New videos! New products! The Amazing Face App has been updated.

I recently spent a day shooting a stack of fun little makeup and hair video tutorials to pad out my gorgeous Amazing Face app, and the updated version just went live.

I also added my new Must-Have products, and some pro advice on how to pronounce tricky beauty brands so you never look like a dingus saying L’Occitane again, and a secret page with a picture of Ryan Gosling fully nude*.

Image care of the fantastic dames at The Design Files.


It’s very exciting, especially for people like me who happened to have their name all over the app, and want it to be thoroughly awesome. The update is particularly terrific news for anyone who:

A) Already owns this helpful little beauty iPhone app, uses it consistently and has tired of the tutorials on offer

B) Was considering purchasing the app, and now has fresh incentive to do so

C) Enjoys beauty and quite fancies having a bunch of how-tos and advice in their pocket.

D) Has a face and wants it to be of the ‘amazing’ variety

E) Enjoys edamame beans.

Check your updates and download the new one, or snaffle a brand new Amazing Face app at the app store!

Oh, and … Android users, sweet, good-looking, intelligent and popular Android users, please don’t be angry with me or throw that tin of corn in your hand, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be doing a version for you any time soon. It’s a long story. I apologise for being so Apple-centric, and gently nudge you towards the actual book, or the ebook, or a large slice of cheesecake in the meantime.

*This is a lie.

Responses to this drivel: 18 Comments
Responses to this drivel ( 18 )
  • Wittyusername

    File me away in b) have been meaning to download this treasure, and just needed a little reminder. I have everything else, books etc, so am rounding it up with the app.

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Whut??? No nude picture of Ryan? Screw that then.


    Nah, sounds very good!

  • LouAna

    Hmm… still no app for iPad?

  • kirsty

    any chance you could post those tutorials/must haves online???…for those who have android phones and dont plan changeing anytime soon…LOVE the book, just need to be refreshed…much appreciated

    • Leah

      But if she posts them online then what incentive do people have to buy the app? You could always buy the book or ebook as she said above. Plus there are heaps of tutorials on YouTube though for pretty much everything under the sun. they aren’t all by Zoe of course, and therefore not as amazing, but tutorials they are still!

      • kirsty

        as i said..love the book…just love zoes tutorials..she’s use’s up to date product’s. and the’re so easy to follow…and you know what ..she’s just “amazing”…ill jst get an ‘i phone’..!!

  • Helen

    Hi Zoe, I have the app and enjoy it THANKYOU ! I do have a query, I use an iPhone to access it and I can’t see people’s relies to replies?? I have mentioned this in a diff post (wondering if it was just me) and others have the same problem. On a recent post there were so many replies to replies and unable to read any. Maybe a tech issue? Love ur posts and app 🙂

  • Helen

    *replies to replies!!

  • Anita

    So disappointing there’s no option for Android users. I’d definitely buy it!

  • Leisa

    The app has no sound (through my iPad) and only the older videos will play. The others say “there was a problem connecting to server, try again later”. I noticed on Instagram someone had also noted the lack of sound. Sorry, didn’t know where else to post this problem and I’d like to use the app! 🙂

  • Sarah

    Watching those videos, you’ve just inspired me to try water lining again. I have super sensitive eyes but I’ll give it a go! Love the end look.

  • Jessie

    Hi! I was wondering if there was any chance this app will be available for Samsung’s? or should I just go out and buy an iphone asap.. hehe

  • Pw

    Zoe!! What curling tong do you use?

  • KatInEurope

    Hi, I have the iPhone app on my iPad, but would love the ebook – the link to Penguin books doesn’t take me to it, if I search on Penguin, I can only find the paperback (and shipping to Europe is cray-cray).
    Can you check this out? Thanks!

  • Michelle

    Hi Zoe – excited about the new videos and have tried to watch a few on my phone but there’s no sound for me either.

  • Michelle

    Ps I did send feedback on the video sound to Penguin via the app, but the email bounced.

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