set on only getting a regular iPhone 6 because the 6+ was just too big and ridiculous and wouldn’t fit into my tiny hands. How impractical would that be?! But alas, I ended up with a 6+ and I love it so bloody much. My SO accidentally knocked it off the couch the other day and I came storming into the room in a fit of rage and made him cower in fear. How did we survive with such tiny iPhones for so long?! Preposterous. 

  • Georgina

    Hope you at least got mate’s rates on your iPhone Zoe, seeing as Hamish is the voice over guy for their TV ad!

  • Suzanne

    Diabetic here but those Cinnamon scrolls look absolutely delicious.Was trying to make up my mind iPhone 6 or plus,thank you I know which one;) Sonny looks so cute!Don’t tell Hamish but cutie is looking more and more like you as he get older.
    Me Skin and Body my next pleasure.
    See you at Doncaster this Saturday ,

  • Claire Chadwick : Mum's Closet

    Shit that scroll looks good!
    And I need one of those peels done, desperately. 
    Oh, and only a Mother would understand how freakin’ amazing and useful those Bright Starts Links are – a sanity savour. 
    C x 

  • Amy

    Zoe, would love to know if hyperpigmentation is the same as plain old freckles? My freckles love to come out to play in summer and are definitely there most of the year too. Would a brightening serum work on them or are they a bit different?  I am desperate to pop my serum cherry but am overwhelmed by choice- is there an excellent all rounder you can recommend?

  • Dell

    Your such a girls girl. X

  • Corina

    Hey Zoe!
    I have just ordered Aspect Pigment Punch and Extreme Vitamin C. 
    Which should I wear during the day and which at night?
    LOVE this blog and your Instagram account!!
    Corina x 

  • Christa

    Hi Zoe, big fan, long time pigmentation fighter as well. I’ve implemented a lot of your fab advice (thanks for that). I’m just wondering if this peel is suitable when pregnant? My pigmentation is much worse, topped off with a hit of sunlight from a holiday in Hawaii.
    Thanks in advance

  • Meg

    Very good things – love this post!
    I just took myself straight to RDIO to get onto the recommendation, and accidentally typed in Sow Dancer, which I fear is a very different kind of music. 
    Now listening to Slow Dancer and good thing I’d already poured a wine, because JUST PERFECT.  

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  • Samantha

    You forgot to mention Oregano’s online shop Box of Scrolls http://www.boxofscrolls.com.au

    We get our scrolls delivered to Melbourne.


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